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Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested | Karemar

Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS ADVICE. A wide variety of people are arrested every day and the majority of the individuals make the same mistakes which make there situation even worse. Many of these reactions are understandable, however some defy logic and reason. Nobody plans on being arrested, but you may be arrested for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Share this with your colleagues, friends and family because it will come in handy for many of you. The basic rule is to simply listen to the officer and do as your told, "Put Your Hands Behind Your Back" and do NOT do any of these Ten Things:

1. Don't Talk.

Do not say a word to the officer. Shut the F. up! I cannot stress to you the importance of this rule. Do not talk! Do not attempt to convince the officer of your innocence. Everyone is innocent, no one should be arrested and no one should be in jail and that is all the officer hears all day every day. He / she does not care generally whether you are innocent or guilty and there is nothing that he / she can do at this point. Most times, when people speak to officers they say something that makes their situation far worse. Keep your mouth shut, there will be plenty of time to talk later.

2. Don't Run.

I said above to listen to the officer and follow his / her instructions. Do not be scared and do not let the liquid courage aka alcohol convince you that you can outrun the twelve officers and helicopter that will track you down. Also, police become highly suspicious that someone running has a weapon and may be quick to draw their weapon. Additionally when they do run you down expect much stronger force used to subdue a fleeing suspect.

3. Never Resist Arrest.

Perhaps the most important thing not to do is touch the police officer at all! Again, sober up quick and follow what the officer says. Many people attempt to bump the officer or swat an officers hands away. This often falls under the assault statutes and now a minor misdemeanor arrest becomes a FELONY. Thus a reckless driving charge leads to a year or more in state prison. Additionally, touching the officer in any way can lead to a batton in the mouth.

4. Don't Believe the Police.

It is perfectly legal for the police to lie to get you to make an admission. The police frequently separate two friends and tell one the other one ratted him / her out. Because of the lie, the other friend now rats the first friend out. Police and detectives also state that "it will be easier" to talk now...LIES!!! DON'T BELIEVE THIS BS! It will only be easier for the police to prove their case!

5. No Searching.

Do not allow the police to search anywhere! If the police officer asks, they do not have the right to search and must have your consent. If you are asked make sure you proclaim to any witnesses that "You (the police) do not have consent to search." If they perform the search anyway, that evidence may be thrown out later. Also, if you consent to a search, the officers may find something that you had no idea you had placed somewhere, ie: marijuana left by a friend.

6. Don't Look At Places Where You Don't Want Police to Search.

Police are trained to watch you and react to you. They know that you are nervous and scared and many people look to the areas that they don't want the police to search. Do not react to the search and do not answer any questions. LOOK DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

7. Do Not Talk Shit to the Police.

I don't care if you have been wrongly arrested and the true culprit is standing in front of you. Don't talk shit! Police hear all day that my dad is the the Governor's Assistant's Intern and I will have your badge for this! Police have a lot of discretion in the upcoming charges brought. Police can add charges, change a misdemeanor to a felony, or even talk to the prosecutor that is ultimately prosecuting you.

8. If Police Come to Your Home, Do not Let Them In and Do Not Step Outside Your Home

If the police are confident you have committed a felony, they are coming in anyway, because they generally don't need an arrest warrant. Make it clear to the police by stating: "No you may not come in", or "I am comfortable talking right here", or "You need a search warrant to enter my home." If they return, your attorney can arrange for you to turn yourself in should that be necessary and you will spend no time in jail between the hearings.

9. Outside Your Home Arrested, Do Not Accept Offer to Go In Your Home for Anything.

The officer may say to you, how about you go inside and change, freshen up, talk to your wife, husband, get a jacket, or any other reason. The police will graciously escort you in and then tear your home apart searching through it. Also, do not let them secure your car. Your car is fine. Remember they are lying to you. They don't give a damn if you are really cold or if you need to talk to your wife or husband.

10. Don't say a word.

It's incredible how many people feel that they can convince the officer, the booking officer or a detective (if your case reaches that stature) that they are not guilty. YOUR CASE IS NOT DECIDED BY THESE PEOPLE. They have no affect on your records. Wait to speak to your lawyer! The courts give enormous weight to "confessions" during this stage. A suspect is almost NEVER released after being arrested.

Follow these ten simply rules religiously and many of your rights will remain intact. I don't care how nervous, scared or drunk you are, THESE RULES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, and will help you tremendously in the short and long run.

Quick Test Question

An altercation occurs with your live in girlfriend. When the police arrive they find you on the sidewalk, a few houses down the street. Your girlfriend points you out and the officers then arrest you for assault. During the arrest, they let you know that they do not intent to question you. They just need your name and address. What do you do?


Well the police are lying to you and rule number 1 is to keep your mouth shut, so you don't say anything. Your name is all you may need to give. If you give your address, that may indicate that you live together converting your alleged crime from a misdemeanor to a felony. An officer will attempt to get you to make an admission, especially when they have no evidence. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


Help Cop Arrest A person drunk standing on the street doing noth


I need help some suggestion. my firend got arrested last night for being drunk and he was standing outside on the street near a pub, waiting for his firends to come out of the pub.
This policer came and told him that he is drunk he should go to the station and catch the train or they will call the cab for him.
My firend, told the officer that he is waiting for the firend once they out he will go, but police offcier insist him to move so he moved, but then he came back to the same place, and officer said as he is didn't listen so they will take him to police station and lock him.
My firend said as he hasn't done anything wrong but if they want to take him they can, so he spent 4 hours behind the bars in cold (no blankets were given). We are new to australia want to know what can we do as he got charge $500 to pay.
I want to know what can we do, can we go to court or is it better to pay the moeny, my firend also told me that the policer officer didn't write any thing of their log book for this incidents.

Please help us what to do.

Got snitched on...

I live in mich... This kid gets popped with vicoden that wasnt his....fellony charge...because his parrents are friends with the local cops he got to tell on someone to drop his charge...that person 6 months later got busted, the kid,who originally got busted said he would say the plants were all his but hes scared they will bring back his vicodenen charge....the snitch has michigan medical marijuana card also....there were 51 plants in the home he snitched on...he will get his card removed if he takes the blame and a mistaminor because it will be his 1st weed charge...the concern is if the cops get pissed he takes the blame can they bring back that viccoden charge on him?

Altercation yesterday

I was on my way home from school yesterday and my girl's car broke down as I was getting off the highway. I was stuck in a dangerous area with traffic and called 911 to get pushed out to the street, but ended up getting helped out from a good person. On the street while I was waiting for AAA, a police officer arrives, & I informed him that my car broke down and I'm waiting for the tow. Unfortunately, my girlfriend's registration had expired, but I didn't think I was gonna get shit for it. The officer then demands to see my ID, in a tone as if I had done something wrong and it strikes curiosity in me. "Did I do something wrong?" I had asked. "Give me your ID now" he demanded. "I don't understand" I replied. He then called for two more additional units and said "You're gonna play this game, huh?" "Game?", I asked. Another car showed up in seconds, and they had me spreading my legs and placing cuffs on my wrists. I was in disbelief. They demanded me to cross my legs on the curb and I was in shock and was not listening to the command. "CROSS YOUR LEGS NOW OR YOU WILL HAVE 50,000 VOLTS FROM A TASER INTO YOUR NECK!!!" I crossed my legs. A superior officer arrived and I requested to speak with him, as he was more professional and, quite honestly, an obviously better human being. They ran my records, came clean, I gave consent to search the car, came clean, but they had the car impounded because of the registration. I was in disbelief and still am, and definitely feel that something did not go correct on the procedures of the officer. They let me go, but I've never been so motivated and inspired to want to bring down dirty/unprofessional police officers in my life. I am oopen to suggestions and/or comments on how to of handled this situation differently.

HMMMM Don't USE 911 as a

HMMMM Don't USE 911 as a tow truck. You did do something wrong. He had to ask for ID twice after an idiot called him out on a bogus 911 call.

do what they say next time.

do what they say next time. if he asks for sumthing as simple as ur ID, y not give it to him. u couldve avoided the whole situation!

Do i Report him

Ok, so today going to my friends house this d bag cuts me off and is half way in my side of the rode. I did what 90 percent of america would do and gave him the big finger. He got so butt hurt about this that he reversed his car a followed me to my friends house that was like a block away. I got out of my car not even knowing he was behind me. He came screaming hey man hey man well holding a peice of metal in his hand. i dont know what it was it might of been a candle holder or some sh#t. all i knew is that it would do a lot of damage. He runs up to me (idk what is going on right now) and pretends to hit me with the metal ("weapon"). I obvisouly duck and then he comes up to my face yelling do u know whhat this means holding up his middle finger like a have down syndrom and dont know what it means. I said to him to chill out. he started to lower the weapon but was still yelling i was just saying u cut me off and you look crazy right now pointing your weapon at me. I told him agree to disagree budy but im not apoligizing. i then just walked in to my friends house and pretended like nothing happened. as i wass driving home from the party i saw his car. so i know where he lives i know his license. He is small then my and i could totally kick his ass but tht would make me look like the d*ck. If i call the cops there not going to do much since he did not hit me. What do i do.

You should have a spelling

You should have a spelling contest with him.


Yes, this is exactly what's wrong with America today. Most of these fools are so illiterate that they can't spell or put a sentence together. It's no wonder that the government thinks it can ride roughshod over us with so many out there that don't have the brains to properly put their thoughts into words.
If you can't spell, don't post anything. You're an embarrassment to myself and any other intelligent American.

I would most definitely

I would most definitely report him, this guy is obviously psychopathic and could maybe harm someone else in the future if they were to do that. You could sue him for threatening you, having a weapon and harassment. Take my word you must tell someone. Or next time he might actually harm someone.


Jesus people, unless the cop looks like he would bite the head off of a snake and enjoy it raw, cops are people.Try to get one to laugh his ass off.If you do this your gold.If they feel this will go smooth,wont take much time,Your good.Don't tell a joke just try to act a little funny.Don't do anything that can make you seam like your insulting them, or mocking them.Beat yourself up a bit about being pulled over,Don't ask to not get a ticket,Just try to get them to pitty you, make them feel good about themselves, hell if you can build a shrine and sacrifice a fucking goat to them do it.This pride bullshit will get you fucked.Some of the best tactitions and Interagators in the world will say fuck their pride and kiss some ass if it will help them in the long run.When your in the nice little no window room for questioning,Don't just STFU and just ask for a lawyer.Just tell them,One or two things,If they say they can help tell them you have a goose at your house that can lay golden fucking eggs.Don't make it a insult but make it apparent you don't believe them.

When someone comes into your house,Don't fucking kill them.Point a gun at them or just knock them out,tie them up and call the fucking police.All they have to do is just cuff them take a statement and toss them in the back of the car and be done with it.

If you are drunk and driving.


Simple as that.Don't fucking drink and fucking drive.If you don't live near a bar,Get a case of beer(Which is fucking cheeper than a bar)and take it the fuck home.If you live near a bar,Fucking walk.Why drive 3 blocks or 4 blocks to a fucking bar?If your in a bad hood, TAKE THE BEER HOME.Why would you even go to a bar near a bad hood?

I mean people.You don't need to be a fucking Quantium Physics Prof to stay the fuck out of jail.

20 about to be 21,Never been handcuffed and only patted down once cause I was with a big group of people.I didn't get pissed cause "I was being Catagorised"They were worried something might go down and just checked us for anything that could lead to a problem.

Just stay the fuck out of trouble.If a cop gives you shit just take it,You might never see the cop again.

Hell if you have a Weapon that is Illegal,Just tell the cop you had no Idea(Unless it's a fucking billiy club or a fucking gun that your not supposed to have).I had a big ass knife on me one time while walking down the road,A cop stopped us, asked us a few questions.saw the knife I just stated I found it on the ground while going down the road, it looked cool, I collected such things and I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection.In this case,Make sure you know something about the weapon and it's history and such.if he asks a few questions make sure you tell him a few things about it,If he tells you something about it seeing he does the same thing,Tell him you didn't know it seams interesting yada yada yada.

So in ending,Never think your better than a cop,Hes got a badge a tickit book and a fucking gun to back him up.Just deal with them.Make friends with some cops so you have some pull in the police force in your town city what ever.

I understand what you are

I understand what you are saying, but it's obvious you are white and from an affluent neighborhood. You have no idea how real racial profiling is and how bad some cops are. Not everyone is as lucky as you, what you are seeing is true for some, but you need to realize that is not the truth for everyone.

keyword: "white" agreed.

keyword: "white"



So you the kid I stopped huh... Found the knife huh right... Lmfao jkjk

I don't ever call the police

I don't ever call the police thier to corrupt. I sleep with my kbar under the pillow and the .45 beside me and for extra measure keep the ak-74 under the bed. Let a whole gang break in and im prepared, but hey im fucking paraniod.

keep the motion sensors on and sleep tight. =)

everything I have and do is legal but im prepared to protected myself from outside threat.

Hell ya fuck police they ARE

Hell ya fuck police they ARE corrupt. Seen it about a dozen times. The only thing worse is getting in trouble over a fucking filthy Mexican wondering around your ranch trying to transport people/drugs north. If u do anything they sue you for millions. It's happend to people I know an people my parents know. I knew a rancher that lost his 20million dollar ranch to spics. One time for my 17th b day I had people to our ranch. Little Did we know we would end up using the 400 rounds of 7.62/ 5.56 we brough for the drive around, to defend ourselves. Our truck starts getting lit with Ak fire. But lucally my friends had hung out with me enough and know how to use a weapon. We had 2 ar15s one m16 and 2 ak47s and a couple 12 gauges. There were peobably 6 mexicans men most likly transporting drugs since there were no baby spics running around. They shot about 120 rounds at us and fled throug the brush. We returned fire most likley killing most of them. They didn't think we were armed. This is why my dad let's me run around at night with automatic weapons. We encounter dirty wetback spicks on a nightly basis. Our house gets broken into each week. I started using homemade claymores in the brush. I love the results. The border patrol takes an hour to respond to any situation that's why they told us to just do it ourselves. It sure is fun going hunting at night. Nothings more fun that etting fucked up and going pig hunting at night. And encountering wannabe terrorist beaners with pistols and other worthless weapons. Oh and another time at a friends place they landed a helicopter during an evening hunt and his dad shot at it and they came back and tried to kill his family but they also picked a wrong day. His dad saw them coming back and got ready. The s. Texas DEA said he stopped a very. Very. Big drug deal from happening. Ya anytime you see a helicopter land on your ranch that you don't know about. Blow it out of the air

Search without consent

I have a question, my son was arrested last week because someone said he hit his girl friend in their appartmant complex out side in plain view. When the cops arrived my son and his girlfriend were already inside there appartment. The cops demanded that they open the door. My son came out with his hands up. After they decided to arrest him, they searched his girlfriend appartment with out her consent. Later they searched his car and he was no were near it is this legal?

If the officer did not have

If the officer did not have a warrant to search the premises he could not search the premises without a consent to search. This was a violation of the fourth amendment, which governs search and seizure. Also the officer did not have probable cause to search the vehicle and had no right to search it. If the young man had been inside the vehicle at the time of his arrest, then the officer would have the right to search the vehcle incident to the arrest. There are seven exceptions to the requirement of having a search warrant.

Criminals cant read... so why write this?

These are great suggestions, but criminals cant read so you tell this story using pictures and drawings...

Its funnier to read the "Is this legal ?" replies... Its better than watching an episode of COPS. lol

your a dumbass, what passes

your a dumbass, what passes for a criminal nowadays is absurd and anybody can be considered one. Even if you go 31 in a 30, everyone is a criminal, Dipshit.

funny, but exceeding the

funny, but exceeding the prima facie is a criminal act in the transportation code so, yeah, 31 in a 30 makes you a criminal. Perhaps you should read a law book instead of b.s. on the internet.

Criminals can't read

I may not be able to read, but holy shit you should see me do math. I'm fuckin pro from all the years of counting fat stacks of cash. By the way, there is an apostrophe in "can't".

What happens now?

Two weeks ago my drugged out neighbor broke into my home and attempted to steal my electronics. I have been speaking with a detective who has been asking for my statement. He did it over the phone at first then a couple of days ago said that it didn't take and he wanted me to come down to the station to re take my statement. He ended up coming to the house with his "partner" to take this statement. It was then that his partner says that I was on tape using someone else's credit card to purchase $8 worth of misc items. I told the cop that it wasn't me, and that particular day I made the purchase with a gift card, although I showed them the receipt they said that they had enough to take me to jail regardless. They also interrogated me for four hours telling me to give up my boyfriend because he has prior charges. But he doesn't know anything either. They also took two other people in on this same instance.
Fast forward to today where I've finally posted my bond for my release. Several people have told me that this case could be thrown out, especially with officers entering under false pretenses, is this true?
They have also dropped my four felony charges to one and a no charge.


A few years ago I had wrote a few checks that were returned. They went to collections and I have made one payment towards my debt. I also know that two weeks ago someone tried to serve me papers for some credit issue. That's all the info my friend got out the guy.

Now, I received a phone call yesterday from a detective that claims there have been two checks made out to me and cashed. These two checks are from a company i have never heard of. I did loose my ID about 6-8 months ago. Don't know where, when or how. I'm wondering if it's someone I know. The detective claims he has pictures of the person and wants me to come down to the station or meet him some where. I don't have a problem with this because it wasn't me. However, because of the above mentioned incident I find it coincidental. I don't know what I should do.

His exact words are...."My intent is not to arrest you if thats what your worried about." He asked me if I wanted to meet him next week. I said sure. Then I called back and wanted to meet sooner because I don't want to think about this all weekend.

I asked him why they don't look at the fingure print. He said he has a copy of the check and by the time it gets to him it's impossible to read the fingure print. First he said there was no fingure print. Then I said, " If the check was cashed at the bank then they always demand a fingure print." He said, "not all banks do all the time." I said, "BS" there is never a time when I cashed a check at a bank I don't bank at where they did not ask me for a fingure print. ]

It was left at that.

Please some one inform me of what to do.


MORE and MORE people seem to be going to jail over one simple word i have seen in just about ANY arrest story in the passed few months and thats "allegedly"

"he allegedly had drugs on him"
"we believe he allegedly raped that woman"

allegedly means "SOMEONE SAID" not "we know for a fact"
More and more people seem to be going to jail because "someone said they were doing something illegal" or because someone else took a picture or video of something they didnt like so they called the cops... AKA MICHAEL PHELPS lol... that is just pathetic what they're doing to that kid... "because the influence he has on little kids and the horrible impacts of drugs"
REALLY?.... last time i checked most kids look up to lebron...obama or any other BLACK entertainer.... not some white guy who won 8 medals and somehow is chaney #2 over his "actions"

This is only going to get worse as the courts begin to look at online actions and determine "anything you type online can be used against u in court" so the second u chat up wiht your buddies on aim or w/e about that "wild party" and u tell them how "stoned" u were they can lock u up for that.... hell its starting with phelps.... and prosecutors need all the help they can get to put innocent people in jail....

This is why i do NOT look up to the american courts for help or fairness its obvious that they're being dictated what to say what to make people believe and what to make people be scared of... and for someone who came into this country ESCAPING persecution.... i dont see the law helping their OWN people from Government Persecution..

i eat dog meat

why do K-9s have more rights than humans? they''re fuking dogs, what the hell is that?

Why dogs have more right then humans.

Your a fucking disgusting douche bag. Who the fuck would eat a cute little dog. Its people (i wouldn't even consider you as a person) like you who give the government the reason to give people more rights then humans. Because there are fucked up people like you in this world. dogs are mans best friend and what do you do? EAT THEM! If I ever meet you i will fucking put a 9mm straight through your skull and feed you to dogs.

k-9 rights

I hadn't noticed dogs having even the basic rights any semi-sentient being deserves: Animal researchers are allowed to seize dogs from shelters for horrifying tests. If your dog kills or even seriously harms someone who was trying to rape or murder your whole family, he's likely to be ordered put down. What "rights" are you talking about? Hint: Being "spoiled" is not the same as having rights.

probable cause or a reasonable suspicion

it's amazing to me how ignorant people truly are. the information is out there, all you have to do is look for it. search wikipedia for the 4th amendment and see what you come up with.

p.s. cops can search your car if they have probable cause or a reasonable suspicion that such a search will uncover contraband or other illegal activity. if you consent to a search, then you are giving them free reign to search your car. make them do the work, don't make it easy on them by consenting.

p.p.s. please don't tell me you are so naive to believe that the innocent don't go to jail. if the guilty go free, how much of a stretch on the imagination is it to think that some innocents actually end up convicted? our system of justice is far from perfect. think about it.

p.p.p.s. not all cops are evil. some think that because they have a badge that they have a big "S" on their pajamas, but it is not the case. remaining silent will point out who is who. try it sometime.

tire knocker is a felony weapon?

I would like to know what happened to the person who posted their story of being pulled over with a tire knocker in his car and being arrested for a concealed weapon.
1. What was the real charge?
2. What was the bail set at?
3. What hapened in court?
4. Did you have a private or court appointed attorney?
5. What was the outcome?
6. Was your car searched thoroughly for anything other than the tire knocker?
7. Did you have a passenger in the car with you?
8. Was your car impounded?
9. What state did this occur?
I ask because a tire knocker is NOT an illegal weapon. It is a tire knocker, as you stated it is used to check the tire pressure on a dual tire truck.
This is not a weapon and can be purchased at a retail store in every city pretty much. As well as online, and at most trucker supply store, ect.
We had a similar case that has not yet gone to court and I am curious as to what the outcome was on your case.
Needless to say being hancuffed and arrested, strip searched, degraded to say the least, as other arrestees watched as each were searched, spending the night in jail, posting a high bail, with a charge of felony weapons charges, for a TIRE KNOCKER? Is idiotic.
This item was not concealed in any way in this car. It was in plain sight in the front seat, brought to and left in the car, just before it was used to check tires on a dual tire truck. The car was also impounded even though there was another passenger who could have easily driven the car home, with the owner who was going to jail giving full permission to do so, but the "I'm God and you will do as I say cop" said no, the car will be at the impound yard should you care to get it out. Yes, we would love to pick up our car at the cost of $395.- for being at the impound yard for approximately 3 minutes. They didn't even have time to park the damn car.
If you could kindly post what the outcome was in your case?
I'm am in hopes the judge and court system are not as big a MORONS as this cop and dismissed this case, as a tire knocker is clearly not a felony weapon. I can not se a judge believeing it is anything other than what is made for. To check tires.
Its also interesting to me that on researching, I came across the fact that a real bat, the kind you play baseball with can be and is not considered a weapon, even though you could surely knock someone over the head with one and do a hell of a lot more damage to a person with a real bat than you could with a small wooden "tire knocker" IF that were your intentions for carrying either in the 1st place. Which it was not. It was a tool, plain and simple, used to check tires on an owned dual tire truck.
Hope to hear your case was dismissed. Hope you post again with the good outcome of your case. Of course none of it is really good when you think of the wasted money spent to retrieve your car from the impound yard, pay the high bail, pay the court costs, ect. All of which, even when you are found not guilty and your case is dismissed on its merits of being bull shi^, the judge isn't going to then order the assorted agencies to return the unlawful money you had to spend back to you. Ahaha! Ya right!

Tire knocker

First: You are an idiot
Second: If you are driving a vehicle which in no way shape or form has a use/need for a tire knocker then it is in fact an illegal weapon. Most states would classify it under the "Illegal Club" definition. Sample from Texas Penal Code chapter 46.
"Sec. 46.01. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:

(1) "Club" means an instrument that is specially designed, made, or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury or death by striking a person with the instrument, and includes but is not limited to the following:
(A) blackjack;
(B) nightstick;
(C) mace;
(D) tomahawk."

Now a tire knocker matches that definition perfectly. Just because you can BUY an item does not mean that it is legal to CARRY it around with you. For example: You can buy a 6+ inch automatic knife at most gun shows or knife shops. BUT it most states it is illegal to carry any type of knife which opens automatically using a pressure switch or button. Another sample from the Texas Penal Code chapter 46.
""Switchblade knife" means any knife that has a blade that folds, closes, or retracts into the handle or sheath and that opens automatically by pressure applied to a button or other device located on the handle or opens or releases a blade from the handle or sheath by the force of gravity or by the application of centrifugal force. The term does not include a knife that has a spring, detent, or other mechanism designed to create a bias toward closure and that requires exertion applied to the blade by hand, wrist, or arm to overcome the bias toward closure and open the knife."

Now to answer the above statements made when it comes to speaking with a Police Officer. If you do NOT provide your: Name, date of birth, or address while being lawfully detained or arrested it is an arrestable offense. Sample from Texas Penal Code chapter 38 .
"(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information.
(b) A person commits an offense if he intentionally gives a false or fictitious name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has:
(1) lawfully arrested the person;
(2) lawfully detained the person; or
(3) requested the information from a person that the peace officer has good cause to believe is a witness to a criminal offense."

Now you are going to say "If they just ask I don't have to tell them!" That is not true. If an officer approaches you on the street and has any reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe you have: committed a recent crime, have outstanding warrants, in possession of anything illegal (narcotics, weapons, etc) or are just acting suspicious they can detain you. Even if it is something as simple as detaining you for "officer safety" which can be in almost any situation. If you refuse to answer the basic questions you will be thrown in jail. If you lie about anything or don't talk all that does is increase their suspicion. The only reason you shouldn't talk to a Police Officer is if you have done something stupid and have something to worry about.

If you refuse to allow a Police Officer to search you or your car then they will find a reason to throw you in jail for being stupid. The only reason to refuse to a vehicle or person search is if you have something to hide. People get searched every day and walk away without any harm and the next time the police talk to you they will be a lot less suspicious.

To the wanna be lawyer

I agree with the majority of what you said regarding being required to disclose your name etc. when approached by a police officer who has a reasonable suspicion or is investigating a crime; however, I do not believe that a jury of ones peers would convict a person of possessing a "tire knocker" unless there were other weapons found during the search, for a "tire knocker" is made to check tires and a good lawyer could convince them of just that. Also, I cannot believe (or don't want to) that you so easily wish to give up your 4th Amendment rights regarding search and seizure. If you are a law abiding citizen, the only reason why you should refuse to allow a police officer to search you or your vehicle is that you still value your constitutional rights that our forefathers worked so hard for you to attain and that good lawyers help you to retain. P.S. I wouldn't be so quick to call people an idiot.

regardless of constitutional

regardless of constitutional rights, most law abiding citizens shouldn't have any problem with any peace officer looking through their vehicle, unless of course you have something to hide legal or not.

Was this legal.

I had been drinking at a local bar. I was on my way home, driving on the freeway. I felt sleepy so I pulled over on the shoulder to go to sleep. I was woke up by the State Police.
The officer asked if I had been drinking, I didnt answer. He asked me to get out of my car. Then gave me the test, sing my ABCs and stop at N. (Warning don't try this at home) I kept stopping at the letter P. so he arrested me and gave me a DUI.
I refused the Breathe test and he suspended my license on the spot. Because I refused the Breathe test, my license are suspended for a year. When I got to jail, they took blood from me. I was told that, they had a warrant but they never showed it. The officer told me that if I didnt let them draw my blood, they would taser me.

That was over two months ago, I still dont have a court date and my Driver's License are suspended. I keep calling the court every week, but they say that they don't my info for the ticket. The State police must be waiting for my blood results.

Was this illegal

Yes its illegal to refuse a breathalyzer test but i would be going down to the police station and talking to the chief or the higher up guy in the station.

In some states it is

I don't know where you are from but I know in both Kentucky and Washington State (I have lived in both) you will be automatically charged with DUI if you refuse a breathalyzer.

this not work in my country....

Sad to say, but Police Officer in my country did worst than just "can't be trust". I mean such these below.

10. Don't say a word.

When you did this to the Indonesian Police Officer, they'll give you a punch or worst! Some student-activist have story that they've been charge by electric tools in interrogation. Some thief have loose their fingernail in the same situation.

8. If Police Come to Your Home, Do not Let Them In and Do Not Step Outside Your Home.
"You need a search warrant to enter my home."

In my country, they will push you in to the house and give you with more arraignment when you reject their comes.

10 things

WOW it seems simple but, you have identified the mistakes made by well meaning citizens. Those same citizens now have spent a night in jail just to have charges dropped or reduced. This advice should be taught to high schools students in civics classes. Do they still teach civics?

There is something

There is something intelligent........ teach the youth of today how to get away with crime. Wow, I bet your parents are proud of you.


He didnt mean for little kids to commit crimes but as many teenagers hav ecome across cops and most of them seem to go to juvy more and more they need to teach kids how to approach cops... because too many of them are being wrongfully accused of bullshit crimes in this pathetic country....

a few years ago i was approached while walking down the street by 2 cops and asked me for my ID and "what are u doing here" in a sidewalk at 3PM in the afternoon on a sunny day 2 blocks away from a park, the movies, a school and 5 mins away from the mall... they proceeded to ask me "where i had been the passed few nights" because me wearing a "hat,black northface, white long tshirt and baggy jeans" i fit someones description that has robbed a house in that neighborhood a few nights before....

I found it hilarious that over what i was wearing i was being questioned by cops... gadly i had an ID with me because im sure if ididnt have one with me they'da taken me in for no fuckin reason.

considering the high levels

considering the high levels of corruption in police these days... teaching people how to protect themselves from them is not only a good idea, but a necessity.



you sound like a cop

you sound like a cop

Ultimately, it all comes

Ultimately, it all comes down to who you know. ie: I was followed on the highway by an off-duty police officer one evening, there was nothing I could do to get him off my ass! He changed lanes every time I did!!! I became so fed up with him following me after about an hour that I got off at the next exit...as you can guess, he followed me! He parked behind me in the right lane of the exit, got out of his unmarked car, came over to my driver side door. I rolled down the window and asked the man why he continued to follow me around the interstate? He said that I passed a car from the center lane ending up in the right lane. I replied, "Yes, I was trying to get you off of my ass, Sir!!! I then pulled out one of my Dad's business cards(my Dad was a Lieutenant on the police force, at that time...he is now retired) and stated that I would be happy to let my Dad know that you followed me for at least an hour on the highway, putting me in danger and the others on the highway in danger with your irrational following techniques. He handed me his business card in return, apologized very nervously and asked me to call him if I needed any legal help in any way in the future and asked me to please not tell my Dad about this. How empowering!!(sp) I have been pulled over for speeding, as well, in the past and got out of it EVERY TIME by mentioning who my Dad is!!! This may sound unfair to those of you that think I used my resources to my benefit unjustly. My reply to you is, your damn right I did!!!; if the police in USA continue to use their resources unjustly, you are damn right that I will do the same to them!!!!


That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard i am a police officer and i don't care if your dad is the president of the United States if your wrong your wrong. I can tell that you don't have half a brain, because if you tried that BS with me i would make sure to write you a ticket for everything i can, and then take your dads business card and call him myself and tell him how much of an a**hole your being and that you are dragging his good name through the mud by trying to use it as a get out of jail free card.

Im dating the watch

Im dating the watch commander, comes in handy as hell when getting pulled over. Its pretty funny to see the guys fall over themselves to make me happy when they find out lol!

What NOT to do when Talking to an officer

Never ! No matter how drunk and pissed you are, never repeat over and over that you are going to kill the bitch that called the cops on you even if she did start it.

This should interest everyone....... I like it !

From: Williams, John D – LA CO SO
Court broadens police power in searches
By Pete Yost
April 24, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court affirmed yesterday that police have the power to conduct searches and seize evidence, even when done during an arrest that turns out to have violated state law.
The UNANIMOUS decision comes in a case from Portsmouth, Va., where city detectives seized crack cocaine from a motorist after arresting him on a traffic-ticket offense.
David Lee Moore was pulled over for driving on a suspended license. The violation is a minor crime in Virginia and calls for police to issue a court summons and let the driver go.
Instead, city detectives arrested Moore and prosecutors said drugs taken from him in a subsequent search can be used against him as evidence.
"We reaffirm against a novel challenge what we have signaled for half a century," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote.
Justice Scalia said that when officers have probable cause to think a person has committed a crime in their presence, the Fourth Amendment permits them to make an arrest and to search the suspect in order to safeguard evidence and ensure their own safety.
Moore was convicted on a drug charge and sentenced to 3½ years in prison.
The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that police should have released Moore and could not lawfully conduct a search.
The state's high court said state law restricted officers to issuing a ticket in exchange for a promise to appear later in court. Virginia courts dismissed the indictment against Moore.
Moore argued that the Fourth Amendment permits a search only following a lawful state arrest.
In a concurring opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she finds more support for Moore's position in previous court cases than the rest of the court does. But she said she agrees that the arrest and search of Moore was constitutional, even though it violated Virginia law.
The Bush administration and attorneys general from 18 states lined up in support of Virginia prosecutors.
The federal government said Moore's case had the potential to greatly increase the class of unconstitutional arrests, resulting in evidence seized during searches being excluded with increasing frequency.
Looking to state laws to provide the basis for searches would introduce uncertainty into the legal system, the 18 states said in court papers.

Some of you people have NO

Some of you people have NO idea what you're talking about when it comes to some of these laws you speak of.
Also, in most states, incident to arrest, a consent to search is not needed for your person, or your vehicle.
When it comes to searching your home, just because they can see into it, doesn't mean they can just go in unless in some circumstances, like drugs in plain view etc, in some states, that is still not enough.
We ALL have crappy cop stories, or have heard crappy cop stories, they're a dime a dozen, and usually you leave all the parts out of how you're a dumbass, and the cop is just an asshole. Take everything you read here for what it's worth, which is nothing.
Circumstances will dictate.

not really... while I agree

not really... while I agree that circumstances dictate how to act... Not talking to the police and not believing them ARE always relevant things to remember...