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Top Ten (10) Cities Of The World With The Most Beautiful Women | Karemar

Top Ten (10) Cities Of The World With The Most Beautiful Women

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We have researched the opinions of world travelers as well as the internet community in bringing you the Top Ten Cities of the World With The Most Beautiful Women. Each city on this list contains a copious supply of beautiful women you may want to urge your parents or your wife to visit for the next family vacation, just for the scenery of course. All cities throughout the world were considered and determinative factors included: 1) Quality of women, 2) Amount of Women per men ratio and 3) Ease of talking to women. Please enjoy the list and we look forward to your comments.

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10. Amsterdam, Holland

Of course Amsterdam must make the list. This city has women more beautiful riding past on bicycles than other cities have going by in chauffeured cars. Dutch girls are amazing in so many ways, they're trendy, as well as cool, they're fun, and they are exceptionally beautiful. They're the kind of girls that you just want to date for a very long time.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has some of the best looking women in the world. Perhaps it is something about those green eyes that are just particularly attractive. It should be noted that in Israel women over the age of 18 are required to have been in the military, this of course means that if you hook up with an Israeli girl's best friend, she may very well kick your ass, while equipped with an Uzi. Sure it's a longshot, but it could happen.

8. Montreal, Canada

The exquisite taste of France but with the convenient location of Canada, Montreal is truly one of the world's best cities filled with beautiful women. So many universities and colleges and so many women with fashion sense and a desire to take care of their bodies. One of the best parts is that the women all speak French commonly known as the language of love. I highly recommend you take a trip to Montreal, and find a beautiful leather trench coat wearing beauty that will serenade you in French all night long.

7. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. For the record, Venezuela is the country with more Miss Universe Pageant titles than any other nation, therefore you know it's capital is going to be teeming full of beautiful women. The women of Caracas are so beautiful that they make Brazilian women look like trashier counterparts. I speak honestly when I tell you that these women are exceptionally easy to talk to you and know how to have a great time. I can also attest to the amount of fun you will have when you take a trip to Venezuela.

6. Moscow , Russia

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Mother Russia is home to some of the world's finest women, the Moscow subway alone has more beauties than most of the United States alone. It's not only the regularity of tall, blonde hair, blue eyed women that make it so great, it's also the amazing level of friendliness that you will find. It's a definite unique experience when what seems like the world's most beautiful woman is staring your way only to find that she is staring your way, and yes at you! Then she approaches you! Sure the first time, you will mess up, but don't worry there will be many more on your trip!

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5. Los Angeles, California

How much can be said about L.A. girls, well I think you will find upon arrival that so much can be said you'll find yourself at a lack of words. The women of L.A. are on a level unlike most any other kind you may have ever seen. All the beautiful people from across the United States flock to this mecca, this is where the cool people come to live, to work, & to try to "make it". This is what the Beach Boys had in mind when they sang the song California Dreamin'.

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4. Varna, Bulgaria

Many of you may not have heard of Bulgaria, most of you may not know where to find Bulgaria on a map, but you have all experienced Bulgaria in day dreams, night dreams or just drifting off at work. Bulgaria is a land of no drug laws, cheap vodka, mechanical bulls on the beach, waterslide and some of the most uninhibited natural beauties in the world. This land has cafes with inflatable furniture, thongs and g-strings everywhere you turn your head, see through pants on every corner and topless sunbathing on every beach. What's more, these women retain a certain level of class and sophistication and take great care of their bodies. The most important part of Bulgaria is the charm and beauty that you will find in these stunning women. Plan your trip today!

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city unlike any other. It is truly one of the most extraordinary cities in the Western Hemisphere. The city has an enormous wealth of beautiful women on a scale unlike nearly any other city. The women of Buenos Aires are beautiful, natural women who are comfortable in their amazing bodies. Nearly every women in Buenos Aires is a model waiting to be found, by you of course! The parties are legendary and the clubs and events are overloaded with beautiful, approachable, and fun women.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen's women are probably some of the most approachable you will ever meet. Also, these women are much more liberated sexually than most other cities throughout the world. They are all over, working in all places and always ready to head to the local bar for a drink or two. The environment runs at a much slower pace and the women enjoy a wide variety of situations. In Copenhagen, during your trip, you will find yourself catching the eye of several women. Just remain cool, calm and collective and this will be a phenomenal trip.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

It seems like every woman in Stockholm is amazingly beautiful. You walk into 7-11 and the girl behind the counter easily would be an American model or Playboy Playmate. However this isn't just with 7-11, it's everywhere. Also, these women know how to party and enjoy each other. Per capita the women of Stockholm were the most beautiful. These women were also extremely educated and friendly. All of the women spoke English with English accents therefore there is no communication barrier. These women make you feel good in every way. Sweden is a must visit on a future vacation!

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Tell Us About Your Experiences In These Cities Or Others?



The most beautiful women are in Argentina, since always. I'm an argentinian girl. But don't get me wrong; spanish girls are beautiful too, but.. we kick ass :P


i cant believe u dont mentioned venezuela many of u , never havent visted caracas , it have the most beautiful girls even than colombia , colombian boys u live in caracas reconized that, argentinan and brazil just soccer argentinan only white no all like venezuela,(black ,bruneettes blondies etc) varna, bulgaria,rusia and suiza chech republic also girls are beatiuful too and newyork becuase is the capital of the worls many women aren,t from there greetings from newyork

you made no sense jackass

you made no sense jackass

Let´s tell only the truth

Keep in mind this!! The most beautiful girls in the world are in this countries:
Colombia,Russia,Argentina,Israel,Poland,Iran,South Brasil.
Among this countries,"la creme de la creme"are from this places:Medellín(Colombia)Kaliningrad(Russia)Buenos Aires(Argentina).Period.


I totally agree.

I don't know about the

I don't know about the others, but when I visisted Buenos Aires I was downright impressed. That was about 1 year ago and I still remember the impressive quality.


oh man, I've been to Stockholm last year, after 1 day I had to stop saying to my friends (and they to me): WOW, look at her!!! Because we had to say it like 300 times a day. Went to Stureplan club a couple of times, it's just incredible, really...

haha 95% or more of

haha 95% or more of america's fatties did not make it to the list. and what's up with the pic for cali? only one girl in there is hot. the rest are average looking.

all the women on here

all the women on here fighting that their country has the hottest women, who really gives a fuck? beautiful women are easy to find in EVERY country. SHOW ME THE HOT MEN! cos all i see in those countries are goofy looking dudes. and this site is probably no doubt made by a a bunch of goofy looking low self esteem guys that are fat and balding cant get a woman in their own country so they have to go to a country where women are poor, naive, or easy. men are sluts. And nowadays, america consists mainly of other countries people, not true born americans. so when you talk about america, you're talking about people that migrated from YOUR cuntry to america. I've seen em and they aint pretty. YUCK. All the men look like the mother took drugs while pregnant. since everyone hates america and hates americans, tell them to stop coming and poisoning whats left.

From the neck up, men are

From the neck up, men are better looking than women. We don't need make-up to look our best like women do. Even in the animal kingdom, the males are prettier than the females. Why do you think it takes men 30 minutes to get ready, and it takes women 2 hours? Also, women are depreciating assets (like cars), and men are appreciating assets (like a house). Men's value is their money and security they bring to a woman (which increases with age), and women's value is their beauty (which fades). Also, some men that look better at 45 than they did at 25. How many women can you say that about? Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Are you for real? How about

Are you for real? How about you go and get fucked you arrogant fucking cunt


OH PLEASE, what is it with you men and this mythological belief that you get better with age? I have seen your sagging butts, double chins, bellies hanging over your pants, balding heads and you think that is somewhat attractive to us? EWWWWWWW!!!! All I can say is you better make a ton of money and find a girl dumb enough to want it because you don't have anything on a buff 22 year old! POPS



Girls from the Czech

Girls from the Czech Republic are the world's best kept secret. You can forget about any other pretencious pretty girls you're never gonna get anyway.

Sounds like you've been in

Sounds like you've been in Prague..... lol

Different tastes.

I've "known" women from all over the world, and It really depends on what you are actually looking for and what you find attractive. I've recently met girls from Lithuania and Kazakhstan, and they are amazing. Beauty AND brains, along with femininity (none of this Western "man wannabe" rubbish). I'm from pure Anglo-Saxon stock (ie god awful pure white skin that goes red with a bit of sun!) and in the past have never been attracted to "African" women. But my current girlfriend has an "African" parent, and she is the sexiest woman I have ever known in my life. And yes I have "known" quite a few. The problem with "white" girls (in my experience) is that they don't age well, they shrivel up or get extremely fat, and get "cottage cheese" skin (cellulite for the PC crowd). Asian and African women (in my experience) don't get this, they age gracefully and keep their beautiful skin. In my experience, "white" women are great for flings, but DON'T marry one, as the looks and "fun" disappear extremely fast, especially Americans and British.

You are right. But we can

You are right. But we can have several marriges in our lives. If the wife lost her fun, we can find another young one for a change.

Women of color are the most beautiful.

We black women are the prettiest we look more exotic , our features are so intense we have pretty skin tones beautiful bone structure, ample behinds, feminine curves, full lips that other women especially white women go pay for , and they also go pay for tans , and we have all shapes and size noses even white people get nose jobs so what does that say. I love being black and we are so desirable .

Re: Black women

Not all, but most are the in the bottom 10%..big flat noses, nappy hair, fat asses.... ecch. Not to mention lower than average intelligence.

You make some good points,

You make some good points, but you really should be more humble. Let others say these things. Also, there's a thin line between arrogance and insecurity, and you just crossed it.

black women are the

black women are the grossest. they have the worst skin on average with dimples, flattened noses, and white girls get tans to look pretty, they dont want to be black. and really bad asses. they may be big and look nice in pants, but most are covered with cellulite, stretch marks and your legs on average are the worst like triangles.

I find it so strange that

I find it so strange that some people summarises Black women in one as whole.....I do not want to come across as arrogant but what has Education brought you at all?

Why haven´t you summarised the Aians, Europeans, Americans (White) and South Americans as a whole?

Are all black women accross the African continent the same?

Do you know Africa 0r just some/ one African country?

And where is your Intelligence?

Well a tip I can give you is...."even in one African country, you can find the family members with very distinctly varying skin colour!"

Africa has around 900 cultures and it`s right term is "the Unknown Continent"

Africa is 3 times bigger that Europe! .....in case you have forgotten! You have to have travelled around it in order to give a comment!

Have some of you now decided that the black Americans and the African lady in some unknown village look and behave alike?

How about the blacks in South America?



The most beautiful girls are

The most beautiful girls are from the slavic countries - Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia. Ofcourse there are very nice women in every city in the world.Also the beauty of a woman can't be defined because it'a s matter of taste. :)

Go to Rosario, Argentina

Interesting compare. I´m from Buenos Aires. It´s really, i´m proud of being surrounded of beauty here, but I can´t tell which is the top city in the world because I´m haven´t traveled so far.
Always Bs As is mentioned, but nobody knows about Rosario, it´s the third important city in Argentina and it´s cataloged for us, as
the best place to watch models walking on every street.

177 nationalities

ok listen up guys!I live in amsterdam...and go look for yourself on the web...We have 177 nationalities living in amsterdam these days....So i think Holland is the best place to be for men.

Could be true

Im from Stockholm and I havent travel that much outside Sweden. but wooow, u should visit here and see for yourself if u dont believe they are the most beautiful in the world. cause they probably are. I have seen a lot of girls from Colombia though and Im gonna go there cause Im more into dark haired women..and colombianas....are awesooome!!.peace

lol, picture from Amsterdam

lol, picture from Amsterdam is a girl from stockholm

if you came to Grecce you

if you came to Grecce you will change your opinion. The most beautiful girls are there. Of course and thewomen of latin america are amezing but woman from sweden are horible!!!!!!! all girls here are sluts!!! Grecce for everrrr!!!!

I love all women, they are

I love all women, they are all beautiful

I have traveled the world for work and pleasure, and have been to most of the places on the list, However, this list is incomplete.

white, black , asian ..spanish ..indian ,middle east .I love and repect you all.



the albanian women are the sexiest of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

you've got to be kidding

you've got to be kidding me...i can't believe i wasted my time reading such bullshit...

fucking Sweden???




iranian girls are the best i,m write tehran is the best place you can get a girl with 1 ice cream
there are many girls wuth noise sergeury

come on Iranian girls are

come on
Iranian girls are best
Yes Persian girls are best
just kidding
there are beautiful women everywhere
just open your eyes and you will see
beauty is not only what you see !




are you kidding, I've travelled all around southamerica. I've been to argentina, and they are not pale white, you find beautiful girls, with bronze olive skin, wether they're brunette, blondes, redheads, dark or green eyesfor all tastes!!! and amazing asses, with a brain, laid back, yes i'm going back there soon.

and sorry been to bogota and rio, and the girls are just way too easy for my taste

you must be kidding! they

you must be kidding! they are all white? so unless you have straight flowing hair, perfect sized breasts and long legs you are not beautiful? Why do we keep on labeling people? I believe anyone can be beautiful in their own way :-)

You forgot one

The whole of Burundi? Gorgeous people over there. It's maddening. But there's beauty everywhere, I don't think there's one particular city that has the most beautiful women. LOL at the racists, by the way.

New York City

come on ppl the best looking women in the world are right here in New York City!

they also like Money.. If

they also like Money.. If you arent some rich guy they wont even look your way

Get real! Stockholm? I go

Get real! Stockholm? I go there on holiday, that's just a joke. I know where the highest ratio of beautiful unattached women is, I really do (it was fingered in a survey made in Russia in the early 90s, covering all of Eastern Europe), and I've been there, and it is TRUE, and I'm not telling you guys where it is.


Give it up, dude!
Why hate on your fellow man?
You know damn well that enlightening us with the knowledge of this city will not hurt your experience.
Why even post anything at all?

The best girls I have seen

The best girls I have seen in my life (i travelled to 110 countries) are from MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA.
They are the princesses on the earth.

Others to mention: Tehran, Cordoba and Seville , Krakow,
Bucharest, Bangkok, Almaty, Havana,
....I am cinluding a bit of all races...african ?
ok, Naouachott in Mauritania where I saw the best african women... (tall and skin like models).


THATS RIGHT!! Im from Medellin and the women there are just so extremely gorgeous, they all look like models, if you go to the Lleras Park, you´ll know what I mean


In America, for some bizarre reason, most Japanese women are ugly. i think that their most common ugly features are shortness, and noses and eyes too wide (disproportionate). in osaka and tokyo all the asian girls were amazing. this is hard to believe but the Japanese in these cities were some of the tallest people I've seen. Since Japanese hardly immigrate to America anymore, most of the Japanese you see are the malnourished Japanese with mild deformities (word is too harsh, but you get the idea). Only the kids and people in their early 20s are beautiful in Japan and they are extremely tall and very stunning. the average height FOR TEENAGE MALES was 5'9"/5'10", I can assure you. Once the ppl who have been getting proper nutrition start moving to America, Japanese will certainly rank among the most attractive and tallest peoples of America.

Rio Women

"Putting California in this list and bypass BRAZIL - RIO is just wrongggggggg

Get a ticket go to Rio and see what u r missing...

California haa haa.. give me breakk"

Rio girls sucks... you know, there're beautiful women here but, they're worse than any city in Europe I've ever been.

I'm a local and I know what I'm talking about.

I've lived in the south of Brazil -- in Porto Alegre -- and there is paradise! The majority of brazilian models come from south Brazil. If you're planning a trip to my country, go down under!

(and the girls there fuck better!)

Rio is good only if you wanna watch. Indeed is fun to see the ass parade at the beach. But, in the south, there are good beaches too, like Guarda do Emabaú in the state of Santa Catarina.

cheers and lucky!

you can't compare , they are

you can't compare , they are all different type of women !

and also, the one of the pictures are all plastic woman, if you can understand...

in everywhere there are beautiful people, and depending of your likes You will like more Argentina or Colombia and so

everyone has his own opinion about where are the most beautiful women, but I don't think you could compare

and, c'mon, Brazil and India aren't even on the list..

think about this, take care


you forgot colombia, i think that you didn't even went there because of the danger, but i tell you this, colombia girls are the most beatifull women i have ever seen and i am colombian i am a american. and is not only me that says that every i go i heard people talking about how beatifull the colombian girls are.. if you ever go to colombian you will never came back i swear, because the only thing that got me back was bringing with me a colombian girl.

An Intellegent and Geniune Lady is Beautiful....

Everyone's talking about looks?..this seems to be childish, althought looks is nice to see and visualize. but most important, a headache isn't woth it a peace of mind is valuable!. the heart is the most important thing learning from experience!! all this o f what i've read are only silly opions there's Beautiful women everywhere, i use to think like this, open your minds people. and your hearts....