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Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested | Karemar

Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS ADVICE. A wide variety of people are arrested every day and the majority of the individuals make the same mistakes which make there situation even worse. Many of these reactions are understandable, however some defy logic and reason. Nobody plans on being arrested, but you may be arrested for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Share this with your colleagues, friends and family because it will come in handy for many of you. The basic rule is to simply listen to the officer and do as your told, "Put Your Hands Behind Your Back" and do NOT do any of these Ten Things:

1. Don't Talk.

Do not say a word to the officer. Shut the F. up! I cannot stress to you the importance of this rule. Do not talk! Do not attempt to convince the officer of your innocence. Everyone is innocent, no one should be arrested and no one should be in jail and that is all the officer hears all day every day. He / she does not care generally whether you are innocent or guilty and there is nothing that he / she can do at this point. Most times, when people speak to officers they say something that makes their situation far worse. Keep your mouth shut, there will be plenty of time to talk later.

2. Don't Run.

I said above to listen to the officer and follow his / her instructions. Do not be scared and do not let the liquid courage aka alcohol convince you that you can outrun the twelve officers and helicopter that will track you down. Also, police become highly suspicious that someone running has a weapon and may be quick to draw their weapon. Additionally when they do run you down expect much stronger force used to subdue a fleeing suspect.

3. Never Resist Arrest.

Perhaps the most important thing not to do is touch the police officer at all! Again, sober up quick and follow what the officer says. Many people attempt to bump the officer or swat an officers hands away. This often falls under the assault statutes and now a minor misdemeanor arrest becomes a FELONY. Thus a reckless driving charge leads to a year or more in state prison. Additionally, touching the officer in any way can lead to a batton in the mouth.

4. Don't Believe the Police.

It is perfectly legal for the police to lie to get you to make an admission. The police frequently separate two friends and tell one the other one ratted him / her out. Because of the lie, the other friend now rats the first friend out. Police and detectives also state that "it will be easier" to talk now...LIES!!! DON'T BELIEVE THIS BS! It will only be easier for the police to prove their case!

5. No Searching.

Do not allow the police to search anywhere! If the police officer asks, they do not have the right to search and must have your consent. If you are asked make sure you proclaim to any witnesses that "You (the police) do not have consent to search." If they perform the search anyway, that evidence may be thrown out later. Also, if you consent to a search, the officers may find something that you had no idea you had placed somewhere, ie: marijuana left by a friend.

6. Don't Look At Places Where You Don't Want Police to Search.

Police are trained to watch you and react to you. They know that you are nervous and scared and many people look to the areas that they don't want the police to search. Do not react to the search and do not answer any questions. LOOK DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

7. Do Not Talk Shit to the Police.

I don't care if you have been wrongly arrested and the true culprit is standing in front of you. Don't talk shit! Police hear all day that my dad is the the Governor's Assistant's Intern and I will have your badge for this! Police have a lot of discretion in the upcoming charges brought. Police can add charges, change a misdemeanor to a felony, or even talk to the prosecutor that is ultimately prosecuting you.

8. If Police Come to Your Home, Do not Let Them In and Do Not Step Outside Your Home

If the police are confident you have committed a felony, they are coming in anyway, because they generally don't need an arrest warrant. Make it clear to the police by stating: "No you may not come in", or "I am comfortable talking right here", or "You need a search warrant to enter my home." If they return, your attorney can arrange for you to turn yourself in should that be necessary and you will spend no time in jail between the hearings.

9. Outside Your Home Arrested, Do Not Accept Offer to Go In Your Home for Anything.

The officer may say to you, how about you go inside and change, freshen up, talk to your wife, husband, get a jacket, or any other reason. The police will graciously escort you in and then tear your home apart searching through it. Also, do not let them secure your car. Your car is fine. Remember they are lying to you. They don't give a damn if you are really cold or if you need to talk to your wife or husband.

10. Don't say a word.

It's incredible how many people feel that they can convince the officer, the booking officer or a detective (if your case reaches that stature) that they are not guilty. YOUR CASE IS NOT DECIDED BY THESE PEOPLE. They have no affect on your records. Wait to speak to your lawyer! The courts give enormous weight to "confessions" during this stage. A suspect is almost NEVER released after being arrested.

Follow these ten simply rules religiously and many of your rights will remain intact. I don't care how nervous, scared or drunk you are, THESE RULES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, and will help you tremendously in the short and long run.

Quick Test Question

An altercation occurs with your live in girlfriend. When the police arrive they find you on the sidewalk, a few houses down the street. Your girlfriend points you out and the officers then arrest you for assault. During the arrest, they let you know that they do not intent to question you. They just need your name and address. What do you do?


Well the police are lying to you and rule number 1 is to keep your mouth shut, so you don't say anything. Your name is all you may need to give. If you give your address, that may indicate that you live together converting your alleged crime from a misdemeanor to a felony. An officer will attempt to get you to make an admission, especially when they have no evidence. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!



You people are fucking retarded. You can't seem to understand the fact that the cops are the ones keeping you safe. They may make mistakes, just like every person on the planet, but they are also out there arresting the real problems, serial killers and such. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live without the cops.

If you are innocent, and you don't act like a complete fucktard, you should be completely fine. These are good rules to follow, but it is unacceptable for people who have never lived in an area where a police force is nonexistant. If you honestly believe for a second that because you got in trouble for driving drunk that the police are pigs, you need to move to a country where there is no police force. If there are no police, then when someone breaks into your home to steal from you or otherwise harm you, you won't be able to call the police to come help you; you get to fight him off yourself, and he could be armed.

My, my, my

But aren't you the good little serf? Obey your master and he will take good care of you. I have lived where there were no police and we all got along just fine. But then, we were adults and know how to take care of ourselves and our families. The police have no responsibility to protect anyone, they are nothing more than a clean up crew and their record in clearing violent crime is dismal at best.

Until you've experienced bad

Until you've experienced bad police you won't believe an article like this. Be glad you've read this, so that when you realize you mistrusted them you know it's you own stupid fault.

As others have said, they're not all bad, but there really isn't any reason to give them any ammunition. Just watch the tv show cops for 10 minutes. You'll see them pressuring to search a car in no time. Totally unjustified, and illegal.


The point of Marv's 10 point strategy is not to suggest that cops shouldn't exisit.

I am a lawyer myself and the 10 points suggested are excellent and extemely accurate.

I emplore anyone who reads this to follow to a T what Marv has offered. That is of course, if you ever get arrested.

We need cops, but they are bastards with procedure. The last thing their superiors teach them is how to operate by the law. Instead, cops learn how to operate within the law i.e. finding sneaky ways to circumvent our consitutional safeguards while simultaneously creating the appearance that they are in tact.

The best example is a very recent Supreme Court case dealing with the undermining of Miranda v. Arizona. Its called Missouri v. Seibert. Look it up. Cops are tricky bastards and always find new ways to penetrate our liberties.

We need cops, but they must do their jobs in a manner that respects our liberties.


You're going to be fighting

You're going to be fighting that armed person whether there are cops or not, unless you happen to live with a cop. You think the criminal is going to wait until the cops get there to fight you?

Cops don't protect. They only arrest *after* the event occurs.

it doestn matter what you

it doestn matter what you try to do if your guilty you will eventuly get caught.

If you idiots hate the

If you idiots hate the police so much why don't you save your own ass when you get into a car accident and are unconcious.

cops don't do medical......

um..........that's what firemen are for. The cops might stick a traffic ticket in your pocket while your laying there unconscious
and bleeding, but that's about it........remember, the police CAUSE injuries, and firemen fix injuries.

cops don't do medical......

um..........that's what firemen are for. The cops might stick a traffic ticket in your pocket while your laying there unconscious
and bleeding, but that's about it........remember, the police CAUSE injuries, and firemen fix injuries.


I would actually prefer it that way, individually speaking, of course. From my own perspective, I understand and respect the idea of a social law enforcement, however, I will never respect the individual cop, and his reasons for wanting to be a social enforcer; I will never respect anyone who feels the need to protect me because I’m too weak to protect myself. Please, don’t get me wrong, for however crude that may ring, I cannot personally respect anyone with that big of an ego. Even if anyone who’s an officer doesn’t realize this firsthand, it’s what it comes down to. Put it this way, a politician participates in politics because he or she wants power, and power for good or evil will be put to the universal test, yet still, it’s a matter of wanting power and control. The police officer, in the same analogous function is participating in law enforcement because he or she thinks they can make a difference, which is admirable, but deeper, he or she only thinks they can make a difference because they feel that I (and many other individuals) cannot. In the eyes of an officer, I’m thought lesser of in strength and will only for the necessary mindset that consists in any relation towards law enforcement.

Retard...are you still

Retard...are you still talking. I feel so bad right now for saying this shit, but I mean are you fucking kinding me about the people dying and people dealing with your shit????

fuck off

these days, cops are bastards...they will arrest anyone for anything...i should know... i have been arrested 3 times so far... cops should protect the innocent...not arrest teenagers...FUCK THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree with you!!!

i agree with you!!!

I find this discussion

I find this discussion interesting because it seems as though police in America have far greater powers than the ones here in Australia. It is hard to tell though because we only get the sensationalised US cop shows on TV. Over here you can pretty much say whatever you want to a policeman (apart from threats etc.) and not a great deal will happen. Sure they can find another traffic offence to ping you for or hold you a bit longer but I'm pretty sure most could not be bothered. I *think* you are now required to produce ID if asked (previously this only applied to Road and Traffic matters), but you are not required to say anything.
Another thing I notice is that the American cops draw their guns very regularly (if I am to believe the TV). This almost never happens here and if you did it without a VERY good reason you would have some serious explaining to do!
So in short it seems you should be very wary of, and polite to US coppers!

Morons of the World Unite!

What kind of morons post here?

IF you want to know what the laws are, how about researching them? Are you using TV shows, viral vidoes, and blog postings to tell you the law? OMG! Laws vary from site to site, espescially minor ones. You want to know the law, look it up. Idiots are around you, some in the mirror, and you are listening to Harry Pothead as to the law. People will lie to build themselves up to seem better in your eyes.

Police are HUMAN you nitwits, and they to have bad days. Not all are willing to take it out on you. Slowly backing away from Police is the first move to running away. They would rather take down violent criminals than chasing your doped-up ass. And in possession of contraband. How big of a shit-for-brains are you?!

Cop shows on TV are for entertainment purposes only. Yeah, you might catch some tidbit about law there, but it's TV. 99% of the population are couch potatoes and believe 99% of the crap put out by the Networks. TV lies 50% of the time and it's usually leftist biassed ( I know how I spelled it).

Police have a hard enough time arresting the criminal element without liberal courts releasing them back into the population. They have a job to do and its usually distasteful.
Case in point was 2 videoes of parades. One was a black power and the speaker, a "man of the cloth", was saying how whitey was keeping him down and keeping him in chains. The other was a white supremacist group saying how the "minorities" were bringing down the country. The police ASSIGNED to guard both proceeding were mixed- white, black, brown, yellow, green, and red. They didn't want guard those morons at both parades, but the groups are allowed Freedom of Speech under our Constitution. Oh, and both activities ended in brawls between the paraders and the audience who didn't like freedom of speech.The police tried to keep the peace, but sheeple will stampede.

You don't like the law, work to change it. Police mess up, same as you, but how big is the magnifying glass of your scrutiny?

P.S. Sterotypes have some start in truth.

unduly emotional but some good points

Much of this is irrelevant and you should cool off before posting so your thoughts are more measured.

Cops may be human but they wield too much power. The 200+ recent taser deaths due to misuse and bad policy alone tells me that! Metropolitan cops are being trained according to federal guidelines that are turning them into police state grunts.

I am related to someone who worked in a police department for 20+ years and I have concluded we the people should protect ourselves, take responsibility, and actively prevent crimes by being able to own and carry firearms whenever and wherever we want. You can't trust many of these PD employees, who become soured on the way to logging their 20 years for their pension, to do the job they signed up to do. Maybe we should still have SOME cops but much fewer than we have and only the best, highly screened candidates. And they use too much advanced technology that comes from military applications.

I think the populace should be armed and well-trained to use them, to defend themselves and their families, and victims of crimes in progress, but also as a militia to defend their NATION from enemies, foreign and domestic. If we go into a depression and social breakdown in this country you will find out very quickly how useless cops will be when the chips are down. Multiply Hurricane Katrina by ten thousand.

More courage, less fear.

What about the stereotypes

What about the stereotypes of aliens (big eyes, gray bodies, telepathy etc.), do you believe in aliens?

i read this whole thing

i read this whole thing while eating popcorn....

You're all right

You've convinced me. We'll all be better off without these renegade cops running all over the streets. We don't need them. America will be so much better with no police anywhere.

America would be better with no police anywhere?

Buddy have your head checked! Yah your right no cops so the criminals can have a hay day. Hope your house gets robbed.

If there were no cops people

If there were no cops people would self govern. In Colorado people act like total deuch bags. Why? Because they can. If anyone were to beat them up for such, they would just call the cops. In NY people don't fuck with other people as much simply because - If they do, its pretty likely they're going to get there ass handed to them. People in NY almost never call the police for anything period. The less police there are, the more people try to act civil with one another. People don't walk around acting tuff either, knowing that they are very likely to run into someone who actually IS tuff.


Kathy, you're a retard. The O.P. was being sarcastic.

Good way to get in trouble.

Your comment about keep you mouth shut will get you in trouble in some states. You are required by law to give booking information Name address etc. This is not covered by the 5th amendment. This can lead to charges of resist delay obstruct.

However you are not required

However you are not required by law to sign any paperwork that any law enforcement officer or jailor may want you to sign. In fact in doing so, if you do sign the stack of crap the booking officer has waiting for you when your name is called, it can not only be used as leverage against you in court, it completely admonishes them from all responsibilty if anything happens to you while you are a guest of theirs. Remember you didnt ask to be there, why would you sign your life away to these people? You would be in effect signing your own death warrant. Now with that said... I myself have been pulled over quite a few times. Mostly for stupid things like speeding, or a tail light out or tag light. Ive found that using sir or ma'am while addressing them goes a long way. You dont neccesarily have to mean it as a show of respect, it just makes them feel better. One time recently i was pulled over on a back country road at night and the cop and i both knew i shouldnt have been out there. He also had to have smelled the beer on ym breath as i was on my ninth grolsch when he i saw him turn around. Luckily i had just enough of a break while he was turning around to chuck the half finished beer out the window where he couldnt see it. The reason he pulle dme over is because one of my tag lights was out, and it sure as hell was i found out when i got home. But he let me go with a warning for my taillight. We wished each other a pleasant evening and off we went on our seperate ways. You could tell he was still in training and probably hadnt been out fo Iraq for more than a year just by the way he approached my vehicle and his demeanor. Which is yet another thing that is a double edged sword. Much of the current police force is made up of veterans from the first "sandtrap" incident back in the early 90's and now they are training alot of these kids that are coming back from the current "sandtrap" skermish... now anyone that was alive back in the 70's knows what happens when you give a bunch of shell-shocked super hyped soldiers of the cause a badge and a gun and all the authority they could ever hope to have...

More or less

Most of the advice is dead on. However, the part about not talking can cut both ways. If you have committed some offense and are absolutely, positively certain that there were no witnesses or incriminating evidence, the rule about not talking is correct. If however, you suspect or know for a fact that there are witnesses or evidence, you might want to reconsider the silent hard ass approach. Most police officers don't want to have to work any harder than absolutely necessary and if you force them to do so you need to expect the consequences. In many locales, the police do have input with the prosecutors office as to bond amounts, even if it is done behind the scenes. The statement made by John Wayne "Life is tough but it is tougher if you are stupid" applies here. On the other hand nothing pisses a cop off more than being lied to. If you plan to lie then just remain silent.

Shut up or the truth

It looks like the article is written for someone who has committed a prohibited act and wants to minimize the consequences. In this case shutting up is probably a useful policy as speaking up would be incriminating itself or lying. Lying is a bad idea, because you'll forget about the details of the lies you told and police is trained to make you struggle with multiple versions of the story.
If you are arrested innocently it's different. You have an interest that the police can perform its work rapidly and efficiently, because you get out faster. The most important thing is to stick to the truth and only the truth. In many cases, when an innocent person is convicted is because it broke down and admitted a crime during interrogatory.

Thank you

Thank you for the comment

This is an age old subject.

Right and wrong have been around as long as mankind. If you're a good person, you have NOTHING to fear from the police. Yes, it's true that some people have been wrongfully imprisoned. However, this usually occurs because people associate themselves with real criminals.

The police exist for two reasons. One is to deter criminals by fear of imprisonment and the other is to apprehend criminals once they've committed a crime. You'll notice that police almost never actually prevent crimes from occurring. If someone wants to kill you, they don't usually wait for the police to show up.

Of course, once a criminal is imprisoned, they can no longer commit crimes. Justice is fickle however, since it offers little comfort to the criminals victims. The best solution to any problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Unfortunately, people prefer to fight each other instead of working together. It's human nature to learn for ourselves and do what we want. Very few people actually try to share their wisdom, simply because they couldn't care less about anyone but themselves.

more than two reasons......

the police have seen fit to add a few other "....reasons for existing......" to harass, humiliate, degrade, oppress and strongarm, just to name a few........ pull your head out of your republican police state cloud and realize them for what they are. The enemy. Anyone who gives up freedom for security deserves neither. laaaaaaaaaater!! me -

I try to be a good

I try to be a good person...

In the meantime, I have to fear that the cops will beat the shit out of me AGAIN like they beat the shit out of me BEFORE. Mind you, they didn't arrest me, they just beat me. I've got the scars here and here and here.

force and then no arrest

i think you are just ringing in to hear yourself talk! if they have to use force, they must make the arrest. are you sure they beat you, and then didnt arrest you? i think your full of imagination, if not full of shit. by the way, how old are you?

More black people are

More black people are imprisoned per-capita than whites because more black people are criminals. Accept REALITY.

ignorant ass!do you even

ignorant ass!do you even know anyone of color?racist fuck!

Oh Shut Up

Cry me a river buddy. There's always someone to pull the race card.

I think you may be better

I think you may be better off living in Liberia, a country founded by freed African-American slaves who decided to go back to their home continent. One caveat though, your poor comprehension of discrimination may cause you, your wife, and your sons to become victims of violence. In other words, it has nothing to do with skin color you fuck, not everything you see can be quantified as racism. Wikipedia can be your friend.

Considering that in this

Considering that in this society you can be thrown in jail and end up spending 4000 in legal fees for paying a speeding ticket, but forgetting to wait in line at the DMV to prove that you paid it, I disagree with your statement.



"If you're a good person,

"If you're a good person, you have NOTHING to fear from the police. Yes, it's true that some people have been wrongfully imprisoned. However, this usually occurs because people associate themselves with real criminals."

No, the author is right. The police are not looking out for your best interests when they view you as a suspect. People are not just falsely convicted for hanging around with the wrong people, and even if that was the case it would still not be right.

Sometimes police just jump to the wrong conclusion about someone's innocence or guilt, and then pursue that path while ignoring better suspects. Sometimes they feel they need a conviction, and grab the easiest suspect they can get their hands on.

Look at the recent case of the men who were awarded $80 million for being fasely imprisoned, so the FBI could protect one of their informants. Or Hurricane Carter. Or the West Memphis 3. Or Randall Adams (the movie "The Thin Blue Line" resulted in him being freed).

If the police were really your friend when they are questioning you, why would they tell you lies? That's common practice.

These are all excellent

These are all excellent points, but you must keep in mind that not all police are power mad people. The majority are very helpful; the "bad cops" are the ones who are made public.

The bad ones make it hard on the good ones

Good police should realize that people may fear them because of what they have experienced from the bad ones. No bad police and the police get respect, it is as simple as that.

It's not all about bad/good.

It's not all about bad/good. They are human, they can make mistakes. Even a "good" cop can suspect the wrong person.

actually, your information

actually, your information is quite incorrect. A majority of americans live in small communities. Just thought I would point that out.

care to elaborate on that

care to elaborate on that farm boy?

If you are stopped and questioned

At a protest, or anywhere, the only two things that should come out of your mouth are:

1. "Am under arrest?"

2. "Can I go now?" (Or, more politely, "Am I free to leave?")

An answer of no to the first question and no to the second question sets you up for a large settlement for unlawful detention.

Can I go now

This is incorrect in most US States. Generally, when a cop is writing out your speeding ticket, you are NOT free to go yet, but neither are you "under arrest."

Hopes for a "large settlement" for being detained long enough to write the citation are unjustified. If I'm on the jury, I can promise you you won't see a nickel. But you won't even get that far.

Read your state

Read your state statutes

§22 209. Citation to appear Issuance Summons Failure to appear.
(1) A law enforcement officer who has arrested a person on a misdemeanor charge or violation of city ordinance, without a warrant, may issue a citation to such person to appear in court.
(2) In issuing a citation hereunder the officer shall proceed as follows:
(a) He shall prepare a written citation to appear in court, containing the name and address of the cited person and the offense charged, and stating when the person shall appear in court. Unless the person requests an earlier date, the time specified in the citation to appear shall be at least five (5) days after the issuance of the citation.
(b) One copy of the citation to appear shall be delivered to the person cited, and such person shall sign a duplicate written citation which shall be retained by the officer.
(c) The officer shall thereupon release the cited person from any custody.
(d) As soon as practicable, the officer shall file one copy of the citation with the court specified therein and shall deliver one copy to the prosecuting attorney.
(3) In any case in which the judicial officer finds sufficient grounds for issuing a warrant, he may issue a summons commanding the defendant to appear in lieu of a warrant.
(4) If a person summoned fails to appear in response to the summons, a warrant for his arrest shall issue, and any person who willfully fails to appear in response to a summons is guilty of a misdemeanor.

simply put "Was your travel hampered/stopped/arrested? Then you were arrested."

look up some definitions.

Excellent share - thank you

Excellent share - thank you !!!


Seriously, half of you are morons.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say when it's 3 am and you're in deep shit and desperate, and all you have to do is pick up a phone and men and women in uniform come to save your ass - be they cops, fire or EMS - no questions asked. Cops are 'pigs' when you want to get high and party and drink underage, but they come when you need them. Show them some respect and you'll get it in return.

"All I was doing was running through a parking lot drunk..." Moron. You ever deal with a drunk moron? Would you have sat down nicely and talked with them if they had asked? No. You put them in a position where they had to take you down. "Police brutality." You're an idiot. Get drunk in your basement where only your mama is going to beat you.

Being drunk in public is illegal in most states. Don't like it? TRY VOTING. But don't piss and moan about them having to subdue you because you're a moron. They're doing their jobs. You want to get through it without getting beat down, follow the tips mentioned above. Keep your mouth shut and don't resist arrest, and stop holding cops to a higher standard than you hold yourself to.

hey buddy, FUCK off. until

hey buddy, FUCK off. until you've experienced being arrested just for taking a nap in a park drunk will you truly understand that the police do not simply exist to protect and serve. Do YOU realize that arresting someone for the latter leads to a misdemeanor charge that is on his/her police record permanently? A non-correctable misdemeanor charge. This affects my employment, future education (college), driving privileges (suspended), not to mention my parents' grief and embarrassment. The police, had they been out to serve society's best interests could have simply brought me down to the station where i could sober up and be released to my parents. Sadly, "drunk" with power the officer unleashed on me. so go FUCK yourself you pig-loving, worthless scum.

Thanks Officer>

Thanks Officer>