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Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested | Karemar

Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS ADVICE. A wide variety of people are arrested every day and the majority of the individuals make the same mistakes which make there situation even worse. Many of these reactions are understandable, however some defy logic and reason. Nobody plans on being arrested, but you may be arrested for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Share this with your colleagues, friends and family because it will come in handy for many of you. The basic rule is to simply listen to the officer and do as your told, "Put Your Hands Behind Your Back" and do NOT do any of these Ten Things:

1. Don't Talk.

Do not say a word to the officer. Shut the F. up! I cannot stress to you the importance of this rule. Do not talk! Do not attempt to convince the officer of your innocence. Everyone is innocent, no one should be arrested and no one should be in jail and that is all the officer hears all day every day. He / she does not care generally whether you are innocent or guilty and there is nothing that he / she can do at this point. Most times, when people speak to officers they say something that makes their situation far worse. Keep your mouth shut, there will be plenty of time to talk later.

2. Don't Run.

I said above to listen to the officer and follow his / her instructions. Do not be scared and do not let the liquid courage aka alcohol convince you that you can outrun the twelve officers and helicopter that will track you down. Also, police become highly suspicious that someone running has a weapon and may be quick to draw their weapon. Additionally when they do run you down expect much stronger force used to subdue a fleeing suspect.

3. Never Resist Arrest.

Perhaps the most important thing not to do is touch the police officer at all! Again, sober up quick and follow what the officer says. Many people attempt to bump the officer or swat an officers hands away. This often falls under the assault statutes and now a minor misdemeanor arrest becomes a FELONY. Thus a reckless driving charge leads to a year or more in state prison. Additionally, touching the officer in any way can lead to a batton in the mouth.

4. Don't Believe the Police.

It is perfectly legal for the police to lie to get you to make an admission. The police frequently separate two friends and tell one the other one ratted him / her out. Because of the lie, the other friend now rats the first friend out. Police and detectives also state that "it will be easier" to talk now...LIES!!! DON'T BELIEVE THIS BS! It will only be easier for the police to prove their case!

5. No Searching.

Do not allow the police to search anywhere! If the police officer asks, they do not have the right to search and must have your consent. If you are asked make sure you proclaim to any witnesses that "You (the police) do not have consent to search." If they perform the search anyway, that evidence may be thrown out later. Also, if you consent to a search, the officers may find something that you had no idea you had placed somewhere, ie: marijuana left by a friend.

6. Don't Look At Places Where You Don't Want Police to Search.

Police are trained to watch you and react to you. They know that you are nervous and scared and many people look to the areas that they don't want the police to search. Do not react to the search and do not answer any questions. LOOK DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

7. Do Not Talk Shit to the Police.

I don't care if you have been wrongly arrested and the true culprit is standing in front of you. Don't talk shit! Police hear all day that my dad is the the Governor's Assistant's Intern and I will have your badge for this! Police have a lot of discretion in the upcoming charges brought. Police can add charges, change a misdemeanor to a felony, or even talk to the prosecutor that is ultimately prosecuting you.

8. If Police Come to Your Home, Do not Let Them In and Do Not Step Outside Your Home

If the police are confident you have committed a felony, they are coming in anyway, because they generally don't need an arrest warrant. Make it clear to the police by stating: "No you may not come in", or "I am comfortable talking right here", or "You need a search warrant to enter my home." If they return, your attorney can arrange for you to turn yourself in should that be necessary and you will spend no time in jail between the hearings.

9. Outside Your Home Arrested, Do Not Accept Offer to Go In Your Home for Anything.

The officer may say to you, how about you go inside and change, freshen up, talk to your wife, husband, get a jacket, or any other reason. The police will graciously escort you in and then tear your home apart searching through it. Also, do not let them secure your car. Your car is fine. Remember they are lying to you. They don't give a damn if you are really cold or if you need to talk to your wife or husband.

10. Don't say a word.

It's incredible how many people feel that they can convince the officer, the booking officer or a detective (if your case reaches that stature) that they are not guilty. YOUR CASE IS NOT DECIDED BY THESE PEOPLE. They have no affect on your records. Wait to speak to your lawyer! The courts give enormous weight to "confessions" during this stage. A suspect is almost NEVER released after being arrested.

Follow these ten simply rules religiously and many of your rights will remain intact. I don't care how nervous, scared or drunk you are, THESE RULES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, and will help you tremendously in the short and long run.

Quick Test Question

An altercation occurs with your live in girlfriend. When the police arrive they find you on the sidewalk, a few houses down the street. Your girlfriend points you out and the officers then arrest you for assault. During the arrest, they let you know that they do not intent to question you. They just need your name and address. What do you do?


Well the police are lying to you and rule number 1 is to keep your mouth shut, so you don't say anything. Your name is all you may need to give. If you give your address, that may indicate that you live together converting your alleged crime from a misdemeanor to a felony. An officer will attempt to get you to make an admission, especially when they have no evidence. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


Are you a cop? If not I

Are you a cop? If not I think you will make a good one. You sure sound like a cop.

Bacon and eggs anyone?

Bacon and eggs anyone?

"Being drunk in public is

"Being drunk in public is illegal in most states."

And there's proof you don't know what you're talking about. Public drunkenness was decriminalized in most states back in the 60s.

As for the rest of your rant, you seem to be projecting a lot of your on issues on the author. Next time try reading instead.

when something has been

when something has been decriminalized that only means that the legal consequences of that particular offense are less severe. It is still illegal.


Well that was a nice pointless rant. I understand where you coming from Mr.Anon. However a great portion of the cops don't really care about protecting people, some do mind you, just not all of them. Alot of them are just in it for the power of the law and choose the use that inapproriatly most of the time. If a cop, office, pig, The popo, brass, bacon w/e you wanna call 'em, are having a bad day, you can sure as hell count on them making yours worse. They're just a group of people with badges, guns and the law saying they have the right to say who has rights in shitty situations.

There's been countless times while I was growing up where the Police SHOULD have been able to protect me or my loved ones. However every time the Judge, the officers and the overall law has let me down with justice escaping by a long shot.

(I'm well aware of the spelling and grammar errors, I just don't honestly care enough to fix them)

i have never needed cops to

i have never needed cops to come 'help' me for anything, and i never will, because cops have never 'helped' in any situation i have ever witnessed them involved in. ever. most of your rant makes absolutely no sense and has nothing to do with the article we are commenting on, moron.


Nice flamebait :)

How much crime do you see everyday???

Yes there are times when the police's judgement sucks. But think of it from this perspective.

How many crimes do you see committed on any given day? And I'm not talking misdemeanors like graffiti and speeding. How many times have you thought of stretching the law and doing something illegal, but decided not to cause you know the possible consequences?

Why do you think you never see these things? Cops do their jobs. People argue that they never see cops doing anything, that means they ARE doing their job. Their presence is a deterant for criminal. If they are sitting there it means they don't have any crimes to respond to at the time. That makes me pretty happy to know nothing major is happening around me.

There are alot of complaints on here about cops mistreating people. Most of the stories involve a person guilty of something. If you don't wanna get involved with the police then follow society's VERY easy rules. If you are a criminal, you cannot be upset for a cop treating you different than normal cause they are protecting themselves first.

Some are corrupt, some are lazy, and some are jerks, but they are human and jack things up sometimes. So get off their backs a little

o rmaybe its the idea of

o rmaybe its the idea of cops that keep the masses in line, not so much their presence... what if there were no marked cruisers and they all drove virtually indistinguishable vehicles?

change that to MOST are

change that to MOST are corrupt, lazy, jerks.


Actually, in Virginia, you can be arrested for drunk in public and they don't even have to prove you are drunk. Innocence doesn't help, and I have seen things like that happen.

Some states can throw your

Some states can throw your ass in jail a long damn time for being drunk in public. Southern dry states are the worst for drinking laws... though I still think the south is the best place on earth, just some fucked up laws.

Sure because cops are saints

Sure because cops are saints and don't make up laws because they're angry, had to get up early, had a bad sandwich...

If you think innocence means you have nothing to worry about, you live in a sadly protected enclave somewhere.

Or you're a cop and you're lying.

SOOO true!!!!!!

SOOO true!!!!!!

Experiences in Rialto 1990

Obviously before 9/11 but the cops were pricks even then. I'm a 6' white Male, fairly stocky. Just before I moved out of Rialto my car broke down, which necessitated my having to walk to work for 2 weeks. In that two weeks I got stopped 4 times by the police, at Gun Point, for doing nothing other than walking to and from work. One time was right in front of work (7-11) and the Cop is screaming obscenities - his gun pointed right between my eyes, he thinks he's arrested me before because I look familiar. (I've never been arrested, the worst I've had is a ticket for 10 over the speed limit) So he's screaming (somewhere buried in the obscenities) "Where do I know you from?", and I point to the 7-11... I work here you come in for coffee all the time. He's like, oh right, he still takes my ID and runs it, no apology for having his gun pointed at my face, or accosting me without cause. He was the only cop that didn't use the phrase - put your hands up and turn around.

The forth and last cop that stopped me was traveling by car in the other direction, swerved across 4 lanes whipped the car sideways onto the shoulder and crouching in the V between the vehicle and the open door, with his gun pointed at me yelled "hands up and turn around". At this time period I wore a duster - a brown Australian raincoat, like a trench coat, but I wore it as a cape and used it to hold all my art supplies. With it buttoned around the neck as a cape it would unsnap an fall to the ground as I raised my hands. So I asked the 4th cop if he stopped me because of my coat. He said "Nope, this time it's your long hair" which is so much BS - because, number one, I wore my hair pulled back, so coming by car from the direction facing me he could not have known I had long hair.

One of the other times was memorable because I was out with a friend and his teenage son, and there were two cops who took turns questioning us and running IDs (they had us sit on our hands on the curb after they patted us down. While one is running an ID for the father, the other is questioning the son - who gives the officer his name, and the officer - all gruff and threatening - is booming at him "Do your parents know where you are?" (it's around 1:30am) and his father who is sitting right next to me says "Yes, I know where he is." Classic, but that same cop had threatened to blow my friends "F**kn head off" if he didn't get his hands out of his pockets just minutes before. My friend was wearing a fairly tight pair of Wrangler jeans, and he had the middle 3 fingers of each hand tucked just slightly in his front pockets (thumb and pinkies exposed). as tight as the jeans were it was obvious that he wasn't concealing anything. But the cops exact words were "if you don't take your f**kin hands out of your f**kin pockets I'm gonna blow your f**kin head off." What were we doing that warranted this? We were walking down the sidewalk, at night, laughing and joking. That's it. None of us had been drinking, we weren't trespassing or loitering, we weren't on drugs of any kind. Just walking down the street at 1:30am.

On another note my Step-dad was the Assistant Deputy District Attorney, prosecuting in Sonora California, and the Cops and the Police up there were crooked as hell. There was a Drug dealer by the name of Bruce Madina (sp?) who supplied a good deal of meth to the Bay area, I mean a major source, a lot of the force was on the take, along with the district attorneys office, a lot of them were users too. (I got this info from my mom, who often shared with me the insider secrets my step-dad gave her) Well the DEA were able to trace the drugs back to Tuolumne County and were leaning hard on the local force to come up with names for them. So they relayed the info to Bruce that the heat was on and that he better scale back until the DEA moved on. Bruce basically told them to go screw themselves, that he had the goods on a whole list of cops, judges, prosecutors... you name it, that were either users or on the take, or both, and that if they didn't shield him that they were going down too, but he wasn't scaling back his operations. A few months later the police hired a cop from LA that had a couple of kills under his belt and that had been kicked off the police force for use of excessive force. They hired him specifically to take out Bruce, which he did, outside of Bruce's residence, shot him dead and claimed Bruce had pulled a knife on him (my step dad hinted the knife was planted).

My step-dad didn't care if people were innocent or guilty... he looked at his job of prosecuting attorney as a game - played to win by any means necessary - get the person convicted for as long as possible no matter how many dirty tricks you had to use. As long as he won the case - that's all that mattered to him, guilty or innocent didn't matter as long as he won. Total piece of sh*t he was. The divorce between him and my mom was brutal for my mom, he sent her off to go shopping in Modesto, and while she was out he canceled all of their credit cards and bank accounts, including their gas cards... somebody had to loan her money just to get home. After the divorce he took everything and moved to Guam to avoid paying her court ordered support. From what I hear he was the Assistant Attorney General in Guam until my mom tracked him down and wrote a letter to Guam's Attorney General, that got him fired. Before he was a District Attorney, I'm sure he was also a bastard as a Highway Patrolman.

I've known a lot of Cops who used illegal drugs, and I'd say just as many, if not more (percentage wise) use drugs than the general population. Every single Cop I've ever know has been on a ego/power trip to some degree. And I'm talking about Cops I've known, not Cops who happened to stop me. My Fiancee's Sister is a Cop, and only dates Cops. Cops used to visit us all the time in Sonora, Judges over for BBQs... that sort of thing. The one thing they all had in common was they loved telling their "had to subdue" this or that perp with force... they f**kin get off on it, and they talk about it like it's the best part of the job and can't wait for the next person to give them an excuse. I hope they are all subject to the receiving end of the same maximum amount of force that they have ever inflicted on anyone else, guilty or no.

You should probably just

You should probably just kill yourself, cuz it ain't gonna get any better

It is amazing that you must

It is amazing that you must be so careful with police in your shitty USA

Clearing some things up: If

Clearing some things up: If you are arrested out of your car, the cops have the legal right to search it and tow it. Even if there are passengers. Even if you're in your driveway.

Keeping quiet isn't always the best thing to do: Robbery just occurred down the road, and you're out for your evening jog in the exact same clothing. You might get guns in your face, but all it would take would be two minutes to tell them you were out running, have nothing but a mp3 player on, and you can track your route. Now, if you tell them "I ain't telling you crap." Guess what? You're probably gonna go to jail. All cops need is probable cause to arrest (51%), and without any evidence to show otherwise right now, that would be enough. Person matching same clothing description running away from the robbery location.

It really sucks to be a cop sometimes, because of dealing with people that believe this "all cops are bad guys" theory. I've never once beat anybody nor will I ever. I get treated like the scum of the earth by citizens just because they saw some video on YouTube that wasn't me. People on here think all cops are dicks just because of those, yet then they complain when they get stereotyped by cops.

Do I seperate people when I question them? Yes I do, and we've got pounds of marijuana that way. When the driver says the passenger is a friend from high school and they're on their way to north carolina, and the passenger says they're cousins on their way to new york, guess what? Something is going on. 10 minutes later a drug dog arrives and you get your probable cause to search.

People need to realize that though you have a right to remain silent, and you should have that, this "don't talk to the police" campaign just makes our jobs harder. If no-one ever told us anything, how would we catch anybody?

How would you catch anyone?

How would you catch anyone? How about by raising the minimum IQ of police so that they, unlike obviously you, would know! Just because you aren't too bright!!!

As for your claims you never bashed someone - cops lie and hey, you cannot be trusted. Your "I'm not like those bad cops" routine really works - NOT.

You wear the uniform of a legal terrorist organization and that is all anyone needs to know.

GOLDEN RULE - never under any circumstances believe a cop. COPS LIE. If you believe anything they say, you deserve your end for being so stupid.

Cops are worse than most criminals. They are serial criminals, protected by the State. Those who join for the right reasons are either pushed out, pushed to a desk, or leave.

There is NO room for anyone wishing to be an honest cop.

An 'honest cop' is an oxymoron.

All cops deserve to be #@!$%$# - the cop shows on TV are propaganda. They never make a mistake. Never lie. Never bash. Never are shown for the puss filled scum sucking human trash that they really are.

No complaint about honest cops - but such do not exist.




Thinking (a hope some lead finds you muthafuker!)

the only honest cops ive

the only honest cops ive ever met were retired cops... retired cops are about the friendlist, most helpful cops you can find... unless they were just out and out dicks to begin with of course. one time i rear ended a lady whos husband was a retired chief and when he showed up i thought my ass was done for but he ended up getting into it with the officer that responded and got my ticket ripped up right then and there and ended up filling out all the paperwork himself while the cop just stood their in awe.... good stuff

a little story

Once upon a time, In an undisclosed county in a state in the US, there was a county sheriffs department that pulled over one of thier own for drunk driving

wanting to do the right thing, they decided to bring the drunk one in and process him like anyone else

thier captain refused to allow his men to press charges on one of thier own

when the heat came down on the captain from upstairs, he ratted out his entire department to save his own ass

in the end, the guys who wanted to do the right thing all lost thier jobs, and the captain got promoted to chief

there is more to life than one sided arguements of who the bad cops and good cops are

chances are, ALL cops, are both good and bad at times

it mostly depends on the flack of the situation, and whos got a hard on for who at the time

I've seen "good" police do nothing about "bad" police

I've been searched once without cause, there was no crime so there was no court, but there were many other officers present that knew it was an improper search and did nothing. The reason I said no was because it was my choice and I did not want to waste my time.

Police want respect? Take the reasons to heart that people have for not respecting them, then try to make changes. If you want respect because of what you wear try a tailored suit.


cop you are a fucking retard. just as bad as the stereotypes make you out to be.

you honestly expect anyone to believe that in the jogging scenario they wouldn't go to jail?? i would HOPE that nothing i say could keep me from being hauled in if that were my neighborhood. typical lies, lies and more fucking lies to make yourself look like a decent human being. you are not.

pounds of marijuana eh??? wow you are such a GREAT cop!! i am amazed at your crime fighting ability! call me back when you catch a real criminal.

That's total BULL!! Ever

That's total BULL!! Ever heard of the CONSTITUTION?
Your personal property is like your house, cops need a search warrent that tells them exactly where and what they can look for, and it has to be backed by personal testimony.


I hope you scumbag cops realize you are DESTROYING this country, and your children will pay the price for your ignorance.YOU SWORE AN OATH to uphold the constitution, the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. That means no other law or ordinance takes precident over the CONSTITUTIONAL rights, given to us by GOD.

If the cops deny you of your rights in ANY WAY, SUE THEM under title 42 section 1983 of the US code. If you win, you will own everything they have including their pention, and a portion of every dime they make for the rest of their meaninless life.
Even if they beat the rap, they won't beat the ride and it will cost them everything they have to defend themselves.


I would agree that everyone

I would agree that everyone should know their rights but strongly disagree with your assertion that law enforcement are destroying this country. Police actually contribute to society and to make sure that there is the least amount of chance of abuse of powers hiring practices have changed and there are legal ruling that limit police powers. It would be inaccurate to portray a great image of police history but the fact still remains that most law enforcement officers today are good people. They don't take on the job to create tyranny as you suggest. Most become officers to help others.

If there is a bad officer knowing your rights will help ensure that individual will lose their policing powers and protect your own civil liberties. However if your goal to to cause harm or hardship on every officer you can... well knowing your rights and trying to sue won't be helping you out much.

To the anonymous cop...

...not ALL of us are so ignorant to transfer our stereotypes about 'bad' cops to every policeman.

And to the retard about marijuana somehow not being a 'real crime'...it's against the law, it's a controlled substance...period. The cops have NO involvement in changing that law. Get off your punk ass and get the law changed, idiot.

PS - fuck you and all pigs

PS - fuck you and all pigs




I'll just be waiting for the article in the paper when you try to shoot a cop and end up being lunch for a K-9 unit. Oh yeah, yelling "Good doggie!" just makes them want to bite you harder.

oooooh... pounds of

oooooh... pounds of marijuana. Thank god you got that off the streets. I can sleep easier knowing people won't be giggling watching the simpsons in the privacy of their own home. Thanks for all you do for the community, officer McGruff.

being a Cop

Maybe if you weren't busy harassing people about smoking weed, you could spend more time focusing on catching REAL criminals, and people would be more inclined to talk to you.

>> What about pulling out a

>> What about pulling out a machinegun and YELLING "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE PIGS!"

Don't forget the grenades and flamethrower! ...LMAO :)

yeah, in georgia, your

yeah, in georgia, your required to give your full birth name, Date of birth, and current address for identification purposes, failure to do so is obstruction. Be careful with free legal advice.

Most of you are ignorant. Especially Brent.

Most of you are pompous dicks and i hope all of you talking shit because someone got arrested for some stupid thing is stupid in it's self. I doubt you are perfect citizens yourselves so lighten the fuck up and realize that shit happens. And Brent, you need to be hit in the head by a baton because you are a retard. And police are police, we can't change the way they act nor will anything else. Shit is going to happen, and this list is very true, except or 5. I mean come on, if you have weed or coke sitting on seat, thats probable cause right there. Oh and smell too.

it·self (ĭt-sĕlf')

it·self (ĭt-sĕlf') pronunciation

1. That one identical with it:
1. Used reflexively as the direct or indirect object of a verb or the object of a preposition: The cat scratched itself.
2. Used for emphasis: The trouble is in the machine itself.
3. Used in an absolute construction: Itself no great poem, it still reveals talent.
2. Its normal or healthy condition or state: The car is acting itself again since we changed the oil.

Thanks for the video link

I watched the whole video and I'm sending it on to a few friends and asking them to do the same. Wonder if any legal action was taken? Looks like they'd have a case (against the Sgt, I mean).

All the cops reading this

All the cops reading this must be wishing to break the law and a few skulls. Well that is the problem in a nutshell - cops breaking the law and cops being violent.

Cops mean danger. It best to stay out of their path as one would stay out of the path of any psycho.

If you cannot avoid them because it is too suspicious, be calm and move away. This is not because you have done anything wrong.

Cops arrest people. So stay away.

I have no problem with honest cops but are there any? The ones I know commit perjury, assault, fabricate evidence and are the scum of the earth.

I would keep on walking if I saw a cop in trouble. They deserve everything they get. Why? Because they are corrupt.

No such thing as an honest cop. They deserve no pity nor compassion but the reward of living by the sword.

Criminals and cops - six of one and half a dozen of the other.

There has been a decent

There has been a decent amount of cop-hate in the above posts, and while I feel that some of it is justified, some of it is not.

Simply put, cops are people. People have flaws, hold prejudices, and sometimes have bad days.

It's the bad day part that scares me. You just never know if Joe Cop just caught his wife sleeping with another man. Or maybe his boss is being a jerk. Or his kid just came out of the closet.

Then of course there is the issue of government relying on the revenue stream of traffic infractions. Case in point, a very good friend of mine was in court this week defending a reckless driving charge. The officer straight admitted to not seeing the infraction, nor could he even say what my friend did wrong. All he heard was a chirp of the tires, and he assumed it was my friend's yellow truck.

It is an unfortunate situation and not a glamorous job, but somebody has to do it.. such is the world we live in

i stopped reading your post

i stopped reading your post at 'cops are people' no they are not. they are psychotic power tripping bastards. if i ever see a cop 'serve and protect' i will gladly take back those words.... but it just ain't gonna happen. i hate to stereotype all people in any group but cops have been the one exception to the rule. i have never met a cop that was even polite, even just in incidental contact with me having nothing to do with thier duties... .they are all horrible, soulless, heartless, killing machines.

Me and 2 friends got pulled

Me and 2 friends got pulled over by undercover cops.

We are 3 students, good kids that sometimes do "fun".
Either way my friend was driving his moms car around 2:30 at night near the board walk.

Suddenly a civilian car rushed by us and stopped right in front of us, 2 guys coming out telling us they are police and we need to exit the car.

WE go like wtf, show us some id first, they showed us I.D and we got out.

They searched us, the whole car , checked papers and started questioning us.

In the back seat there was a 9MM U.S army standard SOFT AIR GUN.

Holy shit when the cop noticed that ( this didn't happen in the U.S)

He jumped the gun and was very disappointed to discover it was plastic once he held it, though still cocking it and asking us wtf this is :|

Anyway, we told them they have no right to bust our chops just like this and they said they can do what they want, we drove suspiciously at a suspicious hour of the night,

My friend asked them for their names and badge numbers, he later went to the police station to try press charges, they said there is no chance so he should give up.

Anyway, the conclusion is ( my own and based on the statistics ) that most people have more bad encounters with cops than good ones, and most people aren't criminals.


I got pulled over once on my INLINE SKATES!!! <<<-------

Got harassed and questioned why i have no reflectors on me ( was night skating)

fuck da police.

So, you expected the police

So, you expected the police to look at what appeared to be a real gun in your back seat and just let you go without checking it? Toy guns are now required to have bright, red tips at the end of the barrel to indicate that they are toys. Police officers have to make split-second decisions for their own safety, and the safety of the public, and you really have to look at things from their perspective.

Suppose the cop that stopped you for illegally skating at night without proper reflective gear had just done nothing, and then you got hit by a car and killed? How would he feel? You can't fault him for stopping you. You should have thanked him for pointing out a law you weren't aware of, and promised to correct the problem.

what an idiota YOU are. Its

what an idiota YOU are. Its ffun how you gloss over the initial point of them being seized and searched for the offense of driving at night. He mentions the gun story as an aside, and suddenly the fact that he had a TOY GUN in his backseat is justification for a 'blue wave bumrush'? Of undercover officers in an unmarked car of all things?

Those people in New York were shot by undercover cops while exiting a strip club batchelor party. The groom died the night before his wedding. The cops? exonerated. Case of mistaken identity and an altercation earlier where one person bumped into another. Cops ARe Human, which means giving them so much self-managed responsibility isn't the wisest or safest thing to do.

Sometimes life doesn't follow the rules. To all you people with blind allegiance to law enforcement. Being blind just means that you don't see shit.

What an idiot. You are

What an idiot. You are skating at night and expect the police to just let you? What if someone runs you over

Some people are so stupid it is amazing

Amendment to Don't Talk

You should only talk when absolutely necessary. For example, "You (the police) do not have consent to search." or "No you may not come in", or "I am comfortable talking right here", or "You need a search warrant to enter my home." Thats about it.

The police would probably find some way of getting you in trouble if you don't answer a question.

really the best way to not

really the best way to not say anything to the police is to immediately ask for your lawyer, normally they will stop asking you questions.if they think you know your rights they usually go buy the book but not always, another thing is if you have a chance, dial someone on the phone, lay your phone down but let them know some one else is listening, for all they know it could be your lawyer.

Great Arrest Story

Last year I was arrested for vandalism (grafitti) here in Ontario, Canada. I was high on E, and had been smoking weed. I kept quiet, answered a few questions, and they began searching me. I had an enormous amount of ecstacy in my pocket. I noticed they had found my friend's pills, and were sizing up the rest of us pretty seriously now. We'd been out and high all night. It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning. I was really, really worried at this point, but kept trying to play cool. In that same pocket was a few grams of weed, in dime bags. I had been spending $20's all night, and had been dumping my change into that same pocket. When the cop came to my right pants pocket, he reached in, felt all the change, and didn't bother to take what he had in his hand out, dropping the change and drugs back into my pocket. He then took my wallet from my back right pocket, and found a half-gram of cocaine I completely forgot I had. I walked on a technicality, because the cops here always mess something up. (Like forgetting what you were in possession of.) Oh, they got me for grafitti, though.


"a half-gram of cocaine I completely forgot I had."

that's where you really got me.... you are a f-up.








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