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Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President in 2008 - Top 8 Reasons | Karemar

Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President in 2008 - Top 8 Reasons

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Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 presidential race and usher in a new era in the oval office. Here's why:

1. The Senate Experience

Six to seven years ago we heard the resounding "Hillary Can't Win!" statements over and over, from many political pundits and ardent Democrats alike. These people passionately stated that Hillary could not get elected to the Senate. Hillary dominated winning by 12 percentage points.

(Senator Hillary Clinton)

2. Strength is Extremely Important

Throughout the recent history Democrats have been made to look spineless, however Clinton frequently registers very high (well over 50%) in a variety of polls as being a strong leader. This perception of strength is well earned as she has spent numerous years under a microscope and in the national crossfire. People may not agree with her statements, but overwhelmingly people agree with her strength and resolve.

She understands and has seen presidential politics and in 2000 opponents spent over $60 million against her, however Hillary flourished and succeeded in an atmosphere that would have crushed most candidates.

3. Favorable Ratings After Republican Assaults

Examining the history clearly indicates that Hillary is the sole nationally known Democrat (other than Bill) who has been subject to Republican attacks and emerged with an extremely favorable rating which is always above 50 percent. Detractors may point out that on the reverse side she does have a negative rating in the 40's, however most nationally known Democrats do as well. Anyone, enduring that type of scrutiny would wind up with even higher negative ratings. Hillary is able to achieve this because of her ardent support and passionate intensity.

4. Women Voters

Critics often pontificate how Hillary has no chance of election, but Democratic voters, especially Democratic women and even independent women are excited about the possibilities.

The women's vote is extremely powerful and always will be. 54% of registered voters are female. Swing votes of women and minorities led to Bush's success in the last two elections. Hillary is more than capable of getting these swing voters to support her and the Democratic platform.

(Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton)

5. Hillary Can Mobilize the Electoral Map

Hillary's appeal and support has the potential to mobilize people in each and every region of the country. Hillary is more than capable of winning the states won by John Kerry and she has the groundbreaking ability of mobilizing the entire female population of this country to vote for her. Therefore we will see outrageous amounts of female voters all voting Democratic. States that were close in previous elections could be swayed by this influx of women voters.

6. Position and Vision

Many people view Hillary's position and vision as something they firmly believe in, irrespective of her leadership qualities. Some believe she is too liberal, some too conservative however the overwhelming majority see her right within our position and vision of a leader. Her track record is impeccable with endless ours of work and advocacy for families and children. Hillary has been a proven fearless worker in the Senate, vigilantly fighting for our security post September 11. Also, Hillary is a strong advocate of the middle class family.

7. Change

To many Hillary Clinton represents the type of change that the United States is looking for: a strong, smart leader. Many believe and her track record indicates, that Hillary would close deficits, not widen them, expand health coverage, not reduce it. Also, Hillary seems as though she would fight terrorism without isolating the United States from the rest of the world.

8. Bill Clinton

Hillary has the ultimate trump card in Bill Clinton. He is a master persuader, motivator, fund raiser and smooth and all around cool political expert. When Hillary announces Bill will be her vice presidential running mate her popularity will soar and she will ride that tidal wave straight into the White House.

(Bill Clinton in Esquire)

See: Hillary Clinton Selects Bill Clinton as Vice Presidential Running Mate


guess not.... Obama '12

guess not.... Obama '12

Hillary will be the first woman president!

She's going to do it! She won't give up and neither will her supporters!! We'll work as hard as she does for us!


Whoever becomes the next American President.

who ever become the next American President!
the real issue is that this nation is about to collapse
like Roman Empire.
Americans brought christainity to my home town in Africa
and Now next american president is telling that it is ok
for peolple of the same sex to have sex, the next thing she would tell us is that it ok to have sex with animals.
We african are worried about America- we dont want them to worry about us untill they put thier house in order.


Same sex marriage is okay with God........why do those bible thumpers who think they know God in fact know nothing of him or our lord Jesus?

You Africans are the ones that gave Aids to the world form having sex with animals...you should be one to talk.

Our house will be in order after the right wing idiots like Sarah Palin are put back in there place.

FYI, Rome collapsed BECAUSE of Christianity.

On another note if Obama and Biden get killed before before January 20th, Hillary will be President as seen in the Bible code, though it would be neat for the code to be wrong.

Sadly, if Obama and Biden get killed while in office Nancy Pelosi (God help us) will be President.

My opinions.

I can't believe that someone would think that a woman who thinks that it is okay to kill unborn babies is sutable for president.
Also, she wants socialised medicine. Does anyone know what that means? It means that she would kill countless people because they would have to WAIT several months for the government to permit them treatment. Yes, I know that it's free, but would you rather get free health care that takes months to recieve and could possibly end your live due to lack of treatment, or would you rather just pay for your medical expenses and get treatment when YOU want it? Hmmm... That's a no brainer for me.
I do however have to say that some of you are quite right in saying that Hillary has amazing strength. However, I think that she is power hungry and has WAY TOO MUCH strength than she knows what to do with. Didn't you pro- Hillary people ever pay attention in history class when you were in high school? Leaders who loved having power and weren't God- fearing ultimately met their demise. The countries and organisations that they led fell with them. Take Adolf Hitler, Marie Antionette, and Napoleon Bonaparte for example. They loved having ultimate power. They also placed themselves above the law of the land, and thought that they better than God. They thought that they were God. Where did this mind set get them and their followers?

Needless to say, I'm sure that you can tell that I think Hillary an incompitent leader.

You are an Idiot

Have you listened to yourself?? You need to be locked up.

Hillary Clinton= Servant of the Lord

"Leaders who loved having

"Leaders who loved having power and weren't God- fearing ultimately met their demise."

Do you and others like you know how afraid the rest of the world is that you may get a president just like you ?

Don't you see that your attitude is a carbon copy of the attitudes of the people now bombing and killing your soldiers.

It's the 21st century not the middle ages, religon should be confined to the history books.
I hate to tell you this but the god you believe in is no more real than santa claus.

Hillary Clinton Will NOT Be The Next President in 2008

No Hillary wont make it.
She will be nominated and then lose the election of '08
Because she is't A COMMANDER IN CHIEF. She never was, and never will be. Period.


Hillary may not make it, but I hope she does. Of course, any democrat running would be a BIG improvement over that buddy of Bin Laden's - George W. That's right I said "buddy." George W. turned the 9-11 all around and we attacked and invaded a country for oil and greed among other reasons. We really can't get any worse than this, now can we? And I guess it was just by accident that Bin Laden didn't like Sadam - nor Iran - which George W. wants to bomb too! No democrat running would say "well, I'm not really concerned about finding Bin Laden" and these were the very words out of George W's mouth not too long after the 9-11. Wake up and smell the truth!!!!

Hillary won't be president???

Ha ha. Someone's going to be disappointed on election day 2008 when they find out they are DEAD WRONG!

Ha ha....look! She's getting

Ha ha....look! She's getting closer and closer....and she won't back down. Because her supporters have just as much tenacity as Hillary!! YOU GO GIRL!!

Yes you! haha

Yes you! haha

george bush

we know that bush is a screw up he is out for big interest not for the poor people of america he does not care for human life if he did he would bring the troops home and do more for the poor of america he is like the rest of the republican party just out for big interest.

forget about all of the

forget about all of the "poor people" in this country for once. we will always have them, but, they will always have their entitlement programs and welfare! let the establishment consider the middle class for awhile. they need the help even more. besides, it is the middle class that pays for all of those programs that help the poor!

Hillary is good

I believe that it is time for a Female President. With the way the world has become, so fake, so demanding, and so hard on those that have made early mistakes in life, it is time for the world to change. A person who tried drugs and got caught now has a felony, and regardless of their education, credentials, or whatever have you, they simply have no chance. Well, given that the woman named Eve ate the fruit, and screwed the world for the rest of us, maybe a woman in power would understand that all people are capable of changing, and create a world full of hope, second chances, peace, and love. Yeah, I say give it a chance, vote for Hillary - or reap the whirlwind.




I think the United States being the only super power needs a president whose credentials are well known. Out of available contestants hillary is most famous or well known in international fora. She is likely to win and has the potential to make a good president. However i personally feel that the United States needed a far more visionary who could re establish US prestige and integrity and save the world from politics of wars and occupations. If the trend and practice are not stemmed we must be ready for an armageddon in too far a future. presently United States is behaving like an inebriated elephant. A very sane and farsighted leader is needed who acts as a big brother and not as a Don. a very big responsibilty lies on the shoulders of american voters. Very frankly all in the race are pigmies, no heavy weight is visible. Those who read this please take time ruminate and if you think I have a point please do disseminate.

Hillary sucks

Hillary is a feminist piece of shit. American feminist women suck. Pay your own fucking way, you worthless cunts. Equal rights! Hillary is a liar and a cunt

Hillary Clinton Will be the next president

I can't believe some of these sixth-grade mentality commments. I've been around for over sixty years and I've never seen such a bunch of sorry losers waving flags. No wonder the country is going to shit. Where did you get your attitudes about women?... from Fox News?

it's too bad you did not

it's too bad you did not learn a thing about the democratic party in sixty years. you speak of sixth grade mentalities. how about looking toward your liberal self in the mirror. a fucking liberal piece of shit that continues a path toward national socialist destruction! did not the first clinton presidency teach you a thing?

Yes he did - that his wife

Yes he did - that his wife should be president - thank you very much.

hillary in the whitehouse.

The only way she or any other woman belongs in the whitehouse is barefoot and pregnant. or as a maid!

they will need to build a

they will need to build a popemobile for her if she gets elected. the secret service men wont be ble to get the job done!

if hillary is elected.......

if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated. hope he can keep it together without the mother-ship!

Weak Hillary

She couln't even control a single lying, cheating, womanizing husband; so what makes anyone think she could run a country. Bad day for the US if she gets elected.

hillary wins

O Anonymous above--

Your tired echo-chamber talking points in "you forgot a few" are quite a laugh. Grow up and learn to think for yourself, not repeating what some other isolated intellectual-masturbater has put out there for you.

Hillary diserves to win--and will.

if Bill Clinton is Hillary Clinton's running mate

As I see that Bill Clinton will possible be running mate with Hillary Clinton as her Vice President, it is not bad idea but problem is family shouldn't be running mate also Bill Clinton had completed 2 terms as president, if something happens to Hillary Clinton then Bill Clinton can't be president because he completed 2 terms already.

Try a more credible site -

Try a more credible site - wikipedia - PLEASE!

Hillary Is A Douche Bag!

Hillary Clinton is a pompous do nothing arrogant oyster shucker. She is a bull dyke who eats pussy all night. And breaks balls by day. A total nincompoop who will lose in 2008. Because no one wants a scowling whoremongering abortionist to be our leader. Not all us decent Christian folk. Who are gonna rise up very soon and put an end to all the hypocrites in Babylon on the Potomac.

ah the highly educated man

ah the highly educated man speaks

Hillary Clinton Will Be The First Female President

She has a 100 percent chance of winning. The United States wants to go in a different direction. Nobody in the Republican party is capable of running the United States. Obama will not have the votes to win He would make a great Vice President.Hillary has more expereince. If the two would work together they would have a 16 year lock on the White House. The United States is ready for a female president but they are not ready for an African American president. This would open the door for Obama and the United States would be ready in 8 years. Then in 2016 we would have the first African American president. Look long term not short term!

Strange... I didn't know MEN

Strange... I didn't know MEN could run for president.

Then you must be blind AND stupid...

If you didn't know MEN could run for president, then you must have been blind or just extremely stupid to notice that ALL American presidents since 1789 were men. Fool!

What the hell does this

What the hell does this comment even mean?

It means - git!

It means - git!

They're saying Hillary is a

They're saying Hillary is a man, not a woman.

hillary for pesident......

what damn experience does she have? never ran a city, county, state, or business. she's just another damn lawyer who just happened to become a senator for new york. what experience (or right) does she have to be the president of my country. and the most powerful person in the world?

She'll win, doncha worry

She'll win, doncha worry about it!

Hillary bitch

If she does win, I'll join the Taliban. This country is going to shit and it's because of the surrender monkey democrates. They don't see anything worth fighting for except abortion, same sex marriage, affirmative action (another name for giving unqualified people special rights) and judicial nominees who give them the mandate they can't win in the election arena. Screw all you liberal motherfuckers! You wouldn't make a pimple on a patriot's (or veteran's) ass.