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Top Ten (10) United States President's of All Time. | Karemar

Top Ten (10) United States President's of All Time.

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The American Presidency is the most honored and revered political office in the world. Great Generals, Attorneys and even Actors have had the honor of being referred as the Chief Executive of the United States of America. The following list contains the best United States Presidents of all time. My determination and analysis was objective as I thoroughly reviewed each President’s historical influence and actions while in office.

1. Abraham Lincoln

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." - Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, was elected as the 16th President and nearly single handedly saved the Union during the American Civil War. Lincoln's leadership during the Civil War was one of stern direction and no compromise however at the same time Lincoln clearly understood that he would have the task of Uniting the States once the North won the war. Lincoln's actions and vision kept the union together and eventually led to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - FDR

FDR was elected as the 32nd President and is the only President to serve four terms as President. Throughout his four terms in office, FDR had an enormous impact on America. Roosevelt worked tirelessly to end the Great Depression, including the creation and establishment of the New Deal implemented to assist America's return to international prominence.

3. George Washington

"The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest." - Washington

Washington served as our first President and because of such set forth many important precedents and actions that were later followed by his predecessors. His insistence on not to become a "monarch" was pivotal for American politics. This two term precedent was only eclipsed when FDR served four terms. The 22nd amendment has made certain that no Presiednet will ever serve more than two terms.

4. Thomas Jefferson

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. . . the Almighty has no attribute that can take side with us in such a contest." - Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, was elected as the third President of America and his decision to execute the Louisiana Purchase, nearly doubled the United States size overnight. Jefferson was known to be a strong state's rights activist who realized the need for consolidating power in the federal government when necessary.

5. Theodore Roosevelt

"No Man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expedience." - Roosevelt"

Teddy made an enormous impact on America being known as the "Trust Buster" when he vigilantly conquered corrupt businesses. An avid outdoorsman, Teddy was deeply committed to conservation of American wildlife. Teddy established numerous national parks for preservation purposes and halted the rapid expansion of industrialization of his time.

6. Andrew Jackson

"It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes." - Jackson

Jackson's election showcased the rise of the common man to the office of the president. Jackson was a man of humble beginnings and with his rise he became the epitome of the American dream. His fame and popularity was enormous. Jackson's actions as a strong nationalist are evidenced by his controversial decisions to move the Native Americans during the Trail of Tears east of the Mississippi and his strong fight against the national bank.

7. Woodrow Wilson

"The history of liberty is a history of the limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it." - Wilson

Wilson was at the helm of control when America was brought into the national stage. Wilson's decision to enter World War I and away from isolationism were seen by many as violating Washington's tenant of avoiding foreign entanglements. However this was unlike any war that Washington had experienced and Wilson's hope of bringing the US into the League of Nations, later the United Nations was realized.

8. Harry S. Truman

"When even one American - who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all of Americans are in peril." - Truman

Truman, was elected as the 33rd President and Truman entered into office during one of the most difficult times in American history. Truman made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman then organized the end of World War II and established firm precedents for the beginning of the Cold War.

9. James K. Polk

"No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure." - Polk

With the exception of Jefferson, no other President has increased the size of the United States more than Polk. Polk arranged for the acquisition of New Mexico and California through the Mexican American War. Polk also claimed Oregon Territory after a new treaty with England. Polk stands for and embodies the U.S. notion of manifest destiny. Polk was also an extremely effective leader during the Mexican American War. Many historians consistently refer to him as the best one term president.

10. Dwight Eisenhower

"Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed" - Eisenhower

Eisenhower's time in office was full of American prosperity and great economic gain. Eisenhower also provided key leadership used during the Cold War.

Honorable Mention / Personal Favorites

John F. Kennedy

"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." - Kennedy

Bill Clinton

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." - Clinton

Who do you believe are the Best President's of All Time? Did I miss any?



You have to love conservatives. Anytime a Democrat president has a great economy they say it is because of the Repub. president before them or because they have a republican speaker of the house. If a republican president has a bad economy its blamed on the democrats in congress or the previous democratic president. Try to get your heads out of your asses and take some blame once in awhile. Reagan defeating the soviet union single-handedly? Don't make me laugh. The Soviet Union was already suffering from severe economic stagnation before Reagan did a damn thing. The Soviet Union was using between 50 - 70% of their industrial output on the military for 40 years, of course that couldn't last forever. Yes, Reagans massive military spending probably quickened the collapse of the USSR by 4 years. But it was going to happen anyway. So do what you do best, give some blame to the presidents before him. Or just come up with some more imaginary "Star Wars" programs.

Best Presidents:

1. George Washington
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
3. Theodore Roosevelt
4. Andrew Jackson
5. James Madison
6. James Monroe
7. Abe Lincoln
8. John F. Kennedy
9. Bill Clinton
10. Woodrow Wilson

Worst Presidents:

1. George W. Bush
2. Richard Nixon
3. John Tyler
4. Andrew Johnson
5. Calvin Coolidge
6. Herbert Hoover
7. George Herbert Walker Bush
8. Franklin Pierce
9. James K. Polk
10. Lyndon B. Johnson
11. Ronald "the dumb actor" Reagan

Thats funny man....your

Thats funny man....your obviously biased yourself. The majority of your "best" presidents are democrats and your "worst" presidents are all repub. wow...talk about a moron.

Not all the worst are

Not all the worst are Republicans on that list.

1) Polk - Democrat
2) Pierce - Democrat
3) Tyler - Whig
4) Lyndon B. Johnson - Democrat

Obviously, you're the one that's a moron.

How can you not put Abraham

How can you not put Abraham Lincoln in your top 3? Helped bring unity to the United States? Not to mention the fact that he, uh, ushered in the end of slavery. African-Americans still didn't have many right, but it led to something better (Civil Rights Act).

A few reasons I rank Lincoln

A few reasons I rank Lincoln lower than most people: He suspended habeas corpus and put in prison over 10,000 people. Many of these peoples only crimes were being against the war or criticizing Lincoln. They were called disloyal and thrown in jail without trial or even charge. He wanted to deport blacks back to Africa. He made a clear statement about it. Freeing the slaves in southern territory was a war tactic, war was fought to preserve the Union first and foremost. He wouldn't let the Generals fight the battles on their terms, running the war from the White House. Offered to give one of the better Generals of the civil war, General John Reynolds, control of the Army of the Potomic but when Reynolds replied he'd only take command if given full control and no prodding or forced battles from Lincoln or the administration, it was rescinded. Lincoln ignored and retired (fired) the most experienced General of the time, Winfield Scott, after Scott gave his strategic advice on a "Anaconda Plan" to end the war. Lincoln wanted the war ended more quickly and put McClellan in his place. Took 3 years and hundreds of thousands of American lives for Lincoln to finally take the fired generals advice which effectively strangled the south and won the war as Scott envisioned. Lincoln was too scared to pick some great junior generals and kept picking poor senior generals mainly because they had high scores at west point. Because Lincoln only had 4 years in office, more or less you have to rank him based on his choices and actions on the war. Which I did. But I do have bias since I was in the Army and probably judge him more harshly than most people. Makes me unable to rank Lincoln above Franklin Roosevelt, who picked some great men in Eisenhower and MacArthur then let them do their jobs without some detrimental political interference. But because he did eventually win the war, free the salves, and kept this great country together I still consider him one of the better Presidents.

FDR was a fraud. His New

FDR was a fraud. His New Deal was a failure. Its a fact. Anybody out there who says the new deal did something is a moron. Abe Lincoln was clearly on of the top 3 presidents. Confederate troops were 18 miles from the capitol yet Lincoln was able to keep the union united. The only thing FDR was good at was starting WW2 to get us out of the economy.

Never mentioned the New

Never mentioned the New Deal, but since you did, all I can say is it's very different to tell what effects it had on the country. Some of the reforms were good such as Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. I do agree some of it did hurt the economy in a negative way. But after Pearl Harbor and Germany's declaration on war a few days later on the U.S., we will never really know if the New Deal alone would have worked over time.

Yes, Lincoln was so concerned with the Capitol that he could have ended the war in 1862 if he didn't get scared out of his mind by a Stonewall Jackson feint towards the Washington. He ended up canceling General McDowell's move to hit the Rebels from behind with 30,000 men while McClellan held them in the front with over 100,000. With over a 2 to 1 advantage in men the Rebs most likely would have lost their army of Northern Virginia and effectively ended the war years earlier. In any case, his constant fear/panic of any attack on the Capitol caused him to withhold many more troops than was needed and prolonged the war. Your enemies capitol should never be your main priority, the main priority should always his Armies. Lincoln could never seem to understand that.

question for the content

hai.. this is saykhar..
i need to know the reasons for the presidents which given under worst basis... if posssible example too.....

Answer for the content

Hi Saykhar, sure thing. In this list I will put the worst presidents into the actual order of who i think is 1) worst to 11) least worst. The last list I made for worst presidents I was just putting them down as I thought through them.

1) Ronald Reagan - Horrible economic policies such as the "trickle down economics" Basically Reverse Robin-Hood idea. That if you give money to the rich they will give to the poor. Instead helped begin the move of American companies out of the United States as the economy got worse. Cut many programs for the most poverty stricken Americans to fund his tax cuts for the rich. Was against the blue collar worker and labor unions. Started country down a path of deficits and recession that George Bush SR. couldn't get out of 8 years later. National Debt went to over $ 3 trillion. Ignored AIDS epidemic. Reagan gave money and modern weapons to Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group to fight the Russians. When these united terrorist groups disbanded some became the Taliban and some became Al-Qaeda. Sound familiar? Sold chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein at the same time sold weapons to Iran, over 1 million casualties result. Used weapon sales to Iran to fund the the Revolutionary "Contras" in Nicaragua. These Contras attacked almost purely civilian targets alone. They raped, killed, tortured and murdered civilians using Reagan's money and support. Funded and supported oppressive, brutal Dictators as long as they stated they were pro-American. Need I go on? I could write a book about why Reagan is on the worst list.

2) George W. Bush - Let spending get out of control, highest national debt in American history. Was president for preceding 8 months before 9/11 attacks and ignored signs of upcoming-pending attack. His Office became one of the most powerful of all time, but oddly enough, he's one of the most weak presidents personally by letting his staff, administration, vice president have more control and power than any in history. A modern Franklin Pierce in the sense that the last person to talk to him usually got him to follow that coarse. His policies are the main reason for the current economic collapse. Carried a War on Iraq over lies and false pretenses. Then led one of the most dysfunctional wars in American History. Master of fear tactics on the public and propaganda. Another president I could write a book about the reasons he's on the worst list.

3) Richard Nixon - Campaigned to bring peace in a lose/lose war on Vietnam but instead expanded war to cambodia and Laos, causing horrific civilian casualties before he finally threw in the towel. Led the most corrupt, scandal ridden white house in history. Was involved in many illegal activities to gain re-election then tried to cover it up. Ending with his resignation.

4) Andrew Johnson - Vetoed Civil Rights Bills. Removed one of the most successful Secretaries of War in American History, which was an illegal act at the time. Impeached, avoided recall by 1 vote.

5) John Tyler - First president to have impeachment measures brought against them. He used his veto power to grind his axe and gain revenge upon elected officials who didn't do as he wanted, even when he was for their bill. Helped Confederates form a new government, ended up a member of the secessionist house of representatives.

6) Franklin Pierce - The first Do-Nothing President. Last person to talk to him usually convinced him. Helped expand slavery lands. Very ineffective, helped bring about civil war. Was a supporter the Confederacy and of the secessionist movement to split the United States.

7) Herbert Hoover - All steps to combat depression only made it worse. Was just about as good in dealing with the Mississippi flood as Bush was with Katrina, which is to say - badly. Brought about huge increases in taxes which made the depression even worse for Americans.

8) Calvin Coolidge - Another One of those Do-Nothing Presidents. He watched as riots played out, economy go down. When he did act it was usually way too late. Was anti labor union, against workers rights. Vetoed bills against War Veterans.

9) James Polk - Maintained a gag order against all abolitionists of slavery. He tried to push Britain into war over Oregon territory. Tried to push a war with Spain over Cuba. During the Mexican War he ordered his diplomat in Mexico City to return to the Capitol because he changed his mind and wanted to annex all of Mexico instead of roughly half.

10) Lyndon B. Johnson - Probably the first President that used the media and TV to work on peoples fears to get what he wanted. Such as the fear of Nuclear war, communism, spies, even the talk of possible invasion of the United States. Began the Vietnam War after using the invented lie of the incident in the Tonkin Gulf. Used that incident so him and future presidents could go to war without needing any discussion with the senate.

11) George Herbert Walker Bush - Increased Reagan national deficit to new heights. Unemployment went up, poverty went up.

Yeah, sure... your a nut

Yeah, sure... your a nut case! gee whiz


I'm sorry, but your response to this person's comment doesn't include any reasoning for the insult of "nut case", and considering he or she gave a nice and detailed tidbit there, I cannot consider your comment relevant without any explanation or even attempt at justifying the conclusion that he's a "nut case".

So, if you want to argue like an adult now, let's here some facts out of you.

youre an idiot

Everything you just said was completely untrue. Ronald Reagan was a good president. You don't know shit because you probaly weren't alive for Reagan. And Bill Clinton sucks balls ass hole.

You suck Reagon's balls

Shut your cock sucker, Raegon fucked up! Look at the economy when Clinton was in office...dickhead!

So because none of us were

So because none of us were alive when George Washington or Lincoln was president, does that mean we can't have a opinion that they were great presidents? Get real.

The uninformed and/or

The uninformed and/or unintelligent need to resort to cussing just because someone doesn't agree with them. No wonder your a Reagan fan.

how could you possably put

how could you possably put james k polk as the nineth worst president he expanded the country so much he was great he diserves at least top ten. i think you just didnt do your research when you put him at the bottom. he diserves better. listen to the song - james k polk by they might be Giants.


Just because a leader expands a country doesn't make him great. Polk was a warmonger who goaded and pushed mexico into war just to expand the nation. Stalin, Hitler, Napoleon, ect. all expanded their countries, not a good reason to be considered a great leader of a nation.

Polk maintained a gag order

Polk maintained a gag order against all abolitionists of slavery. He tried to push Britain into war over Oregon territory, which would have been disastrous. Tried to push a war with Spain over Cuba. Also, during the Mexican war he ordered his diplomat in Mexico City to return to the Capitol because he wanted to annex all of Mexico instead of roughly half. Quite a poor President in my opinion.


SAYING that Ronald Reagan wasn't the main factor in the downfall in the Soviet Union and that it was going to happen anyway is like saying that if Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of the UK in the early and mid 1930s instead of Chamberlain WWII would have worked out the same. Winston Churchill probably would've done to the NAZIS what Reagan did to the Soviets. Victory with a lot less bloodshed.
And your stupid premise that economic stagnation alone causes the fall of tyranny is false. Under almost all dictatorships the economy is out whack and most of the money that economy produces is spent on protecting the dictator. If your premise was true CUBA would have been a free country a long time ago because their economy has really sucked for 50 years. If Kennedy stood up to Castro like Reagan did to Gorbachev, and Churchill would have to Hitler. Castro would have been done with at the Bay of Pigs and wouldn't have had to sweat out the missile crisis, which was caused by Kennedy's ineptitude at the Bay of Pigs. IF WE HAD 4 MORE YEARS OF JIMMY CARTER AND THEN 4 YEARS OF WALTER MONDALE INSTEAD OF 8 YEARS OF RONALD REAGAN DAMN RIGHT THE USSR WOULD STILL BE AROUND. TYRANNY THRIVES OFF WEAKNESS AND FEAR AND CRUMBLES IN THE FACE OF STRENGTH.

At least he has a premise.

At least he has a premise. In all that gibberish the closest thing you came to one was saying that Reagan defeated the Soviet Union by "standing up to Gorbachev." Can I get a real concrete explanation of what Reagan did exactly that defeated the Soviet Union. Or are you like the rest of the Reagan sheep that have been brainwashed by Fox News or your republican parents when you grew up that Reagan defeated the Soviet Union but you have no facts. Just he "stoop up to them." Then you go on to attack Kennedy when he actually DID something. Not just sit in the white house like Reagan building weapons all day, talking big. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the most aggressive act against the Soviet Union by any president . It had our forces in some cases yards away from theirs, making them back down. Forcing them to remove their weapons out of Cuba or prepare for war. If anything that was a real version of standing up to the Soviets. Not just sitting around speaking tough, but actually being tough. But you'd know that if you weren't just another sheep in the flock.

You want facts you USEFUL IDIOT

FACTS:President Reagan stood up to Gorbachev by not removing SDI as a bargaining chip during their arm negotiaions in Iceland. Missile defense was one of the greatest bluff moves of all time because while liberals mocked it the Soviets feared it, this is evident because Gorbachev always wanted Reagan to stop the development of a missile defense. They knew deep down that the entrepreunership that capitalism enables is capable of producing great technological advances, so they thought a missile defense was possible. You also just admitted one thing that also proves Reagan gave Soviet communism a great shove over the edge because of his military buildup the Soviets had to keep up by spending more money which helped cause their bankruptcy. What made Reagan great was that he didn't have our forces within yards of their forces, that wasn't standing up to the Soviets but a near disaster. Kennedy almost did what Chamberlain did which was wait to it was too late. If Kennedy had followed through with the Bay of Pigs their wouldn't have been any nuclear missiles in Cuba because Castro would have been overthrown. Don't you realize there wouldn't have been a Cuban Missile Crisis if there wasn't the Bay of Pigs. If Kennedy approached Cuba the way Reagan approached Grenada, which is strangle a dictator in its infancy, it wouldn't have come to our forces within yards of their forces. NEXT TIME YOU COME AT SOMEONE USE A LITTLE MORE FACTS DON'T JUST MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT MY PARENTS AND WHERE I GET MY INFORMATION FROM. BY THE WAY I AM NOT BRAINWASHED I HAVE LISTENED TO LIBERAL ARGUMENTS FOREVER AND THEY LACK ALL COMMON SENSE AND THEY APPEAR TO BE THE BRAINWASHED ONES, ALL THOSE IDIOTS WALKING AROUND COLLEGE CAMPUSES WITH CHE GUEVARA T-SHIRTS. LIBERALS WHO WEAR T-SHIRTS WITH AN IMAGE OF A MASS MURDER ON IT SEEM A BETTER CANDIDATE FOR BRAINWASHING.


Sorry, have no comment to your post. Just saw your title and thought it was funny. Carry on the rant and caps lock.

hate to break it to you

Russia is still a threat and very powerful. Haven't you watched the news recently? Instead of being obsessed with other countries we should have been focused on our own country. Especially now that China owns a large amount of Unites States Treasury bills. All this cold war stuff seems contradictory, now that a communist China has such a large monetary influence in OUR country. So much for strength. I hope everyone is enjoying their big screens. Wake up!

Very well said.

Very well said.

very very well said

very very well said


In reality, this is how you should rank them:

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. George Washington
3. Teddy Roosevelt
4. Ronald Reagan
5. Thomas Jefferson
6. Ike Eisenhower
7. James Monroe
8. James Madison
9. John Adams
10. John F. Kennedy
11. James Polk
12. Andrew Jackson
13. Richard Nixon
14. George Bush
15. Calvin Coolidge

FDR, Truman, and Wilson belong nowhere near the top!




I personaly think that Martin Van Buren should be in there! He was the one who didnt want a war with mexico!

abe lincoln fan/bush aint that bad

how do people not see why Lincoln should be number one!?you can't even compare him to any other president because no other president singlehandedly was faced with what Lincoln was faced with!With the exception of FDR, I think Lincoln was hands down the greatest president our country will ever have.
Also, while Bush in my opinion is one of the worst presidents we've ever had, I doubt others would be saying the same if the economy was not so bad. After 911, Bush was considered a hero, only until the economy started getting bad is when everyone started terming bush the worst. I think he made alot of mistakes,but can you imagie what al gore would have done if placed in the same situation as bush after 911?I think his first term was pretty good, he just should have left it at that.
ALSO, for all of you OBAMA supporters, keep in mind that he had a large role in FREDDIE MAC and FANNIE MAY.Those banks were responsible for giving people who had no buisness taking loans, loans for houses which in turn caused the housing market to decline. Obama actually was given money by these banks in turn for political support. So how can Obama help with this economic crisis when he contributed to it?

G.W. Bush is by far the

G.W. Bush is by far the worst president the United States has ever had. He repealed Clinton's successful economic policies and brought in poor, typical conservative policies that fucked the nation up. Plus he sent us into war. Excuse me if I am wrong, but wasn't Bin Laden last reported in Afghanistan? Yes he could have fled elswhere, but what the hell are we doing in Iraq? Wait, I know why, republicans like to concoct useless wars to drive the state of the union into debt, a poor economy, and fearful residents.

I really do not like what Bill Clinton did, but I don't think marital infidelity is an excuse for poor governing. He had successful economic policies and foreign policies. The nation had the longest period of economic growth and world peace, all because of his great way of governing. President Clinton is a very smart man,
but he has little common sense when it comes to personal issues.

G.W. Bush took office in 2001 because of a bias vote from the Supreme Court that stopped a much needed recount in Florida. If Clinton would have kept his zipper north, Gore would have been handily elected. But people were skeptical of the Vice President even though he did nothing wrong. Plus, Katherine Harris, who certified Bush winning Florida was co-chair of his Florida campaign. How can anyone tell me that that was not a bias decision?

Bush was sadly reelected in 2004 because I think the voters thought John Kerry thought he was better than everyone else. If John Edwards or Howard Dean would have been nominated, I think they could have had the power to defeat Bush in 2004. But because Kerry seemed to smart and preppy, people decided to vote for Bush. I voted for Nader.

Clinton was a good president. Bush is a awful president.
Clinton began his final State of the Union with: "Never before has our nation enjoyed, at once, so much prosperity and social progress with so little internal crisis or so few external threats"...
Bush began his first with: "Our nation is at war and the economy is in a recession"... All because of his stupid policies.

With Bush at the beginning of the list, i would say Herbert Hoover, Warren Harding, and Richard Nixon should be among the other worst presidents. Go figure that they are all republicans...should that tell us something?

Clinton had the opportunity

Clinton had the opportunity to kill Osama multiple times...he was too much of a coward to do anything about it. He was worried that killed Osama might hurt his already hurt image due to his affair with Monica. what a moron...thank god he is gone. btw thanks to clinton you could buy a house even though if you didnt have the money!!! sounds a lot like what has happened to the housing bumble.

Thomas Jefferson and James

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were "democratic-republicans." Their political party later on became just the democratic party.

In my opinion, I'm leaning way more with the democratic side.
And Obama has not run his presidency yet so we can not determine whether or not he will be the worst. I believed he can fix the economy!!!!!

top true ten presidents without a doubt

1.George Washigton-led the country during the rev. war, and did not allow this country to be a monarchy
2.Abraham Lincoln-saved the union, freed slaves
3.Franklin D. Roosevelt-helped get us out of the great depression and led the country to victory in ww2
4.Thomas Jefferson-father of the independence and bought the louisana purchase which increased our land
5.Ronald Reagan-defeated the soviet union, surpressed communism in latin america, and cut unemployment in half
6.Dwight Eisenhower-economy was great, protected south korea from communism, scared the shit out of communists
7.Theodore Roosevelt-built the panama canal, took on corruption, very patriotic
8.James Monroe-not given credit for monroe doctrine, which allowed more trade between us and the rest of the world
9.John F. Kennedy-avoided ww3 with soviet union and russia, strong civil rights advocate, got the first man on the moon, his only major flaw was a little bit too soft (bay of pigs), he could have been top 5 if we had him for longer
10.Harry S. Truman-dropped the atomic bombs, helped carry out ww2 after roosevelt passed away, helped get communist out of south korea

bad president GWB - patriot

bad president

GWB - patriot act, very unpatriotic, might as well punch our freedoms in the face.

Go Dreek, Your right:^) GWB

Go Dreek, Your right:^) GWB SUCKS, GO OBAMA


if bush was such a terrible president how did he get elected twice? when something goes wrong people look for someone to blame and since he was the easiest to blame people did/do. 1 year into his 1st term the U.S. was attacked and he when into iraq in 2003, if so many people were against the war those people shoudnt have voted him in. it wasnt until 2 years ago (after the democrats gained control of the house) that the economy 1st started getting bad. how is he unpatriotic he is in a war fighting for freedom and he didnt use the patriot act thats why tou can say that you think hes a bad president. a lot of people say they dont like bush but they dont know why so please feel free to give me some GOOD reasons for the extreme hatred of him.

The most unpopular president in the history of U.S.A.

Most dishonest and lied left and right to the public. Never think good for the country. He should be procecute for lie to the people.

clintons mistakes hurt bush

thank you i absolutely agree with you. and i would like to add that if it weren't for clinton ignoring numerous chances to capture bin ladin and his terrorist partners 9/11 may never have happened. bin ladin was pretty much thrown at the feet of the clinton administration and they just pushed him aside and couldn't be bothered. furthermore clinton removed 305,000 employees from the federal payroll and 90% of those cuts were military cuts. so before you go judging bush about how bad of a president he was look back to the mistakes clinton made that put bush in the position he is in.

Cause there is tomany idiots

Cause there is tomany idiots like you that vote for him

"tomany" is not a word. I

"tomany" is not a word. I think you were looking for "too many". Then again, you're not an "idiot", so you might be right along with the other 1st graders who can't spell "too many" as "tomany".


That comment speaks for itself.

Bush was looked at by many as the lesser of two evils. That's why he got reelected. While I don't agree that he was the worst President ever, he certainly was not the best. You have Warren G. Harding, Ulysses S. Grant, Richard Nixon, and other presidents to label as the worst president of all time.

Honestly, some of this

Honestly, some of this Liberals are so blind. Did FDR really get us out of the depression? Think about it. Increased government spending and taxes are never good for an economy. You want to know what really got us out of the depression...look no further then WWII. Created so many wartime jobs since the US manufactured most of the munitions. That being said, he still is one of the greatest, but his New Deal didn't magically save the economy. Ask ANY economist that knows anything and they will tell you the New Deal made the economy worse, not better.

How could anyone say Reagan is one of the worst. Seriously, Liberals take your blinders off and just look at what the president accomplished, regardless of political affiliation. He saved the economy with supply side economics. Whats the better paycheck, the one you get from a company that can pay you decent wages since their taxes are cut, or a handout from the government that you get once a year(like what Obama was to do), that will probably not even be able to pay 1 months worth of bills. Not to mention Reagan stared down the USSR without fear and led to the end of the Cold War.
Bill Clinton was okay, but people, get your government jurisdiction facts right, the Congress decides how/how much money is spent, the president just approves it. Clinton was helped out because of a great conservative congress led by Newt Gingrich that went back to conservative values. Funny how these liberals want change, when change is really back tot he conservative economic policies that worked so well under Clinton.
If anyone thinks Bush has governed in a conservative manner knows nothing of politics. Increased government size, increase spending and budget deficits. Hello...those are STAPLES of liberal policy


Fact: Ronald Reagan never balanced a budget. Fact: Ronald Reagan more than tripled the national debt. Fact: Ronald Reagan broke the union, and fired all the air traffic controllers, weakening the airial defences of Amerca, not indirectly, but directly helping out 9/11. Fact: Ronald Reagan reversed the energy independance guidlines Jimmy Carter put in place, leading to America being more dependant on foreign oil than ever before.

Nothing like a good ol' president who breaks the very fiber that gives employees a chance to get fair wages and benefits from their employer through the Union. Here is why Reagan is so popular. Because he, unlike Bush, provided a good public image. Also, conservatives like to grasp on to the one president who was semi decent in the past 50 years, and that is Reagan. Reagan Was also popular because he took the reigns of an unpopular Carter administration, who looks bad because Carter was attempting to gain energy independence (which as we see now, is a very expensive task)

My top 10:
F. Roosevelt
T. Roosevelt
A. Jackson
John Adams (Not JQ)

Reagan is overrated

What good is supply side economics without demand? What is the point of investment without demand? Companies don't pay us, those who buy their products pay us. National debt under Reagan increased from 700 billion to 3 trillion. Recession in 1982 with 10.8% unemployment. Stock market crash in 1987. Oil shocks to the market. Policies led to the savings and loan scandal. Arms deals to Nicaraugan rebels. Communism destroyed itself, it took several presidents to get to that point. Reagan does not deserve full credit for the fall of communism, the people of Russia do. By the way, read the headlines Russia is still just as powerful. You conservatives are so funny. First, Bush is your conservative hero in 2000; then his presidency proves to be less than good so he's a liberal. Why don't you check your other conservative hero Reagan's spending record as president? You will find it is very similar to G.W. Bush.

Ten Best Presidents

you are wrong

You are wrong because you have for got the newest best president Barack Obama.

Sorry Obama hasn't started

Sorry Obama hasn't started yet so we can not put him on the list yet. I'm a democratic and hope he will help this nation prosper and get us out of this recession.

Civic Lesson for liberals

I know civics isn't important any more because of the liberal National Education Association that feels it is more important to teach our youth about all the various types of sexualities instead of something that may further their future like economics or how our government works. If you want to blame somebody for the deficits of the 1980s don't blame Reagan but the liberal Speaker Tip O'Neill, just like you don't credit Clinton for the surpluses of the 1990s but the revolutionary Speaker Newt Gingrich. Hey liberals there are three branches of government only one, the legislative branch i.e. Congress, controls spending. Reagan was president which is part of the executive branch, none of the budgets he put forth were ever passed. His tax cuts cause the revenues to the government to double from what it was between the years of 1981-1989.
Oh yeah and your stupid idea that if Jimmy Carter or Walter Mondale were president the Soviet Union would've crumbled anyway is nonsense. Reagan's military buildup caused the Soviet Union to cannibalize itself by spending more money to keep up with America and leading to bread lines and an inability to feed its own people. Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale would've continue to follow detente which was enabling the Soviet Union to become stronger because they wouldn't follow the arm treaties we would follow.
From Lincoln to Churchill to Reagan to Bush , classical liberals have always stood up against tyranny and for liberty. If I was ever enslaved I know my only hope would be depending on leaders like them.

Actually government revenues

Actually government revenues were negative 1% under Reagan. Check the facts.

Check your math

1981 Revenue to Federal Government: $500 billion
1989 Revenue to Federal Government: $950 billion
I don't know how that is -1%. The deficits that we face are the responsibility of the legislative branch. Thank Congress for our debt. And now our Congress wants to spend a trillion more dollars in bailouts and handouts. Are debt is going to continue to skyrocket, inflation and the dollar will be crushed, and they may turn this recession into a depression. The Congress telling the banks and the auto industry how to conduct business is like the blind leading the blind. But don't worry we got Barack Obama who is going to CHANGE America. HE COULDN'T EVEN CHANGE HIS CORRUPT CITY AND STATE BUT HE IS GOING TO CHANGE THE COUNTRY. THE REST OF AMERICA IS GOING TO BE LIKE CHICAGO: 10.25% SALES TAX, MORE HOMICIDES IN 2008 THAN U.S. MILITARY DEATHS IN IRAQ(WE SHOULD SET A TIME LINE TO PULL OUT OF CHICAGO), AND THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICAL APPARATUS SINCE BOSS TWEED'S TAMMANY HALL. BARACK OBAMA: THE CHANGE WE WILL DREAD!!!!!!!

valid sources tell the real story

-1% revenues were a result of Reagans tax bills. Source: Revenue effects of major tax bills U.S. Dept. of Treasury Tax Analysis Working Paper 81 Table 2 2003

This is in terms of GDP. The dollar amount is also available in report.

Where did you get your info?