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Top Ten (10) Hip Hop / Rap Artists of All Time | Karemar

Top Ten (10) Hip Hop / Rap Artists of All Time

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Music Producer's Production Guide: All You Need To Know To Start Producing Music Now!

Hip Hop has been referred to as a lot of things, a culture, a lifestyle, a movement and a musical genre, however one constant that remains is that Hip Hop / Rap is here to stay. In its relatively short life span, Hip Hop has created legends in the musical field. We have compiled the Top Ten Best Hip Hop / Rap Artists of all time. Great care went into our selection and we appreciate any comments you may have regarding our top ten.

10. Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli certainly does not have the wide ranging album sales or international recognition, however there is probably no hip hop artist more respected than Kweli. At this point, you won't find Kweli in any mainstream hip hop top 10 lists however maybe that's because he chooses to avoid rapping about hoes, drugs, and money. Whatever the case, Kweli has made an enormous impact on Hip Hop and with a little more wider recognition would move up this list.

9. Q-Tip

Presently he gos by the name "Kamaal Tha Abstract", however Q-Tip has been instrumental with the development and progression of the hip hop movement through the remarkable Tribe Called Quest. Focused on Q-Tip's suave voice and melodic rhymes, Quest brought two undeniably classic albums which cross over into great international success.

8. LL Cool J

LL Cool J's staying power and commercial appeal are evidenced by his consistent release of Gold and Platinum albums. LL has hit on every genre in rap from the hardcore to the club bangers to the suave recordings. Each time, LL brings us a new and improved sound and an amazing presentation and performance.

7. Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes has been a staple in the hip hop community since his Leaders of the New School beginnings. Busta has constantly re-invented himself in the process, banging out club hits and thought provoking songs for over two decades. Busta does shy away from anything and his in your face style has motivated an entire generation.

6. Nas

Nas, aka God's son has the raw talent to be one of the best ever. On each album, Nas takes us on a journey exercising his artistic range. Nas does not fear controversy, including making favorable comments about Hitler. Nas' talents are undeniable and he has made his mark on hip hop.

5. Snoop Dogg fka Snoop Doggie Dogg

Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus hit the music scene with the assistance and tutilege from the greatest hip hop producer of all time Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg's impact and appeal on hip hop can be seen by his broad international success. He continues to remain the most recognizable hip hop / rap artist in the world.

4. Jay Z

Jay Z broke onto the scene in 1996 and since then has created an empire in music and Hip Hop. Hov also co founded Roc A Fella records and has assumed the presidency of Def Jam. Additionally Jay Z has launched careers of numerous platinum selling artists. Jay Z has achieved nearly everything that can be achieved in the rap and hip hop community.

3. Emimem (Marshall Mathers)

Slim Shady is a master lyricist and has unleashed his prowess on everyone from Michael Jackson to Moby to Benzino to his own mother. When Marshall Mathers brings it, he holds nothing back and has destroyed those who have attempted to even look in his direction. Eminem writes from the heart and personal experience and as his life changes, his songs change. Eminem has put a solid foot print in hip hop and with additional work will rise to become a legend.

2. Notorious B.I.G

Had Biggie not been gunned down in his prime, he would have become the best rapper ever. The Notorious BIG was the best of his time and his rhymes reflect the trials and tribulations leading to ultimate success of a true hip hop hustler. No one had the party moving more than Biggie. His classics remain in constant rotation on many radio stations and throughout many clubs worldwide.

1. Tupac (2 Pac) Shakur

Tupac is a rap and hip / hop legend. No hip hop artist stirs up more intense passion than 2 Pac. Even postmortem, Tupac continues to release and sell platinum albums. In fact more so than when he was a alive. Dee[ within his words, his passion and spirit resonates for his people and plight of the Black people. Tupac showed no fear and taught us how to be strong in the face of adversity. Once he captured your attention, he captured your heart with powerful messages supported by his enduring struggle for change.

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Music Producer's Production Guide: All You Need To Know To Start Producing Music Now!

What Do You Think?

How does our list sound to you? Let us know what you think and give us your top 10 below in a comment.


pac q-tip (tribe called

q-tip (tribe called quest)
wu-tang clan (gza, rza, method man, killer b, redman)
mobb deep
ice cube
immortal techinque

no particular order

fuck all the mainstream shit like lil wayne!

Top ten

3 em
4 big
5 jay
6 dmx
7 nas
8 eazy e
9 ye
10 chamillionaire

allright my top ten is great

allright my top ten is great i think
1. biggy- the best ever hands down
2. jay z- some of the greatest lyrecs ever
3.pac- great motivator new exactly wat hes talking about
4. emenim- an amazing flow and great lyrics
5. lil wayne- no matter wat u say hes good from big tymers to c3
6. dead prez- they were about the game
7. t.i.- ive followed his music since i was 8 and loved all of his cd's
8. big l- died way to early could of been great
9.n.w.a- just great
last but not least
10.mobb deep- great songs crazy mofo's.
thk u enjoi
cheese eggs and welchs grapes every march 9 baby baby

1. Big L 2. B.I.G 3.

1. Big L
2. B.I.G
3. Tupac
4. Gang Starr
5. Wu-Tang Clan
6. Big Pun
7. R.A. Tha Rugged Man
8. Immortal Technique
9. Jedi Mind Tricks
10. Nas

Others: MF DOOM,Krs-One, ILL Bill, Mos Def, N.W.A, Bone Thug -N- Harmony, Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli

My Top 10 Hip-Hop (Unordered)

1. One Be Lo - This is a must download album "O.M.A. Virus Mix"
2. Nas
3. 2Pac
4. Notorious BIG
5. Mr. Lif
6. Q-Tip
7. Beastie Boys
8. Lupe Fiasco
9. Talib Kweli
10. Mos Def

Top ten List !

Hip hop is about an whole culture

'All rap is hip hop, but not all hip hop is rap' Krs One

Top ten list best rappers ever :

Eminem (Modern day Shakespeaer, legendary)
Tupac (Activist, presence, influence, legendary)
B.I.G ( Master Flow, sick rhymes, legendary)
Big L (sick punchlines died to early, would be a legend)
Talib Kwalib
Ghostface Kilah
Jay z

Why isnt T.I. on anybody's

Why isnt T.I. on anybody's lists. He much better than 90 percent of the crap ive seen thrown on these lists. LIL WAYNE? seriously lil wayne sucks my dick he's a faggot. He sings frikin Justin beiber britney spears shit


the best dudes to ever spit on mics in no order are :
biggie smalls
wu tang clan
dead prez
Big l

thats it theres nothing more to be said so no1 else reply to this shit
cause i just summed it up in full alright so go out and buy a fucking albulm if ur ear drums havent heard any1 of these artists


My Hip Hop Top 10

Greatest of all time

1 Nasty Nas
2 Cormega
3 Big L
4 Big Pun
5 Rakim
6 AZ
8 Mos Def
9 Lauryn Hill
10 MF Doom

Tupac showed Biggie to rhyme

Tupac showed Biggie to rhyme about the bitches and the money instead of rhyming about the life on the streets. Biggie got more famous when he did big pappi and that was because of PAC. Tupac is the greatest rapper ever. Period. Biggie was up there right next to him but without Pac, Biggie would've never gotten as high as he did.


5.big l

Tupac was Great but him believed Nas was better than him

Nas wil always be better than Pac. Music is not only bout rhyming with simple flows like Pac did. Thats is the reason why People liked Pac but to Nas is bout new things, complex rhymes and sometimes simple rhymes. Which songs of pac can u compare with Nas' rewind and Aint Hard To Tell and even any of the illmatic songs. Pac was good but his music was limited and sometimes got nothing to rhyme about, he would turn into dissing other artist. it would have been better to compare pac to nas if there were both dead but pac is getting the advantage of being dead.

Nas & 'Pac

Bull5hit,u cnt compare the two,they both great in their own way.Rap isnt abt wordplay or pnchlyns only_ts the whole package man,Pac evokes emotions,Nas is the educated man's Mc.Nas is a lyricist,Pac was activist.Choosin 1 over the other is simply a matter of ur own inclinations_s'why there's dozns of lists on the net ryt nw

Falco should be in the top

Falco should be in the top ten

1.Tupac 2.Nas 3.Notorious

3.Notorious B.I.G.
4.Immortal Technique
5.Lupe Fiasco
7.Talib Kweli
10.The Roots

Notable Contribution to ACTUAL HIP-HOP (not rap)
Afrika Bambata,Wu-Tang, Mobb-Deep, Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, Dr.Dre (NWA)

1. Notorious BIG 2. Tupac 3.

1. Notorious BIG
2. Tupac
3. Rakim
4. Nas
5. Jay-z
6. Scarface
7. Ice Cube
8. LL Cool J
9. Snoop
10. Andre 3000

Honorable Mention: Big L, Pun, Mos Def, KRS One, Immortal Technique

my bests are

3-immortal technique
6-ice cube

your list is fucked no

your list is fucked

no rakim??

the best is tupac amaru

the best is tupac amaru shakur and no other he is a legend of hip hop others: eminem bigi and good rappers :D but the best of all is tupac the legend hip hop father


1 2pac
2 Nas
3 Big
4 Jay-z
5 Lil Wayne

ya at least sum1 agrees with

ya at least sum1 agrees with me, ti and weezy need to be here

Top 5 of all time. 1.

Top 5 of all time.

1. B.I.G
2. Big L
3. Nas
4. Tupac
5. Eminem


thank god somebody put Big L on the list. If he wasn't gunned down he would have been one of the most powerful lyricists in the hip hop world.


1. Notorious B.I.G ( rhymes so easily like breathing truly da best)
2. 2pac ( truly da best)
3. Nas
As for d rest, i don't know.


Emiem sold more albums than any rapper
Biggie Tupac to of the biggest icon idol
lil wayne he sweet but the metophors r overrated
Jayz can flow
DMX his stories
50 cent he stay true to what he does
the game his life stories
nas he has the talent
kanye west makes any song sweet who talks about jesus and makes it hot only him
julez santana listen to his words anyone will feel his shit
t.i. can flow
ja rule made an infulence
jadakiss is a hit u make me wanna is his greatest song no thugs talks about fucking and is the nice wit it
ice cube infulence to start the rapp shit
common nothing said
big bun
andre 3000
rick ross

but reply to this

1 BIGGIE simply the best to

1 BIGGIE simply the best to ever spit into a mic
2 Pac
8Slick Rick
10Lil Wayne

lil wayne shouldnt even be

lil wayne shouldnt even be here dawg

Great Top 10!!

I believe that this is an incredibly valid top 10 list; it looks at the artists through several facets. While most comments here seem to be putting forth names such as 50 Cent due to their popularity, the names in the given list appear to be chosen for their influence on rap and hip-hop, their album sales, their political influence and their originality. ONE issue that i have with this list is that Dead Prez, perhaps the most political hip-hop artist of today is not on the list, even if it were to be in the lower echelon.

yal is crazy as hell

there is no way in HELL.... that anyone should be #1 over TOO $hort! yal must be on something if yal think any rapper is better than him... end of discussion!


Dont u guys know that there is no good rap without the voice of notorous b.i.g, fews years he spent in the rap industry, he made a mark, set a peak and rule it like no one else. i prefer to call him "the poetic rap satan with a Godly sensational tonation" he plays with rap. R.I.P(BIGGIE SMALL)











There is no way he should be

There is no way he should be in a top ten he has not been around nor has he had the impact to be in the top ten

Top Ten

Gotta say thank god someone gave respect to Talib Kweli but here's my list

10.Mc Lyte

9.I know im going to get alot of argument but T.I.

8. Eminem

7. Mos Def

6. Big Boi + Andre 3000 aka Outcast

5. Talib Kweli

4. Jayz

3. Nas

2. Tupac

1. Notorious B.I.G.

I would like to add as an honorable mention Puff Daddy/P.Diddy purely for his eye and ear for talent and for his entrepreneurship

Pac remains the best ever.

Pac remains the best ever. He achieved the greatest feat within a very short time. No doubt. He's the greatest.

Rakim is a lord. Guru and Nas are lyrically perfect.

My Top 21/The Ultimate list

21 Eminem
20 RedMan
19 Mobb Deep
18 Twista
17 Snoop Dogg
16 Ras Kass
15 Bone
14 B-Real (Cypress Hill)
13 Smif N Wessun (Heltah Skeltah)
12 Xzibit
11 Andre 3000 & Big Boi (OutKast)
10 Black Thought (The Roots)
09 Mos Def & Talib Kweli
08 Common
07 Big L
06 Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest)
05 Big Pun (Terror Squad)
04 Guru (Gang Starr)
03 Tupac aka 2 Pac
02 Wu-Tang Clan
01 Nas

1.big 2.pac 3.dmx 4.nas 5.big

5.big pun
6.immortal technique


i dont believe in an order, but i think that those that know hip-hop have more than just a 10, but here are some REAL hip-hop artists currently at the top of my head that i grew up listening to, and still listen to 'till this day, fuck 50cent, lil wayne, eminem and all those little bitches.


1] Grandmaster Flash
2] Freestyle Fellowship
3] Jurassic 5
4] Lords of the Underground
5] Mos Def
6] Common
7] 2Pac
8] Wu-Tang
9] Newcleus
10] Cyne
11] Digable Planets
12] Big Daddy Kane
13] Afrika Bambaataa
14] Dilated Peoples
15] Brother Ali
16] KRS-One
17] LL Cool J ((back in the 80's/early 90's))
18] Run DMC
19] Naughty By Nature
20] Pete Rock & CJ Smooth
21] Public enemy
22] Talib Kweli
23] Souls of Mischief
24] Seven Star
25] Cise Star
26] Ice Cube
27] Immortal Technique
28] Gang Starr
29] Ras Kass
30] Eric B. & Rakim

this list is stupid as fuck.

this list is stupid as fuck. how tupac number 7. And how lil wayne and lupe not even on da list.


2Pac is deffinately my #1, Nas is my 2nd, and B.I.G is my 3rd. As for the rest i really dont kno but i was born in 1992, im 16 and i only listen 2 real hip hop, my list will be different than urs i guarantee.

01) 2Pac
02) Nas
03) B.I.G.
In no order:
Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg
Bone Thugs
Mobb Deep
Busta Rhymes
Old Jay-Z
Ice Cube
but lil wayne, cassidy, g-unit, and ppl like tht, they are not hip hop, they are rap, there is a difference.Kanye West is in the middle, he sometimes is hip hop & sometimes hes rap. The only few artists still tryna keep it alive is who i have listed, and some tht didnt make my list but such as Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco (kills wayne), LL Cool J, The Game (tries but lacks), Kanye West(overrated), Common (underrated), and some others. But these mainstream dudes aint fuckin with anybody i listed up there.

top 10

1) Lil' Wayne
2)lil Wayne
4) LIL' wayne
5)Lil' Wayne
6) Lil' Wayne
7) Lil' Wayne
8) Lil' Wayne
9) Lil' Wayne
10) Lil' Wayne

Hey faggot lil wayne doesnt

Hey faggot lil wayne doesnt deserve to be here
THIS IS 2011 Emin3m is the shit go join lil gayne in jail so you can ride his dick (because its as big as his skill) because i bet youd love to YOU FUCKING FAGGOT FANBOY PIECE OF GAYNE SHIT

i think its pretty obvious

i think its pretty obvious this guy likes like waynes nuts
stop riding his dick he shouldnt even be metioned



Thank You so much!!

SOMEONE WHO FINALLY AGREES WITH ME. That faggot asS nigga ain't shit. He thinks that ring in his lip is swag?? for real???THAT SHIT GAY GAY GAY. HE'S STRAIGHT GARBAGE. He's not even worthy enough to be in the same breath as the other rappers on these lists. Big ups to Andre 3000 and Big Boi!!

jay-z and 50 are dick riding

jay-z and 50 are dick riding faggots.

1. pac
2. biggie
3. Nas
4. KRS-one
5. P. Monch
6. Eminem
7. the game
8. ice cube
9. Rakim
10. Lethal interjection. (he pick up the phone now my fingers on the trigga!)

1.Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Run

3.Run DMC
4.Dr. Dre
5.Public Enemy
8.Snoop Dog
9.Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
10.LL Cool J, Eminem, Jay Z, GZA

top 10

1 Ice cube
2 Nas
3 Immortal Technique
4 Xzibit
5 Eminem
6 2pac
7 MC Ren
8 Slick Rick
9 Chino Xl
10 Ras Kass

Top Ten (10) Hip Hop / Rap Artists of All Time

4- NAS
6- JAY Z


And if some1 calls Lil'

And if some1 calls Lil' wayne for an hip hop artist one more time im gonna fucking snap! his a mainstream hitmaker! his music is more like pop, him and justin timberlake are pretty similar in music!
Some of you should really check out the elements of hip-hop

My Hip-Hop list! not bullshit like some of the others

This list contains some actual Hip-Hop Artists:
1. KRS-One
2. Nas
3. The last emperor
4. Classified
5. Tech N9ne (not exactly hip-hop, but pretty close)
6. Rakim
7. Mos Def
8. Wu-tang
9. Snoop Doggy Dogg(not snoop dogg)
10. 2pac


wheres eazy e/nwa
ice cube?

my top ten

1.Nas (the best lyricist)- Illmatic
2.Big Pun- capital punishment
3.Sean Price-monkey barz
4.Gza of Wu-tang -liquid swords
5.Phonte of little Brother -minstrel show
6. fat joe- don cartegena
7.talib kweli-quality
8.Biggie- ready to die
9.Ludacris- chicken and beer
10.scarface- the fix