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Lose Man Boobs In Three Easy Steps | Karemar

Lose Man Boobs In Three Easy Steps

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The self conscious feeling that comes with having man boobs and being overweight can destroy an individual's self confidence. Most often, you will not want to remove your shirt, you may be the the butt of many jokes regarding your man boobs and you may feel left out of many social and recreational activities. Though some people can hide their man boobs better than others, with dedication and persistence nearly everyone can eliminate their man boobs naturally. Following this three step process consistently will eliminate your man boobs while increasing your self confidence.

David Gest

First Step: Diet

Your diet will be one of the most important factors in eliminating your man boobs. The goal will be to both burn fat thus reducing the man boobs and build muscle in the area and therefore the fuel you provide your body to achieve this is critical. Following these few simple tips EVERY DAY will drastically improve your diet and give you the foundation on which to eliminate your man boobs and add muscle.

The primary key to a well balanced diet is one that will burn fat and therefore it should be based on counting calories and moderation. Remember a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Your ideal diet should have no more than 15% fat, 35% protein and about 50% carbohydrates. The best way to achieve these percentages is to make sure that you choose to eat foods that have these percentages in them already. Small tips that go along way include: 1)replace any white foods (white bread, plain pasta, white rice) with brown foods (whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice). It is also very important to get plenty of vegetables with your meals and note that potatoes and corn do not count for vegetables.

During meals, use 8" or 9" plates and not 12" plates. Fill your plate with about 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 lean protein like turkey, white meat chicken and fish. REMEMBER MODERATION! An 8" or 9" plate is very appropriate for your new diet and will provide enough room for a filling moderate meal. Also, take your time when eating, remembering it takes about 15 minutes for your mind to realize that your body is full. Eat slowly.

Tim Robbins

Second Step: Strength Training

Strength training will also be essential to losing your man boobs, firming up your body and burning fat. Remember it is generally easier to turn your fat mass into muscle, than to attempt to build muscle mass from scratch.

A misconception about weight training is that it has to be done at the gym. In fact you can achieve a full weight regimen at home. There are numerous books and magazines that teach you how to use common household fixtures like stairs and walls to achieve good weight training. Resistance bands and other devices are also very effective and can be purchased from local sporting goods stores. There are many great fitness books and articles on the internet that can guide you, however the key is to work out 1hr per day / five days per week.

Each of those five days you want to get at least 20-30 minutes (however 60 minutes is ideal discussed below) of aerobic activity in, 20-30 minutes of weights in and 10 minutes of stretching and abs in. Personal training sessions at a gym also work well however can be very costly. Remember, strength training is extremely important because muscle burns fat naturally. The more muscle you have the more fat you can burn because generally muscle burns 10 more calories than a pound of fat without any work.

Step Three: Aerobic Exercise

Your Diet and Strength Training are extremely important, however they will not be effective without a dedicated commitment to aerobic exercise. Quite simply, aerobic exercise burns fat. There is no better more effective way to burn fat than aerobic exercise. Again, aerobic exercise does not have to be done in the gym and can be done in the home or community. Aerobic activity can be fun, simply find an activity that you like that also elevates your heart rate and do it for about an hour five days a week. This could be running, walking, biking, tennis, basketball or whatever activity gets your heart rate pumping. Aerobic exercise works in conjunction with your calorie counting, enabling you to afford a few extra calories at lunch or dinner.

In Summary

Following these three simple steps consistently will eliminate your man boobs, however you must remain consistent. Each one of these things must become a way of life and a daily habit similar to brushing your teeth. It takes time and commitment to eliminating your man boobs, however if you follow these three steps closely you will see improvements in just 2-3 weeks and you will be well on your path to eliminating your man boobs.

The Results Of Your Training



Lets add some useful info to this outdated post.
If you suffer from this problem the only way to fix it is to lower your estrogen and work out or surgery.
By lowering your estrogen and keeping your testosterone high you will burn more fat around your chest area and decrease water retention, If you suffer from gyno then you might even be able to decrease the size of them.
Look into estrogen blockers or aromatase inhibitors, natural or non
Good luck

Bitch tits

if you go to prison with bitch tits you will need vaseline too cause you are gonna be a punk and likely on all fours giving it up to bubba

Speaking from a 32 year old

Speaking from a 32 year old male that suffered from gynecomastia or "man boobs", the information in the article of 3 ways to lose man boobs are certainly wonderful over tips for a healthy lifestyle, but not a cure for the problem.

I began to see a change in my chest size when I turned 30. I have always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. I have an athletic body complete with a 6 pack & 9% body fat. So when the tips indicate that if you eat right and workout 5 times a week you will lose the man boobs its just simply not the case if you really suffer from gynecomastia. Its a condition that only got worse for me overtime. I consulted my physician early when I first noticed the development of masses in my chest around the nipple getting bigger. He recommend that I waited to see if the masses went away or resolved themselves. After 2 year my physician referred me to a surgeon for a consultation.

Within 5 minutes of seeing the surgeon he told me that the condition and the options. One was that the masses were just that masses, and not cancer or he was relatively sure it wasn't. Two I could undergo surgery to have them removed, with the understanding that they might come back at some point.

I decided that surgery was the best option. The issue for most people is that 90% of insurance wont pay for the surgery because it is considered cosmetic in nature and not necessary. I am lucky that I have a amazing employer (Google) that has kick ass insurance and i cost me nothing financially, paid for 100%. But realize that there are risks involved as with any surgery.

I was warned that 1% of the time complications could occur. Internal bleeding, infections etc. The risks far out weighted the benefits. I was one of the 1% that did bleed after surgery. 6 hrs after surgery I had to return to the ER for emergency surgery. My right breast filled with blood and was about the size of a large grapefruit. I was bruised for for a month and half, and had discoloration around my nipple for 3 months after.

I had the surgery this past July, and still have not fully recovered. I have a couple of scars that are going to take some time to go away or become noticeably different. But even given the amount of pain and complications of the surgery I would still make the same choice. I am not in the pain that I was from the masses, nor feel self conscious any longer.

So the 3 tips are never going to work for you if you have serious man boobs!

You can't turn fat into muscle!

Fat is fat, and Muscle is muscle. "easier to change fat into muscle than starting from scratch.".........that's totally stupid. you can lose or gain one or the other, you can't convert them. nice research.


i dont have such big boobs . i dont like then so i would like to reuce them i am just 15

man boobs

will u lose your man bobbs if u shake them heaps every day?



my chest

is skating(skateboarding) an aerobic exercise. I thank you for your advice, it really improved my self esteem and i hope to see results soon.


Skating is an aerobic excerise

Absolutely and it is an excellent exercise. I highly recommend exercise such as skating where you are improving skills.

Me and my fat

Okay, I am 14 years old, and i have a bigger chest then everyone else. There not that big, but i am embarrased to go in public with no shirt on. well actaully i cant even have a hottub with my family and not be embarrased. PLEASE help me out. please guide me through this terrible....fatt bodie of mine. i have spoken to my doctor, and he says they will go away after some years, but the thing is, i cant handle it. being made fun of etc. but i wear many layers of clothes each day.. like 4 or 5 shirts plus a sweater. it works. it does cover them, quite nicely, but im sick of it!. i just want to be skinny! well please please can you give me a hand. im very busy with my life. i have a job which i work 2 a week. im standing aorund at my job for about 6 hours. . i treat my self to one bad meal a week. (i usually have it at work) and the other work day, i each there salads, or a small soup, which is healthier then deep fry ****. i live in a small town so there is no gym, or fast food chains. Thats one good thing about living in a town. i wish i could live on a farm, where i have to work everyday, walk to the fields, and lift heavy things. i have to admit, i do not do alot of excersice, but i am changing that. im sorry if i am boring you. but may this letter show you how hard i want to work on this!! i am truely embarrassed. I feel like everyone is staring at me. but im thankful that i have good looks in my face, i dress well, have alot of friends, and have nice hair :blush: i try to do other things to make up for my "sickness" if you will.


thnx alot, please let me no if you can help..

its ok mate i had them too

its ok mate i had them too but i went on a diet and they went away i a month but yo have to be commited you will need to follow this diet for a month so first you start off with :
for breakfast high fibre cereal with skimmed milk,
for lunch have a really large portion of fruit salad,
the for dinner have a can of sardines
between meals if you get hungry have a grapefruit and you must have a grapefruit before every meal
i promise you mate if you follow this diet for every day for one month you will see drastic results

It's crazy because almost

It's crazy because almost every thing you said is the same with me exept the jop and the town part and I know how bad I hate having these

hello. i have the same

hello. i have the same problem. i am 16 years old and live in northern nebraska. i have manboobs too but what i do is work out for 17 hours a day and the doctor said they should be gone in about 3 years! so just do what i do!Or u can just add on to ur manboobs just eat lots of big macs and chicken.




thanks for your advice, i have found major changes in 1 month aftr following your advice.



Your advice is well stated and will be carefully followed. I suffer much loss of self esteems being both over weight and a person of color. I know you can relate to these issues and as a fellow "second class" member of society it is difficult to be the brunt of such crudity and ridicule.

Stay strong as we shall overcome!

Second Class Citizen?

Thank you for the comment. Why would you feel like a second class citizen? I cannot say that I relate to that in anyway. I do understand the feelings of low self esteem of being over weight, however you can control that. With dedication, hard work and commitment you can change your weight and it will increase your self esteem. Follow these steps closely and keep me informed.