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Barry Bonds is the Best Baseball Player Ever! Steroids or Not! | Karemar

Barry Bonds is the Best Baseball Player Ever! Steroids or Not!

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Hank Aaron. Babe Ruth. Wille Mays. Lou Gehrig. Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle. Ted Williams. Ty Cobb.

(Hank Aaron)

All very esteemed names in the game of baseball, however when compared to the statistics of Barry Lamar Bonds, Bonds is in a class by himself. A superior class. Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all time.

(Barry Bonds)

Objective Question

Remember we are naming the best player of all time in baseball and this is an objective question with an objective answer. You cannot get caught up in personality issues or allegations. It does not matter if you "don't like the player." Admitted, Bonds has a terrible personality but that does not prevent him from being the best baseball player of all time.

(Babe Ruth)

Pre Robinson Players Eliminated

The analysis of determining the best baseball player of all time is very straightforward. First things first, any player who played prior to 1947 or the pre Jackie Robinson era cannot be considered the best player ever. Therefore, Ty Cobb is eliminated, Babe Ruth is eliminated and Joe Dimaggio whose best seasons were prior to 1947 and ultimately retired in 1951 is eliminated.

I am not taking anything away from these exceptional baseball players, they achieved remarkable feats and are adored by fans around the world, however Cobb, Ruth, nor Diamagio is the best baseball player ever, each did not play against the best players of their time as there was an entirely separate league with notable hall of famers, notably the Negro Leagues. Also, because the best players are playing now! I seriously doubt Babe Ruth would have enjoyed the success he achieved swinging the stick against Josh Beckett or Billy Wagner.

(Billy Wagner)

Stats Speak for Themselves

The stats regarding who the best baseball player ever point directly to Barry Bonds and speak for themselves. Barry Bonds has done almost everything any other baseball athlete has done and far more than any baseball player will ever do. Sometime this year Bonds will break the all time record for home runs currently held by Hank Aaron.

In 2001, Bonds hit 73 homers to break the single-season home run record. Bonds also compiled a slugging percentage of .834. Aaron never did that.

Neither did Ruth.

The year after his homer record, Bonds hit a league-leading .370. Bonds is the only member of the career 500 homers-500 steals club. In an era when the 30 homers-30 steals mark was especially meaningful for a season, Bonds averaged those figures for an entire decade.

What hasn't bonds done? I will get to that, but other mind blowing stats include:

1. Holds record for most MVP awards (7) and consecutive MVP awards (4) (1990, 1992-93, 2001-04)
2. Holds records for most home runs in a season (73)
3. Holds records for most walks in a career (2,512)
4. Holds record for consecutive seasons with 30 homeruns (13).
5. Only player in 400 home run and 400 stolen base club
6. Only player in 500 home run and 500 stolen base club
7. 14 time all star (1990, 1992-98, 2000-04, 2007)
8. One of four players in 40-40 club (40 home runs and 40 stolen bases)
9. Holds record for most consecutive seasons with .600 slugging percentage or higher (8)
10. 5-time SF Giants Player of the Year (1998, 2001-04)
11. 14-Time All-Star (1990, 1992-98, 2000-04, 2007)
12. 7-Time Baseball America NL All-Star OF (1993, 1998, 2000-04)
13. 3-Time Major League Player of the Year (1990, 2001, 2004)
14. 3-Time Baseball America MLB Player of the Year (2001, 2003-04)
15. 8-Time Gold Glove winner for NL Outfielder (1990-94, 1996-98)
16. 12-Time Silver Slugger winner for NL Outfielder (1990-94, 1996-97, 2000-04)
17. Led the Major Leagues in home runs (1993, 2001)
18. Led the NL in batting average (2002, 2004)
19. Led the NL in on base percentage (1991-93, 1995, 2001-04, 2006)
20. Led the Major Leagues in slugging percentage (1990, 1992-93, 2001-04)
21. Led the Major Leagues in extra base hits (1992-93, 2001)
22. Led the Major Leagues in on base percentage (1992, 2001-04)
23. Led the NL in runs (1992)
24. Led the NL in RBIs (1993)
25. Led the NL in walks (1992, 1994-97, 2000-04, 2006)
26. Led the NL in intentional walks (1992-98, 2002-04, 2006)
27. Led the NL in runs created (1992-93, 2001-02, 2004)
28. Led the Major Leagues in total bases (1993, with 365)
29. Led the Major Leagues in runs created (1993, 2001-02, 2004)
30. Led the NL in games (1995)
31. Led the NL in extra base hits (1992-93, 2001)
32. Led the NL in at bats per home run (1992-93, 1996, 2000-04)
33. 3-Time NL Hank Aaron Award winner (2001-02, 2004)
34. Led the Major Leagues in batting average (2002, with .370)

Complete Player

Bonds has single handedly won games with his arm, legs, and his bat. Bonds' statistics are far above and beyond what any other baseball player has ever achieved. Alex Rodriguez may eclipse many of Bonds' record and earn the title of best baseball player ever however that feat is 15 years down the road if it ever happens for Rodriguez.

Now for the knocks against Barry Bonds?

What Hasn't Barry Bonds Done?

1. From a statistics standpoint as pointed out above, he has achieved nearly everything.

2. Hasn't won a world series. Winning a world series has little to do with whether an individual should be considered the best baseball player of all time. World Series Rings are won by a team and not an individual. The best baseball player ever is an individual honor and award.

3. Steroids. Sure Barry is not the most embraceable character, in fact he probably has the worst personality of anyone I have ever seen, but he has not been proven to have taken any performance enhancing drug. Also, the game of baseball involves much more than strength otherwise the people buted for steroid abuse would have much greater numbers. Steroids are not why Barry Bonds is the best player ever, his statistics are. What's funny is how people point out that Barry gained 20-30 pounds over a 15 year period. Who hasn't? It's not like Bonds is ripped, have you seen him lately? Bonds is fat, similar to every other 42 year old man out there. This argument is ridiculous and the asterisk talk is even more ridiculous.

(Barry Bonds)


People are so miserable with their lives that in order to escape they latch onto others and wish them to fail. Barry Bonds has too many of these people called Haters who have become fixated on wishing Bonds failure. In the wake of very negative public opinion Bonds continues to succeed and brush all of the Haters off.

In Summary

There's Aaron. Mays. Gehrig. Mantle. Williams and Musial. Then a step above these esteemed men is Barry Bonds and yes he belongs there. In a class by himself.

When watching Bonds, you're not just watching an excellent baseball player, you're witnessing history and the best baseball player of all time.


These are the facts! Keep

These are the facts! Keep in mind in the early days pitchers stayed in the entire game. No relief! There were no 95 mph pitches. No 4 pitch pitchers. It was much easier got the batters to hit the ball in the later innings. Do you think hat as fat and out of shape as Ruth was that he could have even attached on a team within the past 45 years? Bonds an ass?.....yes! Bonds a jerk?....seems true? Bonds the greatest?....look at the numbers! Take away his home runs and he still might be the best! Another fact is that it looks like all the top players were on steroids during this time anyway. The playing field was level. Keep in mind Bonds was late to the steroid party and still kicked ass! Booooooom!

Mickey Mantle is the best

In terms of pure talent Mickey Mantle is arguably the best. He played for 18 seasons in the modern era most of them on bum knees in the old Yankee Stadium with ridiculous outfield dimensions. Centerfield measuring 460 feet! If he played in another stadium he would have had another 150-200 HR's considering he hit more tape measure shots than anyone else in the history of the game. He was also one of the fastest guys to play even with bum knees. He could hit for average, power and from both sides of the plate. Imagine what this guy could have done had he taken steroids and took care of himself by laying off the booze!??? He would have extended his already long career and his last few years would have been tremendous rather then simply ok! Don't tell me that bonds would have had the same career had he not juiced. His last five years would have been in decline rather than becoming the monster that he did. People just don't become stronger and hit for more power when they enter their late thirties. It's the law of nature my friend. Just imagine the Babe's stats had he "cheated" and juiced..... The great majority of people will never believe your argument and Bonds will go down in history as a fraud who cheated himself, the fans and most importantly the game.

best player

i am sorry you cant leave out players before 47 just because didnt play even you leave them out how could leave out ted williams,musial,willie mays,aaron,mantle

Although I must admit Bonds

Although I must admit Bonds is a very good player, to claim he was/is the BEST is clearly out of bounds!!How many hall of Fame pitchers do you think Bonds has faced in his career? For heaven's sake, the man is not EVEN a lifetime .300 hitter!! Using your criteria of POST 1947 players, Ted Williams is clearly the best hitter of anyone..i didn't say slugger, i said hitter...IF he had speed like Bonds...his .340 BA would've been far greater. IF Bonds faced pitchers that Mays and Aaron did...he would be the man known NOT for the walks but for the hit by pitches...Drysdale,Gibson,or Jenkins wouldn't waste 4 pitches to walk the man...they would pluck his melon sized head!!!Rethink your thought processes and remember that pitchers used to be able to pitch and the game was a game, NOT a bunch of zillionaires!!

Your Irrational Thought Process

Your irrational thought process invalidates your point. The best player ever examines the stats of the career of the player and does not examine what it would have been like for a current player to play in the 50's. Many people believe that Bonds would have hit 100 homeruns a season against those pitchers. As for your argument about Ted Williams, he was a great contact hitter, but you even try to give him some of Bond's qualities i.e. speed to make him better. Barry Bonds is the best player ever. He will likely be passed by Alex Rodriguez someday but that is yet to come.

Well, we've heard your

Well, we've heard your opinion on Michael Vick and it only makes me question your opinion on Bonds... ;)

Who ever said it was cheating?

With regard to the people who acuse Bonds of being a cheater dispite the fact that he has never tested positive, I have to ask you, If there is no speed limit on a highway, is it illegal to drive 80mph? I believe it is not. If there is no rule in baseball saying that a player cannot take steroids, is it cheating to use them? I believe not.

Barry Bonds the Greatest Player?

Maybe if you do not go back in time. Barry will never hit as many singles, doubles , or triples as Ty Cobb, his batting avg. , like other players not even close. Barry is a great Home Run hitter , fielder, base runner. Barry eye for the strike zone only matched by Ted Williams. But to say the greatest is incorrect. Baseball did not start in 1947, baseball has been around for 125 years, to discount players of another era limits the results.

Baseball Discounted Players

Baseball did not allow minority players into the game until 1947. Now baseball is approximately 70% minority players. The best players in baseball are continuously minority players. Therefore, prior to 1947, baseball players were not competing against the best players. There are several Negro league players who deserve to be considered the best baseball players of all time and would have dominated baseball prior to 1947. Also, who is potentially the greatest player of all time currently playing besides Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, another minority. Look at the stats of Barry Bonds and you will see that he does far more than hit homeruns. From MVPS to gold gloves to steals, the man does it all and is the best ever.






Give me a fucking break. If someone was accusing you of doing something that has not been proven, you wouldn't like it. It's called SLANDER Plain and Simple. Bond's Has Never Tested Positive For Steroids! He's been tested many times. What Happened To Innocent Until Proven Guilty! All Of You Haters Want To Try To Say That Him Gaining 20-30 Pounds In 15 Years Is Because Of Steroids, Please. I Gained 20-30 Pounds In 1 Year And I've Never Done Any Drugs In My Life! Get A Life And Stop Hating On Bond's. By the way I'm a female


Dude, I hate to be a dick but Babe Ruth consistently destroyed black pitchers whenever he barstromed against them. The records are there to prove it. His numbers actually were up when he played against negro players. Your argument holds no water.

well Ruth did it o hot dogs

well Ruth did it o hot dogs and beer, Bonds did it on steroids and A-rod doesn't need A-roid because he already is good. Barry was already good also so why did he blow it on steroids. And Barry might not have taken steroids he might have just gotten fatter and just ate more.

I think Alex Rodriguez was

I think Alex Rodriguez was not cheating when he yelled at the third basemen in Toronto. Their is no rule that says you cant. And people steal signs all of the time and no one says anything about that. I think a-rod will someday be the BEST of any baseball played. right now Ruth is the best.


No one seems to bring up the reverse scenerio. It's very possible that some pitchers were "juicing" and other weren't. So what if we knew positively that a particular hitter never used, and they hit 64 homeruns in 2002. Would anyone say, "technically they have broken the record of 70 since they faced juiced pitchers, and if these pitchers had not been juicing, they wouldn't have pitched so effectively and combined would surely have given up another 7 homeruns for _____ (hitter) to break the record."

If you are going to discredit stats for alleged juicing, then you have to increase stats of batters who faced juiced pitchers, since Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron never faced juiced pitchers.

The fact is Barry Bonds is a

The fact is Barry Bonds is a cheating douchebag. He is the scum of the earth for cheating. We all know he did it. Stop kidding yourselves with the "not convicted" BS. The writer of this article was stupid enough to put an old picture of Bonds next to a new one. Do you see the difference. His performance this late in his career is completely unnatural. The clearest evidence is his 71 homerun season so late in his career.

An excellent read based on sound logic

Firstly, I would just like to commend you for putting together such an objective and logically presented argument on this subject. I've not read many like this of late.

Secondly, I agree. Barry Bonds is simply the best Major League baseball player ever! People know this. The great things about Barry's baseball statistics is that they are more credible than the allegations on which many people are basing their judgement of his character.

Like it or not. Barry Bonds proves has proven superiority with each swing of the bat, steal of a base, extraordinary catch, and continued progression into the recordbooks despite criticisms along the way. I tip my hat to the guy for simply having the gifts.


Thank you for the comment. The problem is that people get so worked up in their personal feelings about Barry Bonds that they fail to see the big picture. The stats speak for themselves. I don't profess to be a Barry Bonds fan, but the man statistically is the best player ever. Alex Rodriguez, if he should remain healthy and productive will pass Bonds and be anoited the best player ever, but for now the best player ever is Barry Bonds.

What up suckafish

marv its andrew.

ya, i of course barry is a great player etc . etc. he's an asshole, but he obviously will break this record.

Unfortunately, Barry lied to the grand jury regarding Balco, and the US lawyers up in Frisco will charge him with perjury within a month or so.


Barry said he just spread the roid lotion on his skin without any knowledge whatsoever what it was.

WRONG - the facts show ... that he injected his ass like DRAGO IN ROCKY 4. still he put roid lotion on.

What ever, he's still hella talented and even without roids he would have been a hall of famer - he wouldnt be breaking THE GREAT HENRY AARON'S RECORD though.

Kinda bums me out a little - Hank Aaron is the fuck real deal true shit, that no body can fuck with. Hank knows its bull shit - listen to him get interviewed - he's like "yeah, its great that Barry is gonna break my record [cizike]."

Barry Bonds

So sad you people who just don't get it!!! He USED ILLEGAL DRUGS to INHANCE his performance!! Period. He admitted he used something that he thought was something else...so HE DID USE IT..It is a tainted record...as is Sosa's and Mcguire's..and any more names that will come out over the years that we do not even know about at this time.The sad thing is is that Barry Bonds was ALREADY a great player before he decided to sell his soul to the Roids.. But as a typical egotistical Jock..he let his jealousy for the attention Sosa and McGuire were getting for their Drug enhanced Home run race..get to him and decided to Play the same game..what a shame

I don't think you haters get

I don't think you haters get it. Nothing has ever been proven to convict Barry of any wrongdoing. GET OVER IT!!! Nobody can do it like Barry. Do you realize how fricken hard it is to see a baseball as it comes out of a pitcher's hand? Bonds' hand-eye coordination is unmatched. It doesn't take steroids to create talent. I don't care if you give every MLB player steroids, they cannot duplicate or even come close to matching Barry's talent. He is the best, all-around, professional baseball player in history. Give Barry the credit he deserves. He has done nothing wrong.


Nothing has been proven against Barry Bonds. As a lawyer you sound very presumptive to be arriving at conclusions without proof of guilt. What facts show your allegations. Don't you think if there were solid facts, Selig would have him suspended for life. You don't answer the question of whether he is the best player ever. What do you think, irrespective of the alleged steroid abuse?

Wut up Marv

Okay, irrespective of roids, Barry Bonds is ARGUABLY the best player ever. Statistically yes, but I don't think you can separate roids from Barry; in baseball, this is just not possible.

It's always hard to say without a doubt, in ANY SPORT, who the best ever is. There is always about 5 players who we can argue about. So, I think there is never a definitive yes.

Contrary to the NFL - which I think is easier to say, e.g. like right now, ladanian is by far the best in the game as a tailback and just a football player. And, LT will be the best of all time barring injuries, b/c the chargers will likely win a super bowl either this year or next. Everyone knows that the Chargers were the best last year and played horribly against the PATS, but still should have won that game.

But back to Barry - who cares about a court of law proving his roid abuse - let's be pragmatic - you know and I know and you know and I know that he cheated.

I still think he should be in the hall, and as I said above I think he would have been great without roid lotion.

But, because he has connected himself to roids, its hard for anyone to deem him the best.

I think the best player that ever lived in baseball was ted williams and tony gwynn. I am bias because I think it takes great skill to hit for average every year - plus TG was such a dope person and a great fielder too.

I think character DOES matter too Marv.

Barry has never been convicted

You cannot back up your steroid accusations with any facts. Give it up. Barry has never been convicted. This negative hype was created by the media.

We live in a nation where you are innocent until proven otherwise. Barry has never been proven otherwise.

He is the best MLB player in history.

As for Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams, I agree that they were great hitters. However, compared to Barry's statistics and accolades, they don't compare.


Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn!? What the hell are you talking about? You have just proven to have no credibility. Your subjective opinion does not matter. You picked Tony Gwynn because he is a "dope person" and that is just sad. After all the great arguments you have made, you destroy yourself with the last two paragraphs. I don't know what else to say?

i thought

we weren't gonna get emotional. What is this retroactive shit you are trying to pull on me.

First of all, you DIDNR EVEN RESPOND to my choices with any sort of analytical support. You just said "that is sad."

My legal prowess stays in tact.

I picked TGwee b/c he has hit umpteen gold gloves and batting titles, and has never batted below 300 in his life.

READ MY RESPONSE MARV - My comment that teegwee was a "dope person" was tangential. You should have more to say.

Actually .... Please respond directly to my comments.

And, please respond directly to this question (which i have already posed to you): DO YOU THINK THAT BARRY DID NOT CHEAT?

Dont tell me "innocent until proven guilty." That is sheer bullshit. Please, tell me what you really think.

Don't give me some political ass response. What do you really think, besides all the stupid statistics that you have cited.

IT MATTERS VERY MUCH THAT BARRY CHEATED -when you ask who the best is, we MUST also consider HOW he marshalled these stats.

THERE IS NOT ONE KNOWLEDGABLE PERSON IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS WHO DOESNT THINK THAT people like Barry, Mark McGwire, Sammy, and a bunch of others (whom we don't hear about), cheated like hell.

If Ken Griffey had taken the roid route, he would be nearing 700 homers right now.

Plus, Barry's record wont stand - see Alex Rodriguez in 7 years. Hell hit 800.

But home runs arent everything.

Batting titles and gold gloves is what makes a player IMHO. Tony's 3000 + hits and double digit batting titles plus gold gloves isnt OBJECTIVE enough for you???

Barry hasn't done everything consistently every year - he has hit a bunch of home runs, and in the past (10 years ago) had stolen bases and gold gloves. But not every fucking year like tony.

Cheaters deserve no respect.

Cheaters deserve no respect. To cheat is one of the most basic violations in any game or sport. To cheat at this level is horrific. I hope his arms fall off before he can break Hank's record.

Cheating = Sammy Sosa

Cheating = Sammy Sosa getting caught with a corked bat.
Cheating = Alex Rodriguez knocking the ball out of the Red Sox pitchers glove.
Cheating = A Rod, again, yelling at a third baseman as he gets under a pop fly.
Cheating = Giambi popping positive on a steroids piss test.

Barry Bonds has not cheated and has never been convicted of anything wrong.

Get a life. Bonds is going to break the record this week & you cannot do anything about it.

well just because the Jury

well just because the Jury didn't prove that he did take steroids doesnt mean he did. Barry Bonds should have been tested when he started to get bigger. and in 2001 when he hit 73 HR's


What proof is there of cheating? Nothing has been proven. Also his stats speak for themselves. Even the juicers of the past couldn't hit 73 home runs in one season. It's about more than that. It's about objectively looking at this and determining who is the best ever and putting your personal feelings aside.


dont be ridiculous marvin. you are being absurd with this "proof" bullshit. The proof is empirical.

1) look at him - you dont become the silver surfer as you enter your forties

2) his production has declined dramactically since 73 homers, and since he's been harrassed legally and publicly. In other words, when he decided to quit rubbing his body with roid lotion, he started to lose it. His body has fallen apart. Roid withdrawal - your body is much more suspectible to injury. He's been injured ever since he stopped using. And dont tell me its because he's gotten older. He hit 73 when he was 39 I believe. Thats fucking old for a hitter. The guy is national league designated hitter - defensive liability who has nothing else on his mind but himself hitting homers. He could care less that his team is 20 games under 5.

do we really need a court of law to tell us what we already know? The fucker cheated and his record doesnt mean as much as Mr. Aaron's.

He is a fraud and will always be remembered as such.

His smug attitude never helped either. He is nothing short of a classless toad.

I agree

and I think this blog is insulting. wake the fuck up. open your eyes. you know he cheated and we dont need a prosecutor to prove it in a courtroom.

i can't wait until he finally is exposed and people like you eat it. you waste people's time with this horseshit.

If you bestow that honor on

If you bestow that honor on this turd, somebody owes
Pete Rose an apology.


Pete Rose admitted gambling, nothing has been proven against Bonds. I will state that this ban on Pete Rose is absolutely absurd and the late commissioner should apology. You say he is a turd because of his terrible personality. Statistically however he is the greatest baseball player ever.