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Lottery Winner Loses $114 Million In Four Years - Plus A Look At The The Biggest Winners Of All Time | Karemar

Lottery Winner Loses $114 Million In Four Years - Plus A Look At The The Biggest Winners Of All Time

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The Loser

Just four and half years ago, Andrew Jackson "Jack" Whittaker, Jr. was the president of of a successful contracting firm called Diversified Enterprises Construction. At 55 years old, Whittaker was living a successfully comfortable American life complete with a a net worth of over one million dollars, a well rounded family, great job and healthy grandkids. On December 25, 2002, Whittaker's life changed forever when he stopped at a supermarket to fuel his Lincoln Navigator and purchased a deli breakfast sandwich and a Powerball Ticket worth US$315 million. The jackpot won by Whittaker was the highest ever in the United States at the time and Whittaker chose the cash payment option receiving a check after taxes for about US$113.4 million. Little did Whittaker know, the devastation that ticket would cause on his life.

Jack Whittacker

The Good

Charitable Contributions

Whittaker's first cause of action was to pledge ten percent of his winnings to Christian charities in West Virginia including several churches affiliated with the Church of God. Whittaker next donated about fourteen million dollars to create the Jack Whittaker Foundation as a non profit entity to provide food and clothing to low income families in rural areas of West Virginia. Lastly, Whittaker returned to the supermarket he purchased the ticket and bought the woman who sold him the ticket a new house and a new car as a tip.

The Bad

How to loose $114 million dollars in 4 years.

His enormous new wealth, meant everyone wanted a piece of Whittaker and his legal and personal problems quickly spiraled out of control. Less than one month after winning $114million, Whittaker was arrested for drunk driving.

In August of 2003, while spending over one hundred thousand dollars at the Pink Pony strip club in Cross Lanes West Virginia, thieves stole $545,000 in cash from his car. Two strip club employees were later arrested and charged with drugging Whittaker's drinks and arranging the robbery, however the money was never recovered.

In January of 2004, thieves again broke into his car and stole over $200,000 in cash. This cash was later recovered. Next Whittaker was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly threatening the life of a bar manager. This suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. A couple of months later, Whittaker was sued for allegedly groping a woman at a dog racetrack. Again, he settled this suit out of court for an undisclosed amount. When interviewed about his legal run ins around this time Whittaker replied, "It doesn't bother me because I can tell everyone to kiss off!"

Jack Whittacker

The Ugly

Irresponsibility and Personal Problems Destroy Whittaker

In September of 2003, Jesse Tribble, a 17 year old friend of Brandi Bragg, Whittaker's granddaughter was found dead in Whittaker's West Virginia home. The autopsy determined that Bragg died of a drug overdose. Bragg's family would sue Whittaker for wrongful death and that case discussed below was also settled for a large monetary amount.

Shortly after the Tribble death, Whittaker's granddaughter, Brandi Bragg was found dead on December 20, 2004. Brandi had been missing for several weeks and was found under a tarpaulin near her boyfriend's home. During a hearing on October 11, 2005, a disheveled Whittaker berated law enforcement agencies for their fixation on him and demanded that they solve his granddaughters death.

In 2006, Whittaker was sued by Caesers Atlantic City casino. Whittaker promptly countersued. Caesers claims that Whittaker bounced $1.5 million in checks that were supposed to cover his gambling losses. Whittaker claimed that he should be credited due to a slot machine he developed for them and that Caesers owes him money.

In January of 2007, Whittaker came forward to the police alleging that thieves had stole the remainder of his fortune. He stated that thieves, in a coordinated plan had cashed 12 checks effectively emptying his bank account. Whittaker did not find out about the theft until Kitti French who had had settle with earlier filed an additional claim against Whittaker for non-payment.

To top it all off, on March 26, 2007, Whittaker was forced to settle a wrongful death civil suit for the death of Jessie Tribble, his granddaughters ex-boyfriend who had died 3 years before. Under questioning Whittaker admitted providing his deceased granddaughter with a $2100 per week allowance and that he hardly watched the child even though she was in his custody. A multi-million dollar deal was immediately struck after this testimony.

The End

Whittaker now claims to be struggling financially and barely able to make ends meet with the payouts from previous lawsuits. He has frequently stated that no amount of money lent to friends and family was ever enough and that his experiences with the lottery destroyed his life. He states that if he could do it all over again, he would have just filled up his tank, bought a sandwich and gone on his merry way.

The Winners

The top four winners in United States Lottery history are as follows:

1. $365 million

On February 18, 2006, the jackpot worth $365 million was won by a single ticket sold in Lincoln, Nebraska. That single ticket was shared by eight meat plant workers.

2. $340 million

A grand prize won on October 19, 2005 worth $340 million was awarded to the West family in Jacksonville, Oregon. The family won less than two months after the rules were changed to promote larger payouts. Steve West, who purchased the ticket, put in $20 for tickets, along with another $20 from his in-laws. The family planned to split the prize among themselves.

3. $314 million

Prior to the $340 million winner, Jack Whittaker of West Virginia was the claimant to the biggest jackpot. He won $314 million on Christmas Day, 2002.

3. $295 million

On July 29, 1998, a jackpot worth $295 million was won by 13 machinists. This held the world record for the largest jackpot for two years.

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i dont believe a word you

i dont believe a word you are saying.... dont tell your kids yeah right you are so full of shit... when you have money life is easier that is why you sleep good...

Don't believe

Money only gives you more choices. With a lot of money you don't have to go to work or having to put off buying necessities. Yes, I don't see why it wouldn't be difficult to not to tell the children. They don't need to know.

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your successful winning of a lottery. You handled the entire situation brilliantly and, if I am ever lucky enough to buy a winning ticket, I will do my best to handle it as well as you have. I wish you continued good luck in life.

Jack Whittaker and David Edwards are two examples of being poor winners. Too much too soon. I was surprised to learn of Mr. Whittaker's problems considering his successful and affluent life pre-winning. I was not at all surprised to learn that Mr. Edwards ended up in his current situation. A pre-existing drug addiction and easy access to a lot of cash is a lethal combination. Edwards had good intentions and a good financial advisor who was eventually fired for trying to put the brakes on Edward's spending. Edwards didn't have the sophistication to know that he was being taken for a ride with his extravagant purchases and would buy anything if it was expensive. I saw his profile on a TLC special about lottery winners and could see straightaway that his spending was far outpacing his income. He did win a net amount of $27M which is a lot of money but it is not an unlimited amount and he was spending like he was a billionaire instead of a millionaire.

I wouldn't want all lottery winners to be tarred with the same brush as Whittaker and Edwards. Plenty of people win the lottery and their lives, along with the lives of people close to them, are enhanced by their good fortune.

Fuck you Winning the

Fuck you Winning the California Lottery. You sound like one of those homosexuals who keep posting on this page. I am sure that not only are you gay, but you are a scam artist. I won a lottery (not in CA) and I won't tell you my secrets. All I can is I am well off for the rest of my life (not like fuck-tard Jack - you think this moron has good advice).

Kinda angry for a lotto winner, arn't you?

Woah man.
For somebody who won the lottery and is well off for the rest of your life, you sure do have some anger issues. Why are you so concerned about a lottery website? Go play with your money, help a homeless person out. Go support some children with AIDS, or at least pay for someone's college tuition.
You've got a good advantage in life, now go learn how to turn that into happiness.


P.S. what does being a scam artist have to do with the sexual attraction to members of the same sex? You really know how to make yourself look stupid.

Also not very smart.

He replied to the wrong comment and flamed the wrong person.

Winning the California Lottery

I have some question about winning the California Lottery.
1. I keep reading that if you win the California lottery you should claim the winning with a blind trust. I keep looking for a sample of a blind trust but can’t find one, dose anyone know where you can find one for winning the lottery?
2. Could you claim the lottery as an LLC or a corporation?
3. I hear that one guy who won set up a non profit foundation. If you set up this non profit foundation before you claim the lottery winnings. Could the foundation be a partner in the winnings. If the foundation could be a partner in the winnings and the person who won gives 20% to the foundation, would the foundation have to pay taxes on that money?
4. Now lets say that you won the lottery for 100 million and you give 20 million to this non profit foundation and the foundation did not have to pay taxes on that money it receives would the person who won have to pay taxes on 80 million or 100 million?
When I win the California Lottery and I want to stay anonymous this is what I would like to do. Form a corporation and a non profit foundation, put them both into an LLC and have the LLC do a blind trust to claim the winnings. This way you would have 3 layers of anonymity. Tell me what you think.


We all know Jack is a latent

We all know Jack is a latent fag. Just look at the big fucker with tears in his eyes. That's definitely a rope sucking ass banger if I ever saw one.

Why so many HOMO remarks?????

There sure a lot of people out there obsessed with gays.

If you are not a big closet-case then you are very angry your dick is tiny.

Straight guys do not care what other people do with their penises.........you are way too curious.

Ummmm, I am a fag and I want

Ummmm, I am a fag and I want to play the Jack's Homo Slut Machine. I hope I get the gang rape jackpot. Nothing like being in the middle of a bunch of Tranny Homos.

Jack's Homoslut Machine

The Cowboy Jack slot machine is really meant for latent homosexuals. When you plan the machine they handcuff you to it and then if you win several fags come out and make you suck them off. Yes, this was designed by none other than "Fag JackMeOff BrokeBack Mountain Cowboy" Whittaker. Nothing as ironic as a homosexual redneck.

Correction on PP incident

The money stolen at the Pink Pony WAS recovered; it was found put by a Dumpster behind the building. Also it would be really clever of him to claim he has no $ left so people stop bugging him! I might have. But that is only speculation. I even went to Caesar's to look for the "Cowboy Jack" slot machine he invented and nobody seemed to know about it or they said it was hidden "behind the wall over there somewhere". And I still feel very sad about his granddaughter, nothing is worth that price.

What kind of asshat

What kind of asshat drives around with half a million bucks in his car anyway? Maybe he left if on his front seat in a big burlap bag with dollar signs on it for everyone to see. He got what was coming to him.

Always Be Careful

He should of been more careful. If I had a big windfall, the first thing I'd do is plan everything carefully. Consult an Attorney, get a P.O. Box, get an unlisted phone number, and don't come forward right away. All kinds of people will try to come after you when someone gets a big windfall, with all that publicity on the news.



Ah Jack(off) looks so sad in

Ah Jack(off) looks so sad in his photo. What a jackomo (jack off mother fucker). I just ate a bunch of enchiladas with jalapenos, beans, and onions. Now who wants to lick my ass crack/rim and suck on my balls?

Why do you fuckers have a

Why do you fuckers have a hard time accepting the word "redneck?" If America views you as a redneck you are a redneck no matter where you are from. Jack looks like a redneck and, thus, is a redneck. And you folks who don't accept the word "redneck" are just "rednecks in denial." I don't feel sorry for this jerk-off. Not only is he a "redneck," but he is an idiot.

Ever heard of Karma?

A self-righteous jackass gets what's coming to him, it's called Karma, and he whines like a baby.

And a good case for having 314 people win a million each as opposed to one d*ckhead winning 314 million.

Everyone can clearly see why he has no friends but try explaining it to a self righteous jackass and they won't get it.

What a dumb redneck!

This is priceless.


You're in my prayers. There are things in life that money just cant buy.

Yeah, I don't feel too bad

Yeah, I don't feel too bad for someone that..

1) Has a half million in cash in their car. Get a credit card dude.

2) Has another 200,000 in his car after not learning his lesson the first time.

3) Had his fortune in cash in a bank account that could be withdrawn from check forgery. Get a financial planner and invest. At least have that money tied up in bonds other safe investments.

Easy come, easy go.

First off... if I had 317

First off... if I had 317 mil. who cares about financial planning... That's enough to keep me well lit up for several generations... I would wanna party all the time too and spend a lot before my old ass died... You can't take the shit to heaven... So spend it up and leave some in a locked account for your children/grandchildren... But don't leave too much. Nothing worse than another spoiled child... Obviously, it didn't help his child much giving her all that money without direction... And for all the previous posters that have nothing to say but "fag" and talk about stupid bullshit, get a life and stop posting dumbass remarks only you understand because you are the only true fags that have nothing to do but post stupid good-for-nothing comments jacking off to his picture while you write it upset about your own life...

for sure

kids dont need that kind of money:

see what happens.

sorry for your loss

Dats wassup!!!

Man, that is the best reply to all the mess that I read before your comment. I'm askin the same question like, what's up the fag comments that they only understand? Stall the poor guy out for God's sake, he's already lost enough. People are so cruel for no damn reason because they dumb asses were lucky enough to win something. Little do they know that God got something in for them too so be happy now Cal lotto winner cause your ass gone suffer a bigger loss than Jack for all that damn hate in your maingy ass heart. Big ups to whoever wrote the letter I'm repling to because plus and minus a few statements, I feel the same way you do.

Jack Whittaker

I agree with you! I don't feel sorry for this guy either. Here's my letter to Jack. (maybe he'll see this someday)

Hey Jack-
Although it's sad about your granddaughter and daughter, the list of other woes seem to be YOUR making!!! With all your millions you could have made the choice to help others in the world instead of catering to your indulgences. Perhaps you would have found true friends on that path. Quit whining, be grateful and move on! Maybe you can go on the road and speak about your experience and enlighten others that money is not going to make you happy. Giving is.....(And maybe then you'll take your own NEW advice).

Rather Be !!

Everyone says that money can not buy you happiness, and that may well be true, HOWEVER,,, I would MUCH rather be RICH and SAD,,,,, than POOR and SAD !!!! That's a no-brainer !!!!!!!!!!!

Right because we all know

Right because we all know that more then 20% of what you make goes into charities. It's one thing to bitch about people not helping others, but this guy did, fully 20% of what he won. It is clear that the guy at least tried to do some good in the world and put the money up to prove it, very few people even contemplate let along follow though on.

Say what you want about the guy, there is no denying that his money made him a target.

His mistake is that he should have taken the money in an annuity. it grows interest. less taxes, still quite a bit of money every month and it puts the breaks on excessive behavior.

easy come, easy go. The

easy come, easy go. The fool who never knew.

with the lottery money,

with the lottery money, comes the curse of all those who could not win it.
All people buying ticket are expecting to hit jackpot .... that burden of expectation attaches some sort of bad wishes and curse to the price money ....

Although thats not the explanation for the foolish acts he committed later on.

What I'd do...

Dear lord, just let me win and I'll prove this stereotype wrong...other than the strippers and gambling..and buying other people shit they don't need, and giving relatives a bunch of unearned money and tellin' them "here! go kill yourselves"...and stuff like that and whatnot.

He is a redneck, who feels sorry for him?

First of all Je255j, he's from WV, that makes him a redneck. Second, he tried to pay off God and then got involved with drugs and strip joints. He lost $545k from his car (who keeps more than 10 bucks in their car) and then he still kept enough in there to lose $200k more. He's an idiot. If you feel sorry for him for that, you're an idiot. And I'll give you $1000 and see if you keep it in your frickin' car!


This stupid fucker gambled

This stupid fucker gambled away his money. He also spent it on hookers, I mean strippers. He was a millionaire before he won and still is. As for the stupid hillbilly question, He appeared on NATIONAL TV without his false teeth. STUPID FUCKING HILLBILLY!

Many Lottery Winners Are Losers

It is easy to find accounts of many lottery winners who have lost all their wealth. I remember Paul Harvey talking about the first lottery winner--for $1 million--who ended up a bankrupt, 50-something year-old man with no job skills, sacking groceries to make ends meet. Associated Content relates that 1/3 of lottery winners go bankrupt within a few years after winning. I remember seeing a report about an organization formed to train new jackpot winners how not to ruin their lives with their newfound wealth.

There is an organization

There is an organization called the Sudden Money Institute that works with people to handle big changes, both planned and unplanned, in their financial situation. They believe it's not just a matter of managing the financial situation. It's managing the change and involving the blending of one's personal goals, beliefs and dreams, with one's new financial position.

I saw an interview with the founder of the SMI on CNN.

money robber

I wonder how much they charge for their services and how much do they steal. I may be wrong but it won't be the first time. Swindlers come in all shapes, sizes and color.


You're probably right - Why not keep the leeches away.

I lived in West Virginia up

I lived in West Virginia up until recently and I've heard a lot about Whittaker over the years. Tom couldn't be more correct. There is no doubt he didn't have a fairy tale life before he won. First off, I know the area the "Pink Pony" strip club is in (no I didn't go there, har har). But seriously, it's the sleazyest, most silence-of-the-lambs town you could be in. Why the hell is a guy worth $100 million at a trashy strip club that Hank Williams Jr. wouldn't even come close too? Second, Whittaker always had a gambling problem and most likely gambled away all his money. I heard he had bought 3,000 lottery tickets when he won. Having said that, this is a pretty decent article, just like to point out that it's a little misleading at the start and there a probably lots of people who win the lottery and don't end up in trashy strip clubs being robbed.
Having said that... WVU, #1 party school in America. Soon to be 2007 National Football Champs. eat it.

Don't Blame The Lottery Win

His cars broken into and robbed of 500K and 200K in two separate instances paints a picture of a stubborn fool too stupid to learn from his stupid mistakes.

It's clear from his comments and numerous law suits against him that he, subsequent to winning, seems to have adopted an attitude that he could do as he pleased, and pay his way out of any situation, and in large part he was correct.

The fact that he kept the bulk of his remaining multi million dollar fortune in one checking account I think shows an extreme lack of fiscal responsibility which a man with his successful business background should Know better than doing.

My suspicion is that this man did not have as wonderful well rounded a life before winning the lottery as this article makes out. I suspect he had a miserable life before winning, and initially after winning decided to turn his life around. That would account for the philanthropy phase. Later his life pre-win caught up with him, and hit the booze pretty hard, and drugs likely as well, after that it's a clear shot to bankrupt ville.

I suspect the lottery win didn't do this to him, it just made it happen faster. In all likelihood this man was headed for disaster anyway.

First off, what was his

First off, what was his money doing just sitting in his checking account?


Although he did waste some of the money that he won, he did start that foundation and it probably helped a lot of people.

It is sad to see people go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows so quickly.

It is always better to try to remember the good that people have done. Not everyone that won that type of money would do some of the good things he did.

Redneck?! Exactly what part


Exactly what part of "Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Whittaker, Jr. was the president of of a successful contracting firm called Diversified Enterprises Construction. At 55 years old, Whittaker was living a successfully comfortable American life complete with a a net worth of over one million dollars, a well rounded family, great job and healthy grandkids." was it that said redneck to you? Please, do tell.

That said, I can't help but to feel bad for the guy. As convinced as I am that I would never let this happen to me, and it's his fault he let it happen to him, still... look at his face... he looks so broken. :(

woa surprise

woa so surprised that this happened to a middle-aged redneck in fabulous WV ;)